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Fantasy? Adventure? Mis? Hmmm Stop by and see I may come around

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Raven, Dec 27, 2015.

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  1. So hey all I'm Raven as the username states. Now I'm looking for a few new RPs. They don't have to be fast paced, size of the writing doesn't really matter. Rules hey I just want to RP so your rules are the rules okay?

    Now what I seem to prefer so I've noticed over the past well year and so months.

    I'm a fantasy kind of reader and RPer, but I also enjoy to mix in fanfiction from time to time which I noticed brings in the fandom RPs of sorts. I also enjoy doing RPs with a different hard to explain twist.Then of course I love action in well a lot of things action/adventure especially.

    Now if you have ideas give me links here or even shoot me a PM. If you have an idea but don't know how you wish to go about but want it to be a group RP why not share maybe I can help by adding some ideas to the story and we could then get a group? I'm pretty open to other RP ideas as well I'm just really after a few more group RPs atm and have no idea the exact thing I'm after so that's why I made this.
  2. XD Well if you like RP's with a "different and hard to explain twist" and a bit of fandom stuff thrown in then boy do I have something for you!

    It's called Fandomstuck and it's sort of like a mega-crossover RP, but, instead of playing canon characters, the RP focuses on the personifications of entire fandoms. So you'd have whole characters based off of the entirety of things like Homestuck, Doctor Who, etc. And you can be pretty much any TV show/video game/etc that you want (assuming it isn't already taken, of course). It's a difficult idea to sum up in only a few sentences, but the OP has more info if you think you might be interested.
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  3. I'll check them both out. Just depending how far along the RPs look I may ask for a summary if that will be alright later that is of course.
  4. Oh yes of course! I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to read everything thus far. That would be asking too much. XD
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  5. I'm still good to check out few more invites for everyone to know.
  6. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able because of my grammar. It's not yet always readable but rather confusing most of the time for at least CS sheets. So I probable will have to pass. The idea seems cool though.
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