Fantasy Coloring Contest

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  1. You love coloring? Well, here is your chance to color! ^.^
    As all of you know it is fantasy so month... so we thought.. WHY NOT COLOR?!
    And what do you have to do? Simply take the coloring sheet below and make it all pretty as best you can.
    It doesn't have to bright and vibrant; it doesn't even have to be anywhere close to real life.
    This is your rendition.

    The deadline for this contest is June 21.
    You can PM the judges of this contest with your entry.

    Judges: Juku, Rokku, Celestialis

    Happy Coloring!
  2. Hey! We have already had a couple entries; they are awesome. Everyone should send in more... just make sure to send your entry to ALL the judges.. it makes judging easier if we are all looking at the same thing.
  3. Also, don't worry if your submission is large. I personally find it much easier to really see the entire sheet and take notice to the smaller things.
  4. We believe in you Iwaku! BRING ON THE COLOR!
  5. Okay! Today is the deadline. I will wait to see if anyone else sends in an entry. SO... GET IN THOSE ENTRIES ^.^
  6. I know it has been about a week since I posted last, but the winner has been decided.


  7. Thank you :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD *happiness explosion*
  8. Congratulations! I wanna see the pretty picture!!!