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  1. Hey everyone!

    You can call me Cruix. I'm a twenty-something year old female who has a full-time job and currently owns her own residence. Why is this important? To emphasize my availability. Fortunately for any of my future writing partners, my current employment gives me ample opportunities to post during work hours, which means I can post about once a day during five days of the week and at least once a week if I'm busy. Honestly, I'll probably be able to hash out a few posts a day depending on my work-load and how much of a life I'm pretending to have that day.

    I'm an adept to advanced writer and my comfort lays between two and potentially six paragraphs depeding on what I have to describe and reply to.

    x Things I don't do

    - MxM
    - RP with anyone below the age of twenty (This has nothing to do with smut or mature content. I prefer people who are older.)
    - Fandoms (unless it's being used just as a reference)

    All that being said, I'm looking for a partner for one particular plot at the moment.

    Nocturnal Predator

    | Fantasy | Dungeon Crawler | Action

    Character I'd like to use: Azela

    [available for mxf, fxf] [Note: I don't do romance with this character sorry .]


    To the east lies the quaint village of Kilead, populated by humble peasants earning their bread through agriculture, crafting and trade. While this home to only a meager hundred or so was once an icon of harmony, the recent discovery of four mutilated bodies has sent the impoverished townsfolk into dismay. While the evidence suggested the attacks were merely perpetrated by a pack of wolves, hunting down the beasts only lead to additional death and a marred and distraught eye-witness. Their problems weren't as simple as a pack of hungry dogs, but a single carnivorous beast: a werewolf.

    Due to the lack of vagrants their town received, little was done about their quandary. Notices were posted on the local boards, from their town to several over, offering a collective sum for the beasts head. Azela, a drifter with a purpose, took the monster bounty with every intention on collecting it; after discovering the beasts dwellings, she failed to annihilate it several times.

    Now with little options left, she waits for another hunter to come collect the bounty with hopes a collaborative effort will not be in vain.


    While this is just a pre-story, there's tons of room for change and of course, additions to allow the entire plot to keep moving. I'm looking for a role-play which involves a unique partnership between two somewhat unlikely people. You can play whatever you want: elf, orc, human, hunter, knight. I don't care.

    Thanks for reading, respond below or PM me if interested!
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