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  1. In Character Thread at

    Date: Space Year 47 According to the Magsyn Empire.
    According to the Hegvan Union it is 6,637 A.U.E.

    Current Location: Uysric Galaxy

    Synopsis: The Uysric Galaxy is and has been in a Perpetual War for Dominance of the Entire Galaxy. This devastating war is between the Magsyn Empire and the Hegvan Union. For many, many years, the war has been equal in bloodshed against both sides. Many civilians of the Uysric Galaxy can’t even fathom a life without these two juggernauts engaged in mortal conflict. Hundreds, nay, thousands of planets remained completely devastated from the war. These wounds haven’t healed, but have only festered and rotted, as more salt has been poured into those bubbling wounds. And it seems like the Uysric Galaxy will be consumed in war-fare until everything is destroyed. Perhaps, there is still hope… people who wish to end this conflict once and for all, and are risking everything they have to either allow their side to win, or finally end the bloodshed…

    BUUUUT… this isn’t that story. No, even with their technology the Twin Powers still lack a complete influence in the galaxy. Plus, bureaucracy tends to be hard over vast stretches, even with this territory. In fact, several star systems in the Uysric Galaxy haven’t even heard of the Twin Powers at all. No, the real story here is about the weirdness of the galaxy, or rather the bizarre ways of the Universe itself. Oh and that’s not even mentioning parallel and perpendicular universes, and the vast, vast galaxies which have life, and also the barren ones. No, this story is about the strange individuals who go out into the fantastical universe and make a name for themselves, in whatever way they feel like making it.

    So, are you ready to get out into the vastness of the universe and do… well whatever, from heroic quests, to villainous plots, to adventurous expeditions to the farthest reaches of space, turning the tides in Galactic Wars, personally influencing the development of new life-forms, or even just drinking at a wretched hive of scum and villainy. THE UNIVERSE HAS IT ALL, SO BEST OF LUCK.

    Oh, as you probably guessed by reading this far this is a light-hearted, nonsensical Sci-fi adventure. If this game were to applied on the Sliding Scale of Science Hardness… this is extremely soft. Anyway, below will be an example character sheet so you can make a character if you are interested.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: This ranges from your legal moniker, and pen and stage names you have, criminal aliases, forged identities, and even what your childhood’s friend, cousin in law used to call you back in the day.

    Gender: Male, female, etc.

    Age: Another standard thing to know. How many solar rotations has your character been through? (Yes, this is space, so I had to ask the age based upon solar rotations.)

    Race: In the Vast Expanses of the Universe… there are many, many forms of life, besides just humanoid, there are even life-forms that are gaseous in nature and communicate by flashing colors. Basically this means, any race your heart can dream of. (Well, within limits of course, like don’t play Silver Age Superman who can destroy Galaxies With Sneezes…)

    Racial Traits: Just for an easier to read format on what makes your particular race special. What are the defects of your race, what makes you race better than the base humanoid?

    Physical Appearance: Either use a picture or write a description for this. Either one works.

    Personality: What characteristics and qualities make your character, well your character? How do they think, and feel? You don’t need to be overly long in this description, but give a general starting point to their personality (After all, it could change in game.)

    Occupation: What does your character do for a living, well at least at the start of the game… Who knows, maybe they’ll find a different occupation down the way.

    History: Give a slice of your character’s background. What events shaped who they are today? Does your character even know they had a background? ((Yes, you do have the choice to say “My character knows NOTHING of their background”. If that is the case, expect a fun learning adventure in the galaxy…!))

    Skills: Every character has skills and flaws, this would be the section where you would go into detail about this stuff.

    Equipment: So is your character as rich as a Planetary Governor, and has a badass Inter-stellar Warship at their disposal? Or is your character just a lowly individual serving some sort of Hyper-corporation with nothing to their name? Or most likely, is your character somewhere in between? List any pertinent equipment your character has.

