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  1. Howdy ladies and gents of Iwaku, I am Luna and I am looking for two or three new partners to role play with. I have a few pairings I would be interested in doing and some of them even have plots or parts of a plot to go with them. I will list them below along with what I want from you and what you can expect from me. So please... Keep reading, I promise it does get exciting!

    --What You Can Expect From Me...--
    1. Post lengths of at least three paragraphs. This is usually my minimum, but sometimes I do only do two if I am having an off day. My muse sometimes doesn’t feel like hanging out with me...
    2. I like grammar. I also like punctuation. I even like using them both at the same time, properly. So you can expect me to do that for you, although I am human and I do make mistakes so I apologize now if I do. Usually when I spot them after I posted, I’ll edit and fix them. I’m a little anal like that with my writing.
    3. I am in school, hence the reason why I am only looking for two to three (at most!) new role plays. That being said, my posting times may vary depending on my workload and when I am working at my part time job. When I am on top of everything you can expect a good reply each evening. When things are busy or it’s exam time, chances are replies will slow to every couple of days. School is very important to me and I wanted to put that out there so none of you were wondering where I went if we end up crafting a story together.
    4. I like chatting with my partners, getting to know you so that we jive better as writing buddies. Don’t be afraid to chat too. It’s a great way to discuss ideas for the role play so we can make sure we’re both on the same page.
    5. I will not post one liners. They are awful.
    6. I will give as many ideas as I can for our plot/s and help keep the story moving.
    7. I will play NPCs.
    8. Lastly, my main characters are all female with various personalities. So it would be fair to assume, I play only female. I usually do F/M pairings, but I won’t lie. I have been interested in doing F/F; I’ve just never done it before so I would be what you’d call a ‘Newbie’ when it comes to that genre. So patience in that regard would be much appreciated.

    --What I Expect of You...--
    1. I would love at least two, well written paragraphs. Use detail; describe the scene, the characters feelings, whatever. I love reading too, so you will not frighten me if you like writing HUGE posts. Those are always nice. Although, all I want is for everything to make sense and flow with the rest of our posts. Do that and we’re golden ^_^.
    2. Proper use of grammar and punctuation would also be much appreciated. Just like I am human I am sure you are too, so mistakes will be inevitable. Just don’t go using chat speak in your posts and I will happily feed you a boat load of cookies.
    3. Since I am in school it would be unfair to expect you to post every single day no matter what. So all I ask is that you make the same effort as myself and post when you can. Once a day would be fantastic, more in a day is awesome. Likewise, every couple days would also be fantastic too. Just let me know if you’ll be long and I too will make the effort to do the same.
    4. If you post one liners, I will tell you now... I dislike them with the passion Peppy LePeu seems to have for cats that look like lady skunks. I am begging you, please don’t because I’ll probably have to leave the role play. I need something to work with if I am to give you a good or great post.
    5. I would hope against all hope that any new partners would make the effort to also help move the story forward. Come up with plots, NPCs and chat with me about it. Surprise me with plot twists because I like surprises too. Just make sure your surprises make sense and don’t confuse my poor mind.
    6. Finally it would be safe to say I am looking for some male characters, but like I mentioned above I would be willing to branch out and do female/female so long as the individual knows I am new to that genre and is willing to be patient with me. Writing for it wouldn’t be my strong suit but I like improving and adding to my skills.

    (The underlined character is the one I would like to play, I have also indicated which ones I have plots for.)

    Princess/Thief - (plot)
    Thief/Prince - (plot)
    Shapeshifter/Human - (semi-plot)
    Elf/Human-Demon half breed - (Plot)

    I would also be open to any ideas you might have for any of these pairings or some pairings of your own. So please, PM if you've gotten this far and are interested!
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  2. I'm interested in the ElfxHuman plot. Maybe we can discuss more about a plot through pm
  3. Pm was sent ^_^
  4. Still looking?
  5. Oui, of course :) Pm if there's a pairing or pairings you're interested in ^_^
  6. Very much interested in Prince X Thief or Warlord X Oracle.
  7. Sounds interesting. I would not mind Role Playing with you I mainly do Ms with Female x female or Male x female. I try to post at least one paragraph in length and understand school, as I'm in college. I do have a few ideas and can do both Dominate and Submissive Characters. Lately I have been doing a lot of dominate characters and would like to do a submissive. Please feel free to PM me if you want to attempt a role play with me. I can do 1x1 or groups in both PM and Forum
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