Fantasy, Drama, Dark...1-on-1 Partner Search Thread. Come Look If You Dare...

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  1. My Rules
    ~ I'm not picky about posting length.
    ~ Be prepared and able to play as multiple characters of both female and male genders.
    ~ I DO NOT AND WILL NOT play as evil or cruel or dominant type characters.
    ~ Please write in 3rd person. It's just a RP quirk of mine but 1st person makes me uncomfortable.
    ~ I ALSO DO NOT AND WILL NOT RP outside the forum. I.E. Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc...
    ~ I only do 1-x-1 RPs. I just can't keep up in group RPs to save my life.
    ~ I also don't need big elaborate character sheets. All I require is a name, age and an image of what your character will look like.
    ~ I don't do sexual stuff. I prefer to fade-to-black.

    Plot Candies
    ~ Violence
    ~ Force / Bondage
    ~ Blood
    ~ Romance
    ~ Pregnancies
    ~ Mental / Physical Torture / Pain / Angst
    ~ Fantasy
    ~ MILD Horror-ish Stuff

    Ideas / Plots
    PLOT 1:
    ~ Time Period: Cyberpunk, Year 4050
    ~ Gender Pairing: Female-x-Female
    ~ Your Character/s: Scientist
    ~ My Character/s: Andriod
    ~ Plot Status: Open
    A woman looking for their perfect romance, as all the world does in their own strange ways...And this woman's ideal is half human and half robot / machine. The girl has a human brain and a human heart, but otherwise is robot / machine. And wanting that "perfect romance" that all dream of having, the woman in which created the "Android" looks to control and "program" into the robot / machine girl into that perfect romance...

    PLOT 2:
    ~ Time Period: Present Day, Year 2015
    ~ Gender Pairing: Male-x-Male
    ~ Your Character/s: Bully & Father
    ~ My Character/s: Bullied
    ~ Plot Status: Open
    A father raising a kid through high school is hard enough. But their child is never accepted; not even at home. The father disapproves of their son and is very harsh on them because of the father's son's sexuality.

    PLOT 3:
    ~ Time Period: Present Day, Year 2015
    ~ Gender Pairing: Male-x-Female
    ~ Your Character/s: Torturer
    ~ My Character/s: Victim
    ~ Plot Status: Open
    A man who has known nothing but physical pain and heartbreak all their life but wants to be loved and has no idea other then what they have known to show it. Kidnapping a girl whom they have been stalking for many months, the man proceeds to do what he does best.

    PLOT 4:
    ~ Time Period: Medieval Era
    ~ Gender Pairing: Female-x-Female
    ~ Your Character/s: Vampire
    ~ My Character/s: Human
    ~ Plot Status: Open
    An 8 year old girl is trying to survive on the streets with a lung disease that makes the girl cough up blood from the nose and mouth. And growing bored of the game of having to get fresh blood from humans / animals, a vampire one night finds the child. At first, the vampire simply decides on killing the girl and putting the 8 year old out of their misery. But little does the vampire know that this 8 year old girl is incredibly special and might just even have special powers at that...Realizing this, the vampire decides to spare the child.

    PLOT 5:
    ~ Time Period: Medieval Era
    ~ Gender Pairing: Male-x-Female
    ~ Your Character/s: Werewolves
    ~ My Character/s: Vampire
    ~ Plot Status: Open
    A coven / family of vampires is on a single mission: start a war with their eternal enemy and kill them at all and any costs. To do this, the coven / family decides to slaughter a young maiden's family and turn the maiden into a vampire, then erase the girl's memory before dumping the unconscious girl onto werewolf territory...Discovering this, the werewolves capture the girl and torture and interrogate the girl, even though the young maiden remembers nothing. But one of the pack members, sentenced to care for their captive and make sure they don't die, begins to fall in love with the vampire...
  2. Plot 4 sounds like something I could like!
  3. Still have plots that need partners!
  4. I'm interested in plot 5!
  5. Plot 5 has been taken.
  6. Still seeking partners!
  7. I have plots that are still open! :)
  8. Plot 3 has been taken? If not I want it.
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