    Aspirations: What drives your character? What do they want from life, and what causes them to be truly ambitious. Give a few character motivations/aspirations.

    Philosophy: What beliefs does your character holds dear? Give your character a few personal beliefs.

    Random Tidbits: Any random tidbits that you want to add about your character.


    Don’t God-mode; don’t take control of another person’s character, etc.

    Treat others as they’d treat you.

    For posting, go with the flow with the other people playing. Though I’ll be trying to keep it fairly fast paced (One post a day would be fantastic. *Cough*)

    And the most important of all of the rules:Have a fun time!

    Show Spoiler
    Side-note: The following step is COMPLETELY UN-NECESSARY. Somewhere near the end, put “Space is totally radical baby!” in. If you just want to show off, go for it. If you wish to disregard this completely un-necessary thing, go for it. This, I am including, merely for uh, I don’t know actually. I just sorta did. REMEMBER: THIS IS NOT NECESSARY AT ALL.

    Grey, Maoire Master of Spaceship Sensors
    GAX, Representative of the Space Department of Motorized Vehicles
    Chocolate Chip Cookie, A Parasitic Lifeform Which is a Cookie (CURRENTLY IN THE FORM OF A LARGE HUMANOID)
    Ghriin Vuirtka, Serendipitous Space Smuggler
    Vaahl’Kult N’Moonbas Eaireus, Barista of The Galactic Green-Eye
    Mika Tokugawa, A Precocious Psychic Little Sister
    Elegax the Conqueror, A Warlord Oozing with Potential
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  2. Reserving this Thread for some Planet Descriptions, and maybe a finished example character sheet.

    Character (open)
    Name: Boris Drasolo

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 47

    Racial Traits: Just a standard base human

    Physical Appearance:

    Personality: Boris is a thug by nature. He is irrational, and pointlessly violent, which has kept him from moving up in the White Nova Syndicate, but has made him an effective motivator of low level mobster soldiers. Boris only really derives any enjoyment from live if it is from the suffering of others. However, when he is called by higher up for meetings, his personality radically changes (well for the duration of the meeting), where he becomes incredibly sheepish and silent, so he at least has a primitive understanding of what keeps him alive.

    Occupation: Capo of the White Nova Syndicate

    History: Boris was born to a pair of garbage collectors, and lived on a planet that was solely devoted to the collection of trash. It was in these formative years, he met Street Soldiers of the White Nova Syndicate, who would use his planet of birth as a dump site for bodies. When Boris entered his adolescent he asked to be allowed into the Syndicate, and was taken on a mission by a Soldier to fight some enemy gangsters who were invading the wormhole the White Nova Syndicate was using to smuggle various goods. During this conflict Boris personally cracked the skulls of the enemy gangsters, this is where he learned that all he wanted to do was to slaughter. His blood-thirsty ways allowed him to make a name for himself in the White Nova Syndicate, where he eventually became a Capo in the Uysric Galaxy.

    Skills: Boris is a skilled melee combatant, knowing several forms of combat. Boris is also an effective amateur engineer (as long as he isn’t in one of his states of anger… so he never really gets to make much us of it.)

    Equipment: Protective armor, resistant to plasma, primitive, and lazer blast weapons… well, the typical shoot out ones. Stimulants that feed his adrenaline glands for more fighting, shock enhancements in his fists (which he unable to turn off, keeping the knuckles of his fist at dangerous level of shocking)

    Aspirations: To Move up in the ranks of the White Nova Syndicate,

    Philosophy: Kill everything that moves and is not part of the White Nova Syndicate. Bloodshed is the only reason worth living for.

