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  1. Hey, so I'm in the mood for a fun questing type roleplay. :) I already have a setting that I created with a map, a few different races, and a bit of information on the different countries and such. For the most part it's just a basic fantasy setting so there isn't too much to learn I think. (maybe... eheheh...I'll try to keep things organized -_-')

    I'm looking for fairly literate roleplayers, those that write generally two or more paragraphs. Posts would also have to all be in third person past tense. I also only want to have at most 6 rpers (not including myself). The pace I expect to not be overly fast as I myself often disappear for a while. :X I'd like a good variety of characters and "classes" as well. (warrior, rogue, healer, etc.).

    Well, if you're interested, here's some information on the world. ^_^
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    Map of Discovered Minron (Some areas may be added in later)
    Map of Minron.png
    Sapphire Kingdom
    The Sapphire Kingdom is primarily composed of humans and draconians, but they are known to be very accepting of all sorts of races. However, there is quite a large divide between the rich and poor and quite a bit of discrimination between different classes (poor, middle class, rich/noble, etc.)

    Ruby Kingdom
    The Ruby Kingdom's residents are primarily composed of humans and lunarians (elfish creatures). They see draconians (dragon/human hybrids) as beasts and are often enslaved. The moogly (a very small animal-like race) are not enslaved but they do have less rights and nearly always receive less pay than a human or luanrin would receive.

    The country of Moonever is populated nearly entirely by luarians that are said to be descended from the Moon Goddess, Celestia. Most resident lunarians are extremely racist towards the other races, especially the draconians.

    The country of Dragonfell is the land of the draconians. It is a highly mountainous country with little good land for farming. Most inhabitants hunt or forage for food and live in tribal communities. All residents are part of the Order of the Dragon.
    Human: they're humans...some can use magic, but it's pretty rare.

    Draconian: a race of human/dragon hybrids descended from the dragons of old. Most of them have magical abilities but they don't cast spells (ex. can use fire breath, "shapeshifting", ability to sense magic/auras). The appearance of them varies from being mostly human with just a few scales, or perhaps horns or oddly coloured eyes, to being completely covered in scales and basically looking like a humanoid dragon.

    Lunarin: a race of elf-like people with varying skin tones of pale icy blue to deep, dark, grey-blues nearing that of black. Their hair is always pale silver, and their eyes are black with silver or light blue irises, and occasionally (very rarely really) red. Also, all lunarins have the ability to use magic, but some can only use a little. Their powers are strongest when there is a natural light-source around such as the sun or moon.

    Moogly: The moogly are an extremely tiny race, ranging from 1 1/2' to 2 1/2' in height. They look for the most part like miniature humans, except that their irises are larger and they have a long, thin tail covered in short fur. Their hair and eye colours largely depend on the climatic region they are born into.They typically live in small communities away from the other races.
    Setting & Plot
    Within the Sapphire Kingdom, the Mercenaries Guild (with the help of some Noble families) created an academy for aspiring adventurers. There are three fairly simple tests to take to enter the school to see if the person applying has some basic skill/ability (strength test, physical combat test, magic test). If the applicant passes any or all of the tests they can enter the school. However, there is a catch. The school costs a lot of money to attend, but they allow students to attend as long as they pay off their debt, which is done by taking upon missions in the Mercenaries Guild.

    The characters we will be playing are students that have just completed their training in the school and now are working to pay off of their debt. There will be a larger plot in the background with small tidbits about it be hinted at between their quests/adventures.

    If someone would like to help plot stuff for the bad-guys and just play as some of the npc's as well that would be nice too. :D

    So, still interested? /:]

    I'll post more info on the races, countries, and other such info later of course (+illustrations for the races). ^_^

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)
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  2. I might be interested. I have been dying for a group role play, something like this. And how did you make that map? It looks really good!!

    However... You mean write in first person as in "I looked out over the horizon, narrowing my eyes at the vast valley" instead of "He looked out over the horizon, narrowing his eyes at the vast valley"? Cause sadly that will make it or break it for me... I personally prefer to write in third person.
  3. OH, SNAP! I meant to say third person, not first... ;___;
    sdfksldfjsdlkfj my brain. T___T

    Sorry about that. ^_^' Anyways, if you're still interested that would be awesome :)

    Now hopefully more people come. \('o')/

    *beckons people*
    Oh, and thank you. ^o^ The map was made in paint. :)
  4. Yay!!! Okay count me in lol. I can't write in first person, it bugs me for some reason. I have a few different characters I can adapt for this, eventually I'll narrow it down but I'm thinking of playing my healer mage. Will you be putting classes that we can play?
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  5. ... Paint? Like MS Paint? Damn you got skillz yo. Lol I'm being serious. It's simple yet detailed. Love the way you made the little mounatins and different landscapes like wodded vs plains. I fail hard core at MS Paint. :C
  6. Well, there will be a fair number of different classes. Basically the team needs at least one rogue (one which is able to disarm traps and unlock locks), tank/warrior, and a healer. Basically the team needs a good balance of offensive, defensive, and support type classes. I would also like some variety in with the races of the characters as well. The more different they are the more interesting it'll be I think. :3 However, I think I'll have to go into more detail on the way magic works in their world and the different religions before I can go into more detail on the classes. :/

    I'll get on that now! :D

    Yup, MS Paint, version 6.1 ^_^
  7. Yep, I'm interested!
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  8. I totally agree. Magic can mean many different things to many different people. As well as what a rogues and warriors can do. And of course not only the religions but the society of the races. For example does one race favor curiosity and exploration while another favors domination and aggression? Are there races that favor logic over religion? That sort of thing.

    But I think I might end up playing my little healer. :3
  9. I'm intrested, I love fantasy RPs. -w-

    I'd particularly be interested in playing a theif character who has had an odd upbringing, like say she was raised together with Draconians. But first before I would be able to do that what exactly are the realtions between the races doing? They all good with each other or..?
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  10. Hello, beautiful.
    The thread and the idea, I mean.
    I'm interested. And I'd probably play some sort of tanky human dude from the Ruby Kingdom. Can you tell me anymore about the social structures at play, there?
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  11. Yay! :D

    How lovely to see you all here. :3

    I shall be posting a new thread soon with more information and character sheets as there appears to be plenty of interest now. ;)
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  12. Maybe you could put up what sort of character sheet you want us to use?
  13. Sure thing. ^_^ I still need to post more information on the races though... >__< Blah, sdflksjdf, yeah... I'll do that.

    Pardon my craziness at the moment. -____-'
  14. Okay, I think all of the most important info is there now. You can start making characters now. :D

    ...btw... I wrote a lot... I'm sorry. ;___; You can probably skip over some of the stuff if it's too much. I have a lot of headings so it's organized somewhat.
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  15. No worries I personally love all the detail and YAY DRUIDS <3
  16. I hate to be this guy; but are there like, perverse evil magics? Like necromancy, blood magic, that sort of thing?
  17. Oh, there are. >:) Eheheheh

    However, I'm not sure if I want to reveal them. There shall be some dark magic related stuff appearing for the adventurers during their first quest, and the ones after. I want to keep most of this stuff secret though. o.o There are ancient secrets that have either been lost or hidden. slfdkjsldkfj now I'm spoiling my plan! D:[

    But yeah... there's dark magic. You just don't get to know about it yet. :d
  18. Damn. I was going to use it for my backstory. XD But if its ancient, lost, and hidden, then, so be it!
  19. ALSO: How do other religions treat each other?
    And does alchemy exist?