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  1. I dislike that idea, It emphasises some characters over others. I run a lot of TTRPGs and have found that when a player finds that their character is being under emphasized or superseded by other players characters, they tend to feel disinterested or undervalued. which leads to a lack of engagement and often enough dropping out. I think that it depends on how meany players turn up, If its a lot of players, we can diversify the weapon array to include staffs of magic ect ect. If we get say 4 or 5 we can keep the 'masters' idea.
    Yah know, if you've got 6 players, 4 of whom are masters and the other 2 characters are just camp-makers and healers, hangers on if you will the 2 'support' players will very quickly feel superfluous to the plot.
  2. I'd prefer to be a master (masters only sounds good) but if more people decide on a master-support mix I can play support.
  3. I agree with EddiEddi. Having such a system in games like these will only alienate players.
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  4. Okay, so, how many different weapons are we going for again?
  5. I said I'd make them after we got all the player sheets up and a OOC together, at least I did in PM. mostly so that I could have fun and tailor things to people, Ya know, fuck with people a little. Give the 4ft teenage girl the bezerker battle axe that gave her the strength of a bull.
  6. Hi there!
    This thread caught my interest and I'd very much be interested. ^^
    That said, I have a few ideas as well~

    What if the weapons are class based? So the knight would have a sword, the ranger a bow, the mage a staff (or better yet, a grimoire) etc. I'm not saying these are the classes that have to be used, but it was an example. It would 1) ensure that we get a well rounded team and 2) that there is a corresponding sacred item for each of the player characters. Plus, it would look really neat.

    Btw, if you guys haven't figured out the demon armies and such yet, I may have a few ideas to add there as well. ^^^

    I-if I'm even allowed to join, that is. ; w ;
  7. I like the idea, but it disallows some cross over and counter use, It also encourages traditional class roles which I dislike in RP's as much as RPG's. why not, if your mage wants to focus on making himself tough as nails, go for it.
  8. Not really, since it completely depends on how it is implemented and how it is used. Even if the mage finds a grimoire, there's nothing that speaks against that they would be able to kick ass without the use of magic. That said, I do feel like some of the tropes are there for a reason. It automatically balances the characters out.

    Think about it. What is the point of a mage if they're not good with magic? And if they have strong magic, do they require that kind of physical streangth? Do they even have time to work out in between all the magic studying? And most important of all, what is their weakness? If they are able to wield strong magic AND possess the strength of any other warrior, what is even the point of forming a party with other people? You'll end up having all the attributes you need in one character. I know that I'm exaggerating right now, but I hope you see my point.

    Then again, some sort of mage and warrior hybird could be fun. Clearly their magic could not be as strong as a mage who's sole focus is magic, and their fighting skills might not be on par with the best of warriors, but they would have the benefit of dabbling into both territories. That would prompt creativity for how it is used.

    And it would certainly still work with my idea – since the classes I suggested were just that, suggestions. There is nothing saying we couldn't make our own. o 3 o
  9. Again, the issues arrise with traditional party roles, The mage dosn't NEED to have strength like the warriors, he can get the magic to do the heavy lifting for him. My point is more about the concept of it makes people want to fill a specific roll in the party, where as if I just hand someone a spear, they are going to do as they please with it, be it throwing it, or just stabbing people. also, Going back to your original statement. who is the knight? what if we don't get anyone who wants to play a knight? It also as for your tropes. Liniar fighters, Quadratic wizards. tropes are on both sides.
    It also limits MY capacity to create weapons, what if I want to make a spell blade? or some kind of mace that allows the user to wield specific types of magic? Or a flame whip? Or what about letting the dude with the bow split it in to a pair of short swords? No, better to leave the field open, and balance it by ear, not by tropes. Also, the phrase 'weapon' is difficult to deal with, For example. a character could find something as simple as a vine, that wraps round their arm, WHAM they can now shapeshift in to any wild animal they know of. that's a weapon, but are they a fighter? or the scout? or the assassin? or are they something else entirely? again. class restrictions and limitations make things difficult. This isn't a TTRPG. we can play things by ear and adjust as needed.
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  10. I'm just coming with ideas, not saying that any of it actually needs to be used.

    As far as I understood from reading up on what has been said here, the weapons are the goal. So, in other words, something that will be found later in the RP. I don't see how letting the players choose a class would make anything more difficult for you. Just throw a spanner into the works and give them something that they're not used to. Let them work out how to use it. Honestly, you've got all the freedom in the world. The classes aren't as limiting as you make them out to be. Just because you use tropes as a foundation, doesn't mean you have to stick to them in their entierty. In fact, you really shouldn't.

    You speak of tropes like they're something bad, but they're not. They are tools, and they exist in everything. It is how they're used that matters, not the fact that they are there. Because let's face it, originality is a myth. Everything is influenced by what came before it, and the characters that are made for this RP will be no different. They will, no doubt, be shock full of tropes whether there is a class system in place or not. It really wouldn't change anything, except maybe give the players an idea for what they want to do with their character. It will help to keep them focused and blanaced, as well as making sure that there is diversity within the cast. I really don't see what's so bad about that.

    As a wise person once told me: "Tropes are observations, not rules."

    In order to subvert them, you need to know them. And even the suversion, in a way, are tropes.

    But alas, I'm looking into this as an outsider. My opinion most likely doesn't matter and I believe we're both wasting our time arguing. I'm sorry I said anything. x.x
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  11. I think in the interest of flexibility if you want to fill a party role and choose a class you can, but not everyone's going to and there's a whole bunch of other worldbuilding stuff we still need to get through before that point.
  12. @Mysty you still with us?
  13. I'm interested, I've always been interested in the fantasy genre so I would like to join if I may.
  14. So like a hero has his/her specific weapon type?
  15. I'm definitely interested if this is still going
  16. We're still waiting on the OP but otherwise I think you're good?
  17. I'm interested as well X3 And @Mysty, you're plot idea for the RP is brilliant, if I may add!
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