Fantasy, anyone?

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  1. So I recently created a new character and I have been dying to use him! I play male predominately, but I do play both and would love it if you could be able to double up as well!
    I'm not really sure about a plot, but I'm more than happy to plan together (unless you have a specific plot you wanted to share).
    Either comment here or message me! Either one, dearies!
  2. I'm interested ^___^ I can play multiple characters and have a couple ideas, so if you're interested, respond back :D
  3. HEY. :'D
    Definitely interested!
  4. im interested! sounds fun if you wanna try pm me plz ^^
  5. Yay! So, I've about one idea I'm ready for now, maybe you'd like it!
    It's sort of like 'Legend' by Mary Lu, but if you haven't read it, it's perfectly fine, as it's loosely based off of Les Miserables. But I didn't know about that when I first read it, so it's good if you haven't ^^

    America (or any other country) became a dictator-ruled country, though it appears on the outside to be democratic. When children turn 13, they have to take a written and physical test to see what sort of job they would be best suited for when they are adults. If you fail it, you are sent to the 'labor camps' which is a euphemism for extermination camps. Most people don't know this though.

    So, one character, I don't care who plays who, is the country's most wanted criminal. He/she is a master thief, and can get in and out of just about any building in the entire city this takes place in undetected. This person also does whatever they can to hinder the country's war efforts against a resistance movement, who wants to make the country go back to the way it used to be.

    The other character is a soldier for the army, and one of the best. They got a near-perfect or exactly perfect score on their test, and are on their way to becoming a great captain for the army. However, before they can be granted this, they are told that they must arrest this master thief alive for trial, using any methods possible.

    I know it's not typical fantasy, but I could give you my other idea if you would like ^^
  6. I'll try one if you want :) I have my own character and I kinda need to develop her wanna help?
  7. If you'd like, I would love to try a RP with you. I play female characters, villainous only.
  8. Yeah shes female but shes a good female so we can go versus
  9. I am interested! (>'o')> Maybe we could come up with something! Hit me up a PM to work something out.
  10. I'm interested in something... Anything! I have a new character, that depending on yours will be super cool together. Or not go together at all xD
  11. Interested!

    In my head I am doing a hand motion with that, don't worry if you can't see it.

    I have quite a few characters I am willing to dust off and play with. Just let me know.