Fantasy: Fire and Ice (Male fire mage needed)

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  1. Hey everyone! I have a character who I wish to ship with a fire mage of some form, here is her bio and relivant information:

    age: 25ish
    gender: trans woman
    personality: cold, stiff. she is untrusting and guarded, although she has a softer side once you get to know her.
    Bio: she is actually half ice fairy, but she was abandoned at birth, being a half breed, and given to a human family. when she grew up as a male, Miles, and trained as a olympic ice skater, and was the youngest ice skater to bring home gold. her "parents" didnt approve of her being trans, and kicked her out. she transitioned into female susessfully and is currently training for her second gold metal.
    other important info: she can control ice, make ice form, and control temperatures around her. she is ALWAYS extremley cold, and needs someone to warm her up. she is almost always in a state of hypothermia. she hates it, even though she has always been that way. she will automatically like anyone who can keep her warm. 379641_10151717694324059_1683314811_n.jpg
  2. I can cook up a mean zombie themed rp for her
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