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  1. With this, I wish to invite someone to explore my fully fleshed-out fantasy world.
    Come, explore the world of my design.
    Explore, discover, and learn what makes the world tick.
    No information about this world is volunteered- you must discover the world on your own, and learn its rules.

    If curiosity is your friend, if you posses a quick wit and a large imagination, come explore.
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  2. low or high?
  3. -throws a dagger into your desk- I'm interested!
  4. Aye, interest piqued.
  5. Lol. How this one X one just turned into a group √óD
  6. More the merrier, but I'm always willing to stand aside for the first arrived.
  7. Well if Galdanith would allow it I think it would actually be cool to do this as a group. Especially because he said the world is fully fleshed out and so on
  8. "If not, why not", as they say.
  9. I agree. So then let's wait for his verdict
  10. My original prompt, or gateway into the world was designed around a single person. I will be available to begin this in approximately four and a half hours. By this time, I will make some modifications to allow this to be a group exploration. If anyone would prefer to do this by themselves, that is ok. I definitely do not mind have several instances of this running at once. See you soon!
  11. Amazing! I'll be waiting for the group then.
  12. So the time is now. I'd like to know first off who all will be participating in this first night.
  13. I'm willing, but I'll only be on after work. Since it's morning here.
  14. I'm in. At work at the moment 9:44 AM
  15. Someone lives in my timezone :P

    You can always begin setting up the thread, Galdanith.
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  16. Awesuuume! What country?
  17. S.A, but I don't think we should be cluttering Galdanith's thread with idle chatter.
  18. Ah, no wonder were in the same time zone.
    All right all we need then is for @Galdanith to share with us how he'd like the characters constructed, what kinds of content is acceptable and then the link to the RP.
  19. Absolutely anything is acceptable. You can construct a personality, or use your own- reacting as you would to what you face. If you would like to be an archetypal hero, you can do that. If you'd like to be a murderer and a rapist, you can do that too.
    I'm trying to figure out how to constrict the RP. Your starting prompts with have to be separate, with you spawning in the same area. As this is a group project now, I'm thinking about trying something new: imagine you are playing as a group, and are reacting to a situation. Instead of rolling for initiative, or taking turns, I'll take input from all of you, calculate (based on numbers you will never see) how the actions play out, and then post an appropriate amount of story, telling what happens. Think of it like directing a novel. However, if ever you part ways with the group, I need a way to keep what you experience separate, so that you actually have to ask one another about your experiences. I want the management of information about the world to be as close as possible to real life, so if there ate separate stories happening at the same time, I want to restrict you to only reading your own. If anyone has a good way of doing this, let me know, please.
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  20. I don't think you can do that. And I don't think I fully understand the way you'd like to control this rp.... perhaps you could just play as the world and your own character, I dunno.

    DragonizedGlory: The Marsh had never been crossed before, or so he had heard. One thing was for sure. It smelled like cap and what he wanted was at the very heart of this stinkhole. Carefully Micheal continued to push forward, trying to step on what little dry patches he could find. His sword was drawn just in case........

    Galdanith: The (whatever you want to name it) swamp had never been crossed for good reason. Much worse things than demons haunted these muddy grounds. As the wanderer, Micheal tried his best to traverse the grounds and reach (whatever the fuck) the Marsh could smell fresh blood. Vines around the trees started to stir, roots under the ground were following his every step like a panther waiting to pounce from the dark...... (and then character input with that bit of environmental explanation.)

    It's just a suggestion but I think it would work much better than to try and separate our stories so we could only read our own. And besides a true writer would be able make events unique. Like say character one jumps over a rock, one thing happens but when character two jumps over a rock another thing happens
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