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  1. Alright, so for a while now i've been wanting a real, exciting Warriors Roleplay Experience that is not hindered or constricting in major ways. I've been on a very large number of RP sites, and on every Warriors Themed site i always found bland or boring. They never seemed to have the amount of conflict, excitement, or general grasp of interest as the books did or even other RP sites of another theme like the oh so popular Wolf RPGs.

    So, i'm here today to propose a new kind of Warriors RP. One previously unexplored to a vast degree and one i think could really do well given the right support. A RP based on the Warriors universe, but based in a complete fantasy setting.

    What does this mean? It means less limitations on characterization and storytelling. Cats can look like ANYTHING given the right imagination. With a number of mutations available to spiff up someones character like Wings, Horns, Scales, double tails, no tail, and even fins for Waterclan cats. The possibilities are endless and the world is rich with its own lore.

    Cats can control the element aligned with their clan, explore the vast and intricate land, involve themselves in deep meaningful plots with tons of site wide conflict and staff made events at every turn. Where a cat can change the world around them with a single move. With a number of systems in place to add more Game Depth & RP Value. Such as the money system that characters can use to purchase cosmetic items for their characters such as hats, rings, bracelets, necklaces and ect. Or even armor to make them forces to be reckoned with. A bounty system for the big bag tigerclaws of the world. A magic system that is fair and easy to understand. And a plot/premise that is both interesting, simple, and easy to insert ones self into.

    A Warriors RP set in a magical fantasy world could be a breath of fresh air if done correctly. And my hope is to gain support for such an RP or even the Site. I am currently in need of experienced staff who are familiar with managing a member-base or experienced in the Warriors Lore. Writers who can help me with content for the site, and other positions to hep push the site to its opening.

    I've been working on this RP forum for a while now but never knew if it really had the potential that i believed it did. So hopefully here i can find out. Would anyone be interested in an RP/Site based off the premise i just described?

    Below are some screenshots of everything i have done so far with the site itself. Basically 90% done just filling out the rest of the guide and fleshing out game mechanics.

    Thread 1 -

    Guide 1 -
    Guide 2 -

    Profile 1 -
    Profile 2 -

    Shop 1 -
    Shop 2 -

    So yeah, as you can see. I've been at work for quite a while now and all the basic content is there. But i'm just one person and thus creating such a ambitious RP is...taxing. So if anyone who is willing to help who can helpful is interested feel free to PM me. If your interested in possibly joining then we can flesh out stories and pre determine plots here on Iwaku! Frankly i just wanted to see if this thing would be a big waste of time and what better place to do that than here on a warriors RP? haha.

    Cheers loves. Look forward to seeing the feedback ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.