    Random Tidbits: He has deep hatred of pastries, as he saw a pastry chef kill his father’s brother in law. Boris’ favorite color is magenta. And Boris has a pet slime who he named Wilgarp.
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  3. Sounds cool. I'll toss up a character sheet in a few.
  4. yeah i'm in, I'll make a sheet soon
  5. Name: The-One-Who-Smells-Like-the-Color-Gray-And-Who's-Soul-Tastes-Like-The-Sun.
    Nickname:Grey, or Greyson

    Gender: Male

    Race: Maiore (Strange mothlike people)

    Racial abilities: Maiore have 8 different senses, not just five, they also have wings. They're also on average .01 percent stronger than a human.

    But about 6'2"
    Personality: Grey is a very calm and serous person

    Occupation: Greyson mans the sensors on spaceships.

    History:TOWSLTCGAWSTLTS was childhood friends with a daring wannabe space captain, Grey vowed that he would be that captains second in command. Now, after five years at Space-college, he is now slowly working his way up to that spot of second in command.

    Skills: GS is quite apt with a scanner device. he also has a double major in space-communication, and space-psychology.

    Equipment: gson has an old hand-me-down laser pistol and a state of the art laser scanner

    Aspirations: to be second in command

    Philosophy: We always need to gather more data

    Notes: Greyson is scared of lightning
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  6. Name: GAX

    Gender: Female, though it's hard to tell.

    Race: VUX

    Racial Traits: Prehensile tongue, tentacle arms, intense, burning hatred for all that lives

    Physical Appearance:

    Personality: GAX hates you. Yes, you. Normally, she would make an exception if you were VUX, but due to extenuating circumstances she hates all VUX as well.

    Occupation: Works at the Space DMV

    History: GAX was always a bit strange. For one thing, she had always favored a spartan, minimalist asthetic as opposed to the usual VUX propensity for overdesigned, blinged-out everything. This, along with her incredible snobbishness even by VUX standards led her to become a social pariah. Eventually, she was banished for calling a general's uniform "tacky" at a fancy dinner party. Long story short, she got a job at the Space DMV, where she goes out of her way to make people's lives as miserable as possible with as much red tape as she can muster.

    Skills: She is quite possibly one of the most efficient bureaucrats in the galaxy, though she mostly just makes use of her skillset to cause suffering and despair.

    Equipment: Red Pen of Despair, Stamp of Approval (never used), Stamp of Disapproval, Reading Glass, Intense Hatred for All That Lives, Space Laptop

    Aspirations: Screw over a lot of people. Succeed in her many petty and ultimately meaningless quests for revenge.

    Philosophy: GAX hates you all so much. She hates everything. The only think that brings any feelings of joy or warmth to her shriveled, blackened heart is seeing others suffer.

    Random Tidbits: She does not feel that space is totally radical, baby.
  7. What are the other 3 senses? And... @cvvc, @Parser. Those two characters are hilarious, they will make a name for themselves in the galaxy! WELCOME ABOARD!
  8. He can sense magnetism, feel where his home planet is at all times, and taste music.
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  9. Name: Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Gender: N/A
    Race: Cookie
    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]

    Racial Traits: Ability to kill whoever eats the cookie, before implanting their body with cookie eggs, where more cookies will then spawn. The cookies have the ability to turn into whatever they kill.

    Personality: N/A until eaten by something. Then it will surface.

    Occupation: Being a pastry.

    History: This cookie was crafted by an unknown scientist of unbelievable power and crazy intelligence and madness and cooking skills. It is said that to eat one of these cookies is to experience heaven -- before dying, and then being sent to Hell.

    Skills: Murdering Anybody Who Eats The Cookie, transforming into the bodies of those who've been killed, adopting abilities based on who was killed, baking cookies (once taking a humanoid form), and taking long strolls rolls through the park.

    Equipment: Chocolate chips

    Aspirations: One day becoming more than a cookie.

    Philosophy: Nothing says lovin' like somethin' from the oven.

    Notes: Chocolate Chip Cookie is prone to transending mortality and becoming the one god of the universe.
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  10. IS the pastry sentient? Also... You best hope someone cool ate the pastry, and not just like a baby or something...
  11. Just to clarify: It's only a cookie until somebody eats it.

