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  1. Is anyone interested in doing a 1x1 medieval fantasy based roleplay? I would prefer a female partner for this one.
  2. I would be interested. Are we talking more D&D-like medieval fantasy or historical medieval with magic, monsters, or something similar?
  3. Probably more like a historical medieval. The presence of magic is known but is fairly mysterious and not trusted. I should probably note that this is a part of a novel I am working on.
  4. Okay, cool. So I take it you have a plot, characters you'd like to play through?
  5. I certainly do, but since this is a roleplay feel free to do whatever comes natural :)

    The setting takes place five years after a war broke apart the kingdom of Sarvayl into many smaller ones. The royal family was almost completely annihilated except for a few who fled into exile. Now, five years later, tensions are rising between the kingdoms and another wars seems imminent. The story begins on the night of the wedding between the main characters Prince Raulet of Asuthra and Princess (any name you want) of Feora. The two have never met before, but their respective fathers instilled the marriage to form a blood alliance between the two kingdoms. Other alliances are being made as well, and the threat of war looms larger with every passing sunrise.

    (This is just one of the story arcs in this whole thing. I can introduce the others as we go on, or we can just leave it at this one.)
  6. It sounds like something I would read, and I'm good to create a rough bio. and/or start whenever you'd like. I do have a few questions: what can you tell me about the kingdom of Feora? And how much would the princess know of Asuthra? Is it a neighboring kingdom?
  7. Did you see the message I sent you?
  8. Hmh? Medieval style roleplay? With knights and the fedual system, magic, fiefs and allegiances so quickly made and broken? COUNT ME IN!