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  1. Welcome one and all!

    I'm Tinder and I'm here to find a partner to help me start writing again. I've been going semi-insane with creative build up over the past few weeks and so I have decided to set out to find a new story to pour some of pent-up energy. A quick bit about me; I'm relatively new to this site, but I have been roleplaying for several years now. Most of the information you wish to know about me, you can find one my profile, but feel free to pm me just for a chat if you'd like. I promise not to bite and I love talking with my partners just as much as I enjoy roleplaying with them.

    Anyhow, on to business. I want to start with a few requests I have for those who are considering these roleplays:

    1. Length and Grammar - I'm very flexible with the length, to a point. I would like at least a decent paragraph from my partner if not more. I know it isn't always easy posting multiple paragraphs and I know I've got my off days, so I won't put down anything more than that. Absolutely no tiny paragraphs or one liners though. No offense intended, but those just cannot keep me interested. I find it very hard to reply to those in a creative way and the roleplay usually just goes downhill once you get to that point. Also please do you best with the grammar. I am by no means good with grammar, so I understand mistakes and probably make quite a few, but I don't like reading something that takes effort for me to decipher the text. Also long as you use spell check and avoid texting language, that should be fine.
    2. Creativity and Commitment - I know this sounds a little weird, but let me explain. The thing that I really care about in a roleplay is having fun. That doesn't necessarily mean that we're writing Shakespeare or anything, but it does mean that we both put some passion into the story. I really want to make these plots into something that both of us can enjoy. I also really enjoy when we can really commit to making our characters fleshed out and original as possible so that we can really get to know them as we roleplay. Overall, I just really want someone who will get as excited about these ideas as I will. That way we can really make these stories something special.
    3. Availability - I am a college student currently in the middle of the semester. That being said, I am very busy during the week so I can't say that I will be able to always reply quickly. There may be weeks when I'm available every day and there may be some weeks when I never get on, but I will do my best to keep everything going so that the roleplay doesn't die. All I ask of you is that you do the same and let me know if you're going to be gone for a long period of time or if you want to quit. After all, I don't like moving on to new things if I don't know whether or not my old roleplays are still going or not.
    4. Limits - In terms of violence, I don't have any more limits than the site does. I doubt either of these plots will inspire any sorts of descriptions that are all that dark, so just abide by the site's rules. I don't mind language either, but please keep it to a minimum. I just don't enjoy characters that are swearing constantly, so try to reserve it for the right moments like when someone threatening them or something. Just don't make it the main staple of their vocabulary. As for romance, I like to keep everything at a PG-13 sort of rating. That means it all stops at kissing. Whether this seems realistic for the universe or not, that will be the stopping. I'd rather our characters not do anything beyond that. Also I only do MxF relationships.
    With all that said one more thing. I'm putting up two plots, but I will only be taking one partner. As I mentioned, I'm a college student and very busy so I really only have time for one. Now on to the reason you clicked on this, the plots. Note: the first plot has SPOILERS in it.

    • Star Wars: Jedi Knights of the Old Republic (Spoilers!)- This is referring to the original game released by Bioware. I can't say I have a great many ideas for this. Mostly my inspiration for this stems from my thoughts about Revan. I really feel like that character could have been more interesting than what you get to go into during the game. What I would like to do with this is follow the plot of the video game, making as many changes as necessary and/or we want to make. I would like to play a female Revan as she slowly begins to regain her past memories through the journey. In the end, there is a lot of complexity to the situation that you never explore during the game, and I would love to go into it. As for your character, I am very open ended about this. I think any sort of character that you would like to play would be great, whether you'd like to become part of the canon crew or make a new member to come along, maybe be another Jedi or even uncover Sith. Whatever strikes your fancy. This plot would not necessarily involve romance unless we want it to. Otherwise, I would be fine with more friendship-based relationships between the characters and just exploring the characters more. As you can probably tell by the description, I'm a bit more interested in the characters in this than the action, so be prepared for a plot more tailored towards characters than long gun battles and the like. Also, I'm not actually a super big fan of Star Wars, I just really like the idea of Revan's character and it happens to work best in the world that she came from. So don't worry about knowing a ton about Star Wars canon, because I only really know about the game (and the movies obviously).

    • Where Spirits Walk - So this idea is a unique take on the fairytale "Thumbelina." For those unfamiliar with the story, it is basically about a widow who wishes for a daughter magically receives a girl the size of her thumb. The difference with this plot though, is that it would include Japanese mythology. Here is a basic run down of what our plot would look like. There is a girl (my character) who has always been in-tuned with the spirit world, though she is not aware of it. She hears things and is beginning to see things, though she attempts to live a normal life. Because of her abilities, she has never been able to lead a normal life and has been a recluse. But as her sixteenth birthday approaches, things begin to get even worse. On the night of her birthday, she discovers that someone from the spirit world wants her for reasons she doesn't understand. A spirit from the other world (your character) finds you before this or on this night and the two team up to discover just what the person chasing her wants and why a mortal girl would be of any importance to a spirit. Now this is just a rough summary and a lot could be changed, but that is the basic principle. This is channeling a bit more of an anime tone, but it doesn't have to include any of those elements if you don't want it to. Your character, as before, is widely open for you to create as you see fit. They could be a powerful spirit or just some random person wandering around. I would like them to be male though, as this plot is a romance story. Other than that, the kind of spirit and their position are all open for you to play with. We can also discuss the detail if you decide you're interested.
    For both of these ideas, I would love for you to make lots of suggests. If you're interested in these plots, please PM me. I'm really excited to get everything going and I think both will be really fun to try out. Until then, I'll be waiting.
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