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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!

If you could pick any 5 members from any band, past or present, and have them collaborate to create a new band who would they be? Doesn't have to be any one genre of music, but it could be if you wanted.


Bruce Dickenson - Vocals < Iron Maiden: Rob Halford was a close second><iron maiden:="" it="" was="" between="" him="" and="" rob="" halford=""></iron>

Dave Mustane - Guitars < Megadeth, formerly Metallica: NOT VOCALS EVER><not vocals="" ever=""></not>

Jari Mäenpää - Guitars < Wintersun, Ensiferum>

Steve Harris - Bass < Iron Maiden, Best metal bassist in the world, not up for debate :p>

Dave Lombardo - Drums < Slayer&Testament >

Anyways thats my dream band, and I did it with only TWO members from Maiden, lmao. It was hard to not pick Nicko for drums, but whatever.
Mikael Akerfeldt, Opeth, guitar and lead vocals
Paul Waggoner, Between the Buried and Me, guitar and backup vocals
Brent Hinds, Mastodon, guitar and backup vocals
Dan Briggs, Between the Buried and Me, bass
Brann Dailor, Mastodon, drums
And now for the greatest epic traditional metal band that has yet to be.

Mark "The Shark" Shelton - Guitars and vocals (Manilla Road)

Gianni Nepi - Bass and vocals (Dark Quarterer)

Big Boss (Jirí Walter) - Main Vocals (Root)

Howie Bentley - Extra vocals, guitars (Briton Rites, Cauldron Born)

Abominable Reverend (a.k.a. Abominatrix) - MOAR vocals, drums (Demontage)
Note: Abominable Reverend is technically blind.

I think we should probably show examples of what our dream line-up members are capable of.

1) Mark "The Shark" Shelton:

2) Gianni Nepi:

3) Big Boss (Jirí Walter):

4) Howie Bentley:

5) Abominable Reverend (a.k.a. Abominatrix):

(Listen to "Entourage of Demons Dances" and "The Malignant Paradigm")
i cant pick. so imma just say grab Metallica, Dave Draiman of disturbed, Ozzy Ozbourne, Haley Williams of Paramore, Talor Swift, Ruslana, Rammstein, Elena Seigman of Nazi Zombies songs fame and lets be honest a fair few others, and put them all in a massive band. thats what i'd like.

TLDR; WMD cant choose individuals so chooses EVERYONE he likes. for the band
Hayley Williams (Paramore; Vocals)
Alex Varkatzas (Atreyu; Screams)
Dan Jacobs (Atreyu; Guitar)
Joey Jordison (Slipknot; Percussion)
Murderface (Fictional Dethklok; Bass)

I couldn't think of a bassist. T_T
I think they modeled Murderface off of Geezer Butler, so, why not Geezer?
>.> Not a Sabbath fan >.> How 'bout Geddy Lee.
I won't lie, I think there's more to a fantasy band than just getting your favorite musicians together. They have to be people whose styles can really click with one another to make a sound that really works.
Agreed. I think Jari and Mustaine would do some epically fast harmony.
Hayley and Alex would have brilliant vocal harmony. My other three are all pretty malleable in their artistic abilities, so I believe they could pull it off.