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  1. Valhöll

    If any of you have played the Visual Novel "Fortissimo," this is based on that. That was just the inspiration for the setting though, so don't be worried if you haven't played it.

    Here's a quick little TL;DR so you can decide if you want to read everything below. Characters have magic weapons that operate along a certain theme/concept, what it is is up to you. The rolpeplay is a battle royale among these wielders of weapons. The winner essentially becomes a god. You can fight your other competitors for the victory, or try and do something like challenge the Game Master to reach a good end for everyone; the endings you reach depend on your choices.

    Yes, you can kill characters without their RPer's permission. I won't be a competitor, so that I can appropriately be an objective judge of the fights.

    Questions? Read below. Still have questions? Ask me.


    Following is the "basis" of the story, though this is merely a rough sketch. Details may be made more clear as history is uncovered, and truths may be made falsehoods.

    Thousands of years ago, generations before recorded history, great civilizations advancing farther than the modern world today fought for world domination. In an attempt to achieve an advantage over the others, the nations turned to the divine beings to grant them weapons. The Gods obliged, warning them that they would pay for it in a future generation. These weapons, aside from having immense power, were directly linked to their wielder's soul. The mortals foolishly took this immortal power and, upon realizing its uncontrollability, were destroyed by it.

    Now, civilization has been rebuilt. The modern world has risen. These times were long forgotten, blown away by the test of time and memory.

    But the weapons survived. Although scattered across the world, a mysterious entity gathered all of the current wielders of these weapons in the town of Haven. Although they may seem like normal weapons with the disappearance of magic, this mysterious entity created a special dimension, known as Ragnarok, during which these weapons regain their power and magic. The dimension does not disappear until a weapon has been destroyed, and with it, the life of its wielder.

    Able to call upon the darkness of Ragnarok at his will, the cruel battle royale between the wielders of divine power begins.


    The characters made will be wielders of "weapons" and participants in the battle royale. Your goal in this is simple: win the battle royale by killing all other weapon wielders. Of course, it may be a bit more nuanced than that. You're free to challenge the Game Master of Ragnarok, or any of the other NPCs. You'll "win" if you kill the other competitors, but maybe you can reach a good end for everyone under different conditions. Or maybe you'll just end up destroying the world, it all depends on what you do.

    That said, I've got plans sketched out for just about any action you can take, so what sort of plot and ending is reached does depend entirely on you guys. Below is a rundown of how things work in-RP, as well as a character sheet so you can get an idea of how it all works.


    Below are the basics for this. If there's something you don't understand, ask. If there's something you can exploit, do it. Exploiting Mechanics loopholes is not just condoned but encouraged, if you manage to find them.

    This has two sections. "Mechanics" and "Regulations". Mechanics are the rules of the in-RP world and cannot be broken, because they're just how the game works. Regulations are recommendations made by me for you to follow in-character. You can break Regulations if you decide you want to, but there may be consequences. Then again, there may not be. It is up to you.

    Regulations (open)

    Do not create an alliance with more than two people. Alliance is defined as "fighting together". Nonaggression pacts can be made in any amount.
    Do not kill more than one person in a single instance of Ragnarok.
    Do not destroy the city.
    Do not destroy an area of effect larger than the city.
    Do not impose on other universes or dimensions.
    Do not attempt to stay hidden for all the war.
    Do not attempt to harm, in any way (physical, conceptual, mental, etc) another competitor outside of Ragnarok.
    Do not look for the Game Master outside of Ragnarok.
    Do not contact law enforcement. Do not contact governmental agencies. Do not contact authority figures.
    Do not inform non-competitors of anything regarding Ragnarok or the Weapons.
    Do not kill non-competitors.
    Do not bring non-competitors into anything regarding Ragnarok or the Weapons.
    Do not attempt to become God.
    Do not utilize the power of love.
    Do not utilize the power of friendship.
    Do not attempt to bring back the dead.
    Do not violate the law during Ragnarok. The exception is murder.
    Do not destroy property during Ragnarok.
    Do not attempt to live the rest of your life in Ragnarok.

    It is again worth noting that the above Regulations are recommendations, however the way in which the plot plays out depends on your own choices. It might be that following all regulations will necessarily lead to a bad end. Maybe a good end can only be reached by breaking a specific regulation in a certain way. Or maybe this is a lie and you should just follow them all. Up to you. Your characters will be informed of these regulations inside of the RP, it's up to you whether or not they follow them.

    Mechanics (open)

    Everyone can make one character. One.

    Character standards are not going to be inordinately high, especially compared to how I usually am about character creation; I'll put that right out there. The weapon's the important part. This means I won't force you to have incredibly detailed characters and backstories, they can be plain and relatively simple. Of course, if you want to write a nuanced character, please do. That said, I do expect proper use of English and a propensity away from one-liners.

    For all intents and purposes, every character has an equal amount of skill, physical strength, and speed in a fight. This isn't a matter of the fight itself, it's a matter of who has the best weapon and can use it the best.

    It is worth noting that, in Ragnarok, individuals are far harder to kill as their bond with their weapon increases their vitality and allows them to regenerate at a moderate pace. Sustaining wounds that would ordinarily be fatal is certainly possible, so one should not allow the thoughts of "normal human limits" to weigh them down. That said, enough damage and anyone will eventually go down.

    Ragnarok occurs at a random time every day and lasts until an individual dies. All humans and animals who are not competitors vanish during Ragnarok; the rest of the city remains normal.

    Following the end of a Ragnarok instance, IE once someone has been killed and the world has returned to normal, all injuries and the like retained during Ragnarok disappear as though they had never happened. That is, unless one had a weapon of "inflicting cursed wounds" of something of that nature; in such a case, the wounds remaining is wholly possible.

    You pick a weapon, a name, a description, and either a theme or concept it operates on. Weapons don't need to be legitimate "weapons". A mirror or ring or toy or something is fine. Your OC and weapon functionally share the same soul, so if the two halves get separated from one another (ie your weapon breaks), you die. Don't let your weapon break.

    You're allowed for an innate passive magical ability of the weapon, two skills which go along the same theme, and a Last Resort, the "ultimate skill" of the weapon. Skills and Last Resort must be non-passive. Skills can only be used up to 5 times a battle due to energy cost, and Last Resorts may only be used once due to their status as a Last Resort. If magical energy is somehow replenished in battle, the skill use meter will refill but the Last Resort one will not.
    In battle, anything marked as "instantaneous" happens faster than something at the speed of light, which in turn happens faster than physical blows that aren't at the speed of light, and so on.

    I'll be blunt about this next part: This is a contest of who can design the most broken character, but with style. The only things outright banned are things like Demonbane and similar concepts, and exceedingly vague stuff that lets you cop-out of everything (ie "this lets him change fate". Yeah, that's helpful.). If something seems too broken somehow then it might be prohibited, but otherwise just try and be as abusive as you can. You can loophole all you want, but all the information needed for the loophole to work must be there, you can't add stuff in ex post facto.

    Stats are on a scale from E to A, with E being 10, D being 20, and so on. There are also half-steps you can use, for instance C Plus or B Minus would be a 35. The lowest a stat can be is 5. The highest one can be is 50. You can't put ranges (D-B), just put the highest point in that range. Max stat total value is 150.

    There are two additional rankings called A Plus (51-100), and EX (101 or higher). Both are inaccessible in your initial profile, but you can reach them through things like Growth Potential.

    Here's what each does:

    Statistics (open)

    Magical Energy: The "power" of your weapon. IE, if attacks clash, who wins out. This doesn't affect indirect clashes unless specified in one of the attack descriptions. For the most part, non-attack "effects" (IE inducing mental interference) will require the you have a higher ME than the target, so you can imprint your magic onto them. There might be exceptions, but those are up to you to find.

    Durability: Material strength of the weapon. If Magical Energy is the magical attack and defense, this is the physical. Something with a durability of 20 or more than an oncoming attack's power (ME or Durability depending on the kind of attack) will not take any damage. This only applies to attacks, and not mental interference or things like that. Further, if there is a gap in Durability of 25 or more and two weapons physically clash, the weaker one will necessarily break. If the gap is 20 then two exchanged blows will be needed before it breaks, if 15 then four, if 10 then eight, and if 5 then 16. Weapons cannot be destroyed by non-weapon related things (ie a rock or something), but this doesn't mean that any weapon can cut through every non-magical substance. For all intents and purposes, a weapon's material strength is beyond that of anything non-magical, but if your weapon is something like a feather, then even with the material strength of Durability Rank A, the force needed to make it break something like a rock is still obscene, if not ridiculous. Basically just be rational when dealing with non-magical stuff.

    Growth Potential: Potential for power to increase as battles go on. This is the reason it can be dumb to try and hide and let everyone else kill each other. Its effect is a direct function of how many people your character has killed. For every character you kill, add the numerical value of your GP stat multiplied by .8 (rounded to the nearest multiple of five) to your base stats, allocated as you see fit. If the character killed has killed other characters, multiply the number by 1.5 to the x, where "x" is the number of people the deceased character had killed. IE, if Zach kills Emiri and Hiroki, and then Kei kills Zach, then Kei would get 2.25 times his usual amount. No stat boosts may be given to Growth Potential.

    Range: Exponential scale of range for a weapon's effect. If it's a plain old sword, it'd be E, but if it shoots laser beams then how far can the laser beams go? E means it barely affects an area around you, A means you can snipe things as you please. Keep in mind this is solely the max potential range of the weapon; if you don't give yourself the capabilities to exercise that range, it's your own fault. If someone's out of your range and you're in theirs you'd best move somewhere else. Here's an approximate scale for use, though these are general guidelines and specifics will be decided by the mods.
    5: Limited exclusively to the user
    10: About a 2-3 meter radius from the user.
    20: About an 8 meter radius.
    30: About a 50 meter radius.
    40: Just about anything in the "area", IE a given neighborhood, the school grounds, a shopping mall, or something of that nature.
    50: If the circle is a city, area of effect with a radius equal to half that of the city's.

    Precision/Accuracy: Two purposes. First is a "tiebreaker" if two equally magically powerful blasts or physical attacks or whatever clash, which one comes out on top. In this case, the damage of the winning attack is equal to one-fifth what its power would be otherwise. Second is a more arbitrary scale like that of range, which determines how precise you can be. If you're just swinging a sword around, this doesn't need to be too high. If you're using a bow, you want your arrows to hit their mark, so make this higher. If the distance between two people on the range scale is greater than one party's Precision, then the difference between the two stats is placed over the range stat, and that becomes the likelihood of it missing. For instance, if Sena has a Range of B (40) and a Precision of C (30), and she fires at Takeshi who is at a range of 40 away from her, it is within her range, but the chance of the attack missing will be 10/40, or 25%. This applies to literally anything and everything, if you have a sword with a range of E but a precision of E Minus, then about half of your attacks will flat-out miss. With a sword. Don't be dumb about this.

    Character Creation Template (open)

    Theme Song (Optional):

    ANYTHING BELOW THIS POINT IS NOT APPED NORMALLY, BUT RATHER PMED TO ME. This way, people can't metagame by knowing others' abilities ahead of time

    Weapon Name:
    Weapon Appearance:
    Passive Magical Ability:

    Magical Power:
    Growth potential:

    Last Resort:

    Example Weapon (open)


    Weapon Name: Zeus: Spear of the Eternal Storm
    Passive Ability: As if lightning itself, the spear and its user move at speeds incomprehensible to standard human understanding. This allows for the user to make several attacks in the time it would normally take to pull off a single attack.

    Magical Power: B (40)
    Durability: C (30)
    Growth potential: D (20)
    Range: C (30)
    Precision/Accuracy: C (30)


    Hammer of the High God: Through use of this skill, the spear is given the ability to discharge and manipulate lightning. These lightning attacks can be discharged as a projectile, as well as being able to enhance the normal attacks done by the spear.

    Anti-Enlightenment: Through use of this skill, one can control light: electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye and which is emitted and absorbed in tiny "packets" called photons. One can generate, bend, shift, focus, scatter and/or manipulate light to various decrees and effects. Though she can use this ability on other objects, she cannot use it on herself or her own weapon.

    Last Resort:

    Olympus: With a single slash, a wave of light is produced, carrying the concept of destruction with regards to anything in its path. As simple as it is effective.

    Ending Notes

    If you're theoretically interested, or have any questions about how this will work out, let me know. Thanks all!

    I'm ideally looking for at least around 7 people being interested before I'll make an OOC and whatnot, though more are of course welcome.
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  2. I'm interestederino.
  3. So, would an M-16 be allowed?
    or Only Fantasy weapons?
  4. Guns are fine. That said, they won't be modern guns; they'll be guns made by the civilization that created the weapons. If you want it to be functionally equivalent to an M-16, feel free.
  5. I'll think about it.
    Is armor allowed?
  6. Do characters know that their competing in this ahead of time and sign up so that they can become god or whatever, or are they just thrust into it and forced to fight to live?
  7. The latter.
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