INTEREST CHECK Fantasy Beast Rider RP in Need of Players!

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  1. Okay, I'll make this as simple as I possibly can...after going so long without role playing anything fantasy that I was interested in, I decided to try again at creating something in hopes of drawing in players. So, this time I'll do everything I can to pull in interest. Here are the basics as well as a link to the Plot and Sign-ups.
    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
    Setting: Located on the moon - named Una - of the large planet, Partheus 1500 years after what is known as the Dark Times.
    Story: You play as the latest Chosen for the Rider's Council, where you will hatch and raise your Beast before becoming the ultimate warrior and protector of your planet. All the while, evil brews in the Shadows.

    Basic Details: After over a thousand years of tranquility, a beast spawned from Hate and Desire has risen again, and the Prophecy of the Chosen, written at the end of the last Dark Time, has finally come to pass. It will be up to the newest Riders in the Council to rise up against this evil and save Una once more. Will they save Her? Or lead Her to destruction. ​

    In this RP, there is a lot of room for creativity without allowing a single player to overpower the others. Anything one can think of can be done here, but for cats, which are a myth. Everything has a strength, just as it has a weakness, and this RP gives the room to grow together and be a team. That's the point, right?

    If you're interested, please click the link below and read through it. I really would love to see some players! Thanks.
  2. I am interested, where would I post a character bio? I am new to the site.
  3. Just post your character in the thread that's linked in my post! I'll go over it there, and we'll get you settled.