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  1. Plot: Subject to a spell, Dracora was put under a sleeping spell when she was 12 years old which slowed her ageing. Her parents forced her into this in order to insure the survival of their species. But as she awoke 500 years later she has found that the Dragon's war with orcs, trolls, and goblins continues and that her entire clan has been killed. Being the princess of her own clan, she know that she must journey in search of other like her kind. Dracora knows that she doesn't have the strength to do this alone and needs another warrior's assistance to travel through this land.

    Setting: Something like middle earth but with more races. This rp takes place in the past

    What I need: I need a male character who can fight. You can be any race other than an orc, goblem, or troll. No furies. You can also come up with your own plot-twists and I am open for suggestions. You should be able to post at least once a week.

    My Character:

    Name: Dracora
    Race: Dragon
    Age appearance: 20
    Pic: She will be dressing in light armor which is a bit revealing but not as revealing as her current pictures.

    Dragon form:

    Personality: Dracora has an average Temperament. She is your typical down to earth girl. She loves to battle enemy but feels remorse for those that beg for her life. Over all she would have a heroic outlook on life. If she sees someone is doing something which challenges her morals she will most likely interfere. Good at making new friends, Dracora is both helpful and wise. Over all her personality is very likable.


    Dragon form: Dracora has the ability to transform into a dragon. In this form, not counting her long neck and tail, her body is about the size of a school Bus. In this form her hide is thicker and it takes a lot more to pierce through her body. She gains the power of flight in this form but isn't as fast in battle as her humanoid form.

    Fire: Dracora has the ability to cast fire from her hands in her human form and her mouth in her dragon form. This is something that all Dragons can do in this world.

    Ice: Dracora also has the ability to freeze her targets in her dragon form. This can freeze a target in place as well as weapons. This power is useless on other dragons and fire creatures but very effective against the enemies of her people. It is also a rare power among dragons and only those of noble blood in her clan.

    Weapons: She uses a sword and shield or throwing knives for long distances.
  2. This sounds cool.
  3. I think this is awesome :D I'm up for it.