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  1. Also a discussion / group RP plotting, cause I need help!

    I've been craving a group adventure roleplay involving mythical creatures and such in a fantasy setting. I've haven't the slightest idea of a specific plot, however I do have some ideas. This group roleplay will be about a small group who goes on various adventures or even participate in wars being waged. Be it riding on dragons, defending a kingdom, teaming up with another rival-kingdom, there are endless amounts of tales. I want the roleplay to be divided into arcs and chapters since there will be multiple arcs as it seems, but do you guys agree?

    Additional ideas I had

    As for country/kingdom names I had:
    Freymere OR Freyhurst
    Fayview OR Merriley

    Each of these kingdoms/countries consist of a specific race. An example would be Fayview -or merriley depending which sounds better- , home of the fairies. Races I had so far for this roleplay would be Elves, giants, dragons, Viera (yes, final fantasy's 'rabbits' but they'll most likely be rare.), and etc.

    Other magical beings like witches will not have their own kingdom, but will be a type of coven. Not to big, yet also not to small. Almost like different tribes, there will be different covens. Same applies for nymphs, they are in different groups in random areas. Ponds, edge of forests, etc..

    I cannot decide where to assign such races to what kingdom, so I'll need help.
    I will be accepting additional races, depending if I feel it'll fit in the roleplay c:!
    Right now I've decided:

    Kingdom and race match (open)

    Vallhollow: Vieras, are rabbit like creatures. They are commonly seen as being females, however there are males. Although peaceful and neutral they are known for being wonderful warriors and are cursed in which if they encounter mist they go berserk. Although there is a way to break it, depending on the individual which is to not let that darkness take them over. Because of their now rarity, they are hardly seen nowadays and many are linked with other kingdoms. With elves, fairies, etc. This is primarily because of the war with dragons that they have used as 'weapon slaves' to which the dragons had revolted and became their own kingdom. Vallhollow is no longer the beautiful land filled with riches. It is poor and Viera who choose to bravely remain in Vallhollow with pride wish to rebuild their kingdom. However most of the Viera population still residing in Vallhollow or just born are typically sent to live and devote themselves to a chosen kingdom. Vieras are no longer civilized with their own beings, but rather civilized with other beings and kingdoms chosen or born in. Therefore each have different views.

    Morford or Goldacre: The kingdom of dragons. They are surrounded by various mountains and some can take on a human form with a few dragon traits. They are surrounded by mist and clouds from the bottom, however their castle made of gold is always shining with the sun or moonlight nonetheless while their city is rather luxurious and not quite foggy then you think. Vieras do not reside here at all because of the war and mist they have and it is harder for them to come here unless it's by air. Which would cause them trouble with other guardian dragons. Morford is known to be the richest kingdom besides the noble elves. Their king is a rather egoistic, stubborn, and hard to please man. Why negotiate when he has everything? Therefore it is quite hard to make equal deals with him. Dragons are cursed by greediness, and therefore individually must learn to not take things for granted and learn selflessness as well as sacrifice to dominate their own greed and control it. Their confidence is what eats them alive, so learning a thing called help doesn't match their stubbornness. Greed and stubbornness are their powerful and dominating traits/nature that prevents them from being peaceful and easy. Only few dragons are selfless while majority work for a large price and/or reward.


    Freymere OR Freyhurst (name can change): This is where most of the elven species reside in and are located at. They too, are luxurious and filled with riches. They are known to be a kingdom of nobility and royalty and the own many giant eagles besides horses [ X | X ] if they plan on traveling by air or for other purpose. These giant eagles are only available here in Freeymere/Freyhurst and once used, you must bring them back and cannot go over the date you desired to use them for. They are quite pricey too of course, but the king does accept certain things and reasonings. There are two different types of elves. The other type being drows who are more darker and considered evil. However these drows have their own kingdom where they are ruled by the darker twin of the elf who in the elf kingdom is considered 'The fallen king'.

    - Should the drows have giant eagles (or lion with demonic wings or griffins) instead while the elves have Pegasus'? :/ I personally think griffins for drows and Pegasus for elves.

    Show Spoiler

    Drow castle, but instead of dragons maybe lions or the giant eagles.... Or griffins.

    Not sure if I want the castle in the same place as the city... I was thinking more of a long bridge or land connecting the castle and city. So basically you cut through the city, then to the bridge, and you're at the castle. What do you think?

    Fayview OR Merriley:


    Rockbourne: Giants are located here and their towering heights their land is very protected, not even dragons can interfere here but are about half the size of them or so depending on the dragon. Some races are scared to travel to rockbourne in the fears of being squished to death by the foot of a giant, however they are quite keen. You are most likely going to be picked up by them and escorted to the desired place you wish to be at safely so that you don't get stepped on accidentally. The giants here are keen, but keep in mind that there are gentle giants and the not so gentle giants.

    - giants seem to be tricky. How will they eat and survive? Giant animals? It seems more dangerous with giant animals... Should they have a 'regular size'? If so, there should be a price. Like how Vieras are peaceful, yet cursed to go berserk when there's mist, dragons are stubborn and greedy and must learn sacrifice/selflessness, etc.

    Castlebridge: A large land where all the races are at. There are shops, markets, carts, etc. Castlebridge is usually peaceful, and no wars or major conflicts are allowed. Although there are exceptions of the typical looting, fighting, etc.

    For the group. Like said, this roleplay focuses on characters and their adventures individually here and there but overall on/as a group.

    - A tale of giants or dragons being enslaved by the other races, to which they soon rebel against the races. Specifically if it's dragons, the tale of them rebelling against the Vieras and the Vieras seeking help from the other kingdoms. If it's giants, maybe all thing kingdoms unite to fight against them. And in the end,there's a treaty.

    - Something or somewhat attacks each kingdom mysteriously. To which they have to unite and fight against the something or someone.

    - I feel royalty roles should be NPC? (king, queen, etc) Or just minor characters for certain events seeing as they cannot be in the adventurous group without leaving their own kingdom. But he drow and elf twins are hella interesting. Or someone can have the role and play them whenever it's needed during a certain situation? Or should I just let the roles open for grabs to actually play? Opinions?

    - This is my first group roleplay. In general I feel my roleplays don't get attention cause of the titles. I'm very laid back, but if this is successful I may need a very strict and straight forward GM OTL.

    - Roles will come after opinions.


    Suggestions and opinions are welcome, and please share this with your friends! Thank you! :) My PM box is always open too!
  2. Sounds interesting! Would this solely be based on adventure or would other elements be apart of the roleplay?
  3. Count me in on this one. I'll be able to reply more tomorrow when I can devote a bit more time into reading through this.
  4. @Alexa Well, I've only thought about adventure, unless you have ideas? I'm gonna need some clarification c: *slow mind*

    @J_"Kraken" ok!

    T h i n g sXT oXS a y
    1. Invite whoever you think would be interested, invite anyone in fact! We must pass the word! Or at least.. The word should be passed. >u<
    2. Thank you! For everything really, interest, help, etc.
    3. Like said, PMs are always open. Don't be scared to suggest!
  5. I'm talking about action, romance, tragedy, etc.
  6. @Alexa
    Oh! Well, yes there will be others. The following would be the ones you listed. Action, drama, and a little romance can be in it. I don't wish for this to be completely about romance, however I will allow some. Suspense and mysteries are a maybe, depending if I get such ideas to make those genre happen. But it's pretty much the basics for a fantasy/adventure themed roleplay. There'll be affairs, betrayal, etc.
    *OFF TOPIC/NOTES: If there are explicit scenes, I prefer a fade-to-black. <_< keep this PG-15 or PG-16 because of violence, gore, maybe even small torture scenes/quick ones, the fading to black, foul language, etc.
  7. When you say a little romance, do you mean you'd like only romantic elements in it or are subplots allowed?
  8. @Alexa ​
    Mostly Romance that will naturally arise between characters throughout the roleplay. They can be planned, or unplanned. So I guess I don't mind subplot or elements. I'm quite laid back about it. By subplots you did mean like 'extras' correct? That has nothing to do with the main plot and such? (IE you planned to have a relationship with another character that took place in the past ; flashbacks, etc.)?
  9. Subplots are as follows: a subplot is a secondary strand of the plot that is a supporting side story for any story or the main plot.
  10. Hello! I would love to join this RP! It seems quite fun, considering the large amount of fantasy, action, and adventure elements. (With maybe some other things on the side. ;) ) I'll be looking forward to this! :3

  11. @Alexa​

    Yes I am aware. They're allowed, like said It depends if I feel your subplot idea won't fit to be honest and I personally don't have any yet necessarily as of now.

    Thanks for your interest. Any suggestions PM me or help out here c:
  12. Well, I don't have any ideas as of now. I just wanted to know whether or not romantic subplots were allowed or not because you said little romance which lead me to believe that you only wished for romantic elements which is much smaller than a subplot.

  13. @Alexa​

    Completely understandable! Though I am far to lenient to be GM and honestly terribly slow. Which is why I need a -or if not, many- pretty stern Co-GM. So apologies about my dim witted behavior in advance ! Like said I don't really care, it just depends if I feel will fit the roleplay / arc. (which is a terrible answer, sorry).
  14. I see. Well, I'll leave this roleplay pending then.
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  15. Alright, I'm all caught up on the general info! If you need help with worldbuilding or plots, feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to lend a hand.
  16. @N/A
    I'd be happy to help out as well... Just shoot me a PM and we can talk.
  17. Sure, go ahead.
  18. Sounds good to me. :)
  19. I am interested in this RP. Be sure to add me on the interested list. :)
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