    And we already know what's going to eat the cookie, so don't worry.
  12. SO it is essentially a Parasite shaped like a cookie, which then takes over the host body...

    Hmm... sure, welcome aboard... JUST TRY TO GET EATEN QUICKLY.
  13. Yeah, this is a diverse cast of strange life-forms. Oh, this has a good vibe to it...
  14. Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life. I thought of their unfathomable distance, and the slow inevitable drift of their movements out of the unknown past into the unknown future.
    — H. G. Wells, The Time Machine, 1895.

    This H. G. Wells quote is here for three reasons. One it is cool. Two it is related to space, and three...


    IC Thread is at:
  15. Oh my lord. This looks like everything I've ever wanted. Are you still looking for characters? I'll try and make one ASAP! I have to leave soon, so if I don't post it today, it'll be the first thing I do when I get home!
  16. OH yeah, this is still recruiting! And don't worry about it, just think of a character you'd like to play and post up the character sheet.
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  17. Name: Ghriin Vuirtka (jeh-reen vu-ree-tik-kyah))

    Gender: Female

    Age: 107

    Race: Xeno Sapien (They call themselves Andha'Sisha (ah-na-da sah-yish)

    Racial Traits: Redundant organs give the XS a much healthier life as long as they remain athletic, as all non-aerobic organs (heart, lungs) are smaller to make room for the redundant set. The aerobic organs are formed in such a way that they can maintain size while keeping the safety of redundancy. XS who do not maintain a fit physical form fail to live past their forties, making exercise and athletics part of their culture. XS also are descended from ancient avians, giving them hollow bones and a lighter body. Couple this with their home planet's gravity of a higher intensity than Earth's, and they have strong, hollow bones, and light frames. Since most places have lower gravity than their home planet, they have no problem getting around on foot.
    Xeno Sapiens have three primary cultures which have dominated life on their home planet. The Arie'Sisha (ah-ee-ree sah-yish) come primarily from the tropics and live in fertile deserts. These deserts are primarily inarable to most native plants such as grasses, shrubs, and some trees, but in the cities, citizens keep gardens, farms, and orchards to supply the masses and their families. Water caravans travel to oases from towns erected away from water sources, and are very lucrative terrestrial business. These people can be best compared to the Arabian people of Earth, although they have a surprising lack of modesty in their traditional attire - focusing more on function and maneuverability than covering the body. Many Arie'Sisha garments would make the average galactic citizen blush in embarrassment, or cringe in disapproval. Ghriin belongs to this particular race.
    The XS also have orange and yellow blood as opposed to human red and blue blood. This is due to the astronomical count of white blood cells and antibodies inhabiting their bodies, allowing them to easily kick any disease in a day, no more than a week. They were hit rather hard by their introduction into the galactic community, due to foreign disease, crossbreeding between species, and bioweapons. They quickly made a comeback with their immune systems, however, and now are just as well immunized as before they became galactic.
    Approximately a third of the species is given a genetic mutation affecting their eyes which allows them to see in the dark. This negatively affects their ability to perceive light, however, as daylight gives them a heavy migraine and ocular pain, and anything above moonlight gives them a headache. These people are called Shadow Walkers and are revered in the traditional religion as the only people eligible to be monks.

    Physical Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Ghriin is devoted to the betterment of her people. She is the most effective Thief of Paradise in the entire species, and is regarded as something of a hero in the small territories the XS hold. She's witty, reactive, and extremely chill, being an occasional user of the Tarea'Sisha's herb. Ghriin is kind, cunning, and mildly pacifistic. She does not like to kill sentient beings, but is not afraid of killing a wild beast or in self-defense. She is very athletic, even for an XS, and also consumes a high calcium diet. Every aspect of her life is carefully watched over so that she may perform optimally and also act appropriately. She often plans things out in her mind before carrying out anything, even something as simple as getting to that bathroom she has a hard time finding.

    Ghriin is a