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  1. Hello there everyone. I'm Sabine, and right now I'm very much in need of a new one x one partner or two.
    I'm only in the mood for fantasy, really, but I suppose I could do a sci-fi or similarly nonrealistic setting with the right plot. Speaking of plots, I have several, but none I'm really craving at the moment. I wouldn't mind using my Lion-like Tyrant or Drow Empress; my dashing rogue and winged prince could probably use some exercise too, though.
    If you have any ideas, hit me up. If you don't have ideas, hit me up! I'm open to just about anything.

    I won't ask anything of you that I'm not willing to do, so here's what I want out of you. I'm sorry if this is a long, grouchy list, but i don't think anything on here is too strenuous.
    • Give me something to reply to. I don't care about length, but if it's dull and always up to me to pull the plot along, I'll get bored.
    • You must be able to have more than one character at the same time. Maybe only a side character. Maybe like six characters with shifting focus? :D
    • Be capable of playing a character of both sexes. Not 100% necessary but like 95%, unless you only want homosexual pairings in which case it's only like 25%.
    • If you're comfortable with playing m//, f//, straight, and any other romantic pairing, that would be nice. I like having multiple couples with all sorts of relationships going on.
    • Reply at least every other day. I'm sorry, I know you guys have lives, but at least for the first two weeks I'm going to demand three or more replies per week. I just can't get into a roleplay where the action is happening too slowly. Sorry!
  2. I could be up for a rpg
  3. Anything specific?
  4. Well, I could be interested. Especially seeing as I've found rps with a lot of characters to be fun. :3

    As for plot/setting.........

    Someone has to free someone else from some evil/no really evil guy? In space?
  5. Hrm. I'm not big into space, but a rescue-the-princess scenario sounds like fun :)
  6. Alright! I'm taking it's a fantasy setting then? :P
    If so, my first character is gonna be a Goblin :3
  7. Count me in!
  8. Alright, fantasy with goblins it is. :) anything else you had in mind?

    What were you thinking, [MENTION=1727]Denali[/MENTION]
  9. Nothing specific yet, no.
    Though it could be more of a "saving "person" from their parent, who is making them have a life they dont like" than straight up saving the princess.
    But its up to you, as you're the owner of this thread ^-^
  10. Hrm. Perhaps a female who wants to be a knight, while her father wants her to be a proper lady?
  11. sounds interesting
  12. Were you wanting to do that too, Denali?
  13. i don't know honestly, i have other things floating around but not really craving anything
  14. I like fantasy, but I'm not into anything romantic right now.
  15. A lady being saved from her father so she can become a knight. Thanks tova goblin, who may also be a knight. Works for me! :D
  16. Well, is there anything you were thinking of, [MENTION=1727]Denali[/MENTION]?

    [MENTION=4630]Rumor[/MENTION], I can do non-romantic scenarios. What were you thinking of?

    Shweet! Board or PM for further discusison, [MENTION=1930]Dedtoo[/MENTION]?
  17. I was thinking of something involving a wussy prince who has a multiple personality disorder? Wimpy, then brave, then wimpy but smart.
    Well, that's the idea for MY character. But for a plot, perhaps some sort of darkness engulfs a land and ''shadow creatures'' invade a kingdom.
    And the ONLY way you can hit them is with light touching their skin so they are not shadows anymore.
  18. Perhaps I could play a bodyguard/protector of some sort who is responsible for keeping his prince safe as they try to escape to a more well-lit region?
  19. Mmm, sounds good. But just a note, I wan't to play one of those old fashioned princes with them snazzy suits. *Wiggles eyebrows*
  20. I'm okay with pms for further details :3
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