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Hi there. I'm DS, or you can call me Deceit or Smile or DeceitfulSmile. =) So I just wanna say I often have several role-plays going that revolves around the same plot because I like to see the different directions it can go and the plot twists in which I can save for a later date if it truly catches my attention. I'm looking for a male to roleplay a certain plot with me that I'm really interested in, and it would have action, adventure, a little horror, a little romance, and of course some fantasy!

First, a little about myself.
I'm 26.
I have a part time job.
I go to college full time.
I'm a natural blonde.
I have two cats.
I've been roleplaying for 10+ years.
I'm a literate roleplayer.
I'm partial to smutty roleplays.
I love to read.
I also write fanfiction. But I will not tell you the fandom. ;D
I'm a fairly open girl, and I love to chat, so anything else you'd like to know, feel free to message me or comment. ^_^

So, let's cut to the chase. This plot was inspired by Supernatural, however it's not going to be a fandom Roleplay. We would be playing original characters, and nothing from the TV show would come into play and you don't need to know about the show for this plot. Like I said, it's just inspired by it. But anyway, moving on.

The plot: My character, a female hunter, travels with a group of other monster hunters who are like family to her though they're not related by blood, going state to state, slaying baddies and kicking ass. They either happen upon another male hunter who they decide to recruit into their band or he tracks the group of hunters down and asks to join, or if you have another idea, lay it on me. This male character would be played by you. She's against the idea at first, saying they don't need a newbie or an amateur who plays with toy guns or whatever but the leader of their group, the boss so to speak, says she has no say in it and she reluctantly gives in.

Getting deeper: My character and yours instantly clash, bickering nonstop, teasing, throwing insults and basically hating one another on sight, however there is a very strong chemistry between them, a physical attraction that neither of them can deny but refuse to acknowledge. They are forced to work together however as they travel, and even though they're constantly at odds with one another, they have each other's back and they protect the other with their life. Slowly they develop feelings, yada yada, get closer, all that fun jazz.

I prefer to roleplay with males that are 20+ because sometimes things can get racy and it would be uncomfortable and awkward for me if I was roleplaying with a kid.

If you're interested or have any questions please message me or leave a comment. ^_^
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You're doing it perfectly right. Ill introduce myself quickly too.
I'm 20
I go to college full time
I am not Blonde
I have two guineapigs
I've been roleplaying for around 6 years
I'm partial to smutty roleplays
I have to read
I do not nor will ever write fanfiction
And i'm an exceptionally open guy.
I also like to get to know my partners as its more fun to roleplays if you know a bit about the person you're talking to.

If you think i'm adequate send me a message ^^


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OH MY GOODNESS yay! This makes me so happy! ^_^


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Can somebody please RP with meeee? My RP partner isn't online and I'm boooooored. :(
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