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  1. Johnny smiled as he saw the world was finally quiet as the sun went down. Every night he watched the sunset but he never got bored, every night thinking how beautiful it was. Johnny saw beauty in the world. The world was just beautiful.

    He threw a fireball towards the sun, flying into the sea. He never bored of doing that either. Life just went on, and Johnny wasn't afraid of letting days past. Magic gave him all the time in the world.

    He lay down on the roof. Being a wizard...he wondered how others lived without it. Flying and fire and water and everything you desire brushing past your fingers, everything was wider and more beautiful, his eyes were open. He knew life had began even if he was a little too late.
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  2. "You know, if you wanted fish for dinner, all you had to do was ask. There's no need to boil them in the ocean." a teasing voice scolded behind him.

    Lilly stood with her long hair in a braided bun, her hands behind her back as she enjoyed the view of the sunset. "There's a storm rolling in. Shoul dyou really be out here?" She asked.

    Lilly Minalu was a curious woman, one who apparently could use magic, but never did. In a world where magic was common place, she was a rare oddity, choosing to do everything the hard way.
  3. Johnny rolled his eyes. It was always the females. Johnny personally hated girls. They were...female. "Storms don't bother me," he said, scowling. It was obvious to him he wasn't fishing, just having fun, playing with the world itself. Johnny liked gambling with nature. He found everything was better when it was a bet.
  4. "Hm..." She mused silently to herself.

    She knelt down, picking up a stone to skip across the water. "I only thought I would warn you..." She said, flicking her wrist. The stone soared, tapping the surface of the water repeatedly before sinking below the waves. "May I ask you something?"

    She looked down at him, her eyes alight with an excitement she must have been trying to hide.
  5. "Sure, unless it's about Maths. God damn I hate maths," he muttered the last part to himself. He noticed she was excited. When girls got excited it was weird but pretty cute. He watched the stone skid across the water, and smiled. Once again, another beautiful thing in the world.
  6. "Do you want to explore a haunted house with me?" She asked, sounding oddly serious. It was a simple question-- all it required of him was a simple yes or no. But the weight of it was real.

    Ghosts were something most people didn't believe in. Even with magic readily at their fingertips, the idea of existing beyond death was still thought of as nothing but fantasy.
  7. Johnny almost laughed. "Yeah sure, whatever," he said, thinking of it as a way to pass time. Ghosts...fake little things on projectors. But seeing a ghost would be awesome.
  8. "Good." She said, sounding pleased. "I'm leaving my house tonight at nine. Meet me on the porch when you're ready." she instructed.
  9. Johnny thought, 'Wait, what? Where does she live? I don't have a watch or a clock or any of that rubbish? Am I on the roof of her house?!' "I'm ready now," he said. He thought Lilly was...overreacting, it was just a house with 'spirits'. And, besides, what was wrong with his shorts and t-shirt. Okay...maybe he should change the worn out trainers. NO! He liked them. They seemed to grow with him.

    He thought about when he was small, everything was good and happy, just him and his brother, and he had the trainers for his birthday. Not having parents didn't upset him. It killed him really. Johnny had...and...and...Johnny didn't finish that thought. It wasn't a nice feeling he got from his actions then.
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