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  1. Hello! I have recently remade an account here on Iwaku, and I would absolutely love to get involved in a fantasy or historical fiction roleplay. My only issue? There doesn't seem to be too much of that going around at the writing level that I'm comfortable with, and the ones that do exist are full.

    I try to keep an eye on the Interest Checks and Group Advertising threads, but I have yet to find many that are open or that appeal to me. That said, if you have (or know of) an RP that is looking for members that write at Adept+ levels, please let me know! I would also be willing to assist in RP planning. c:

    I am most interested in:
    • Fantasy/High-Fantasy
    • Adventure
    • Historical Fiction
    • Adept-Prestige Levels
    • Some Horror (not zombies)
    I have been writing for many years, and while I am not exactly a published author, I consider myself a passable writer. c: I generally post anywhere between two paragraphs up through ten, depending upon the situation at hand. My biggest limitation is that I am a rather busy individual and will likely only have time for one or two posts per week.

    Thank you so much for reading!
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  2. Thank you for the suggestion-- I will definitely check them out. c:
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  3. Still looking!
  4. Still looking!
  5. Still looking!
  6. Still searching.
  7. Still searching.
  8. Hey-hey^^!!

    Kay so I think I saw ya in the Check for this and seems like we're not doing one~a~day^^!!

    Yayuh so check it!! Hoot~hoot EM~EFFER!!
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