INTEREST CHECK Fantasy and zombies?!

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  1. So what happens when a fantasy setting and a zombie apocalypse clash?

    This roleplay.

    I had this idea just randomly and figured it could be a lot of fun. Because this rp isn't meant to be serious, unless you mean seriously fun (oh god I'm a dork), where things can just get downright silly, kind of like the journal rps my friends and I used to do (fan-based craziness. Naruto, to be exact.). But that's the fun! Anyshways, here's the lowdown:

    Lowdown (open)
    On the world of Ptyrn (silent P, like pterodactyl), all is well. The last war was 200 years ago and the various races were at relative peace with one another. The economy was booming and some even dared to call it a Golden Age.

    In the name of magic (and laziness), a necromancer had devoted himself to studying something that he couldn't see the danger in: a spell that would make raising the dead less taxing, for reanimated corpses were often used in scientific experiments. He came up with a prototype for a spell that would use less energy than the normal spell. After fine-tuning it for what seemed like ages, he finally declared it usable. However, it didn't have the effect he expected. Some variable wasn't accounted for or a measurement was wrong... no one would know. Either way, the spell went awry. It took the life of the necromancer and every unfortunate soul within a radius of a mile and used their life forces to reanimate the dead across the world. The reanimated corpses (of humanoids and beasts alike!) were aggressive, attacking everyone, taking the people by surprise. No one had a need to summon violent souls, so how could this happen? Having been taken unawares, the inhabitants of Ptyrn were slow to react, costing many lives. Chaos ensued as the panicked people reacted, each thinking that they would be better off on their own. Government is a laughable institution now, having been either wiped out or reduced to a shell of its former glory. A few small communities have arisen, but they're met with mild popularity.

    So yeah. To make it "realistic" (yeah, it's a fantasy rp and all, but I hope you know what I mean), there will be some things not allowed. I'm still thinking of how to make that part work exactly, but if I don't get any interest, why bother right? xD

    So... any interest?
  2. This is your rp, granted. But could I make a suggestion? Naruto vs. Zombies. The same back story as you had, but naruto characters. No technology or anything like that. So it's old timey naruto with zombies. Sorry, I had a character that I really wanted to play as, but the rp was cancelled as others were disinterested. If not, I'm still interested in this. And if you don't like my suggestion, maybe we could do a naruto rp together.
  3. That sounds fun too, actually. xD I'd prefer to stick with this one for a public rp, but I'd be willing to do a one x one with you with that. :3