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  1. Okaaaaay, I usually don't request, but lately I've been wanting more.

    A bit about me :
    - I've been Roleplaying for about 5+ years, yet I often get stuck on posts due to writer's block and such.
    -I'm not a fan of purely RP relationships, so if you'd mind having small talk and dealing with my derpyness once in a while, that'd be nice. :D
    - I have the attention span of a 3 year old, so you might have to remind me to post.

    Genres I'd to incorporate into the RP :
    ~ Libertine
    ~ Action
    ~ Fantasy
    ~ Others I can't think of at the moment

    Now, I actually don't have many ideas in mind, so if there are any ideas, plots, or pairing that you'd like to do, please PM me. :)

    A few pairings I'd like to try :
    ~Kitsune × Human

    ~Succubus × Human

    ~Will think of more later
  2. May I PM you? I may have an idea.
  3. Please do~~
  4. Are you still looking?~
  5. I think she/he's on vacation or something. She hasn't replied in four whole days. Her typing/posting speed is supposed to be "Speed of Light," so it must be some IRL thingy-ma-boopie.
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  6. Yes, I'm always looking ~~~~~

    I've been a bit busy preparing for a family camping trip. I'll be gone Thursday-Sunday.
  7. Good to know!
    Mind if I shoot you a message so we can further converse?~
  8. Please do~~~
  9. Id be up for the succubus/kitsunexhuman ^_^
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  10. Please Pm me ~~~~
  11. I'm up for RPing with all the pairing ideas you suggested ^_^
  12. Thank you very much~~~ please pm me ~
  13. hello there, just wondering you are still searching for rps? if not, no worries
  14. If you can I am more than open to all of those and I have ALOT of ideas.
  15. Yes, I'm always searching ! :)
  16. good to hear ^_^ would you like to talk about possibly starting an rp?
  17. Yes. Please pm me~
  18. i would love to rp with u pm me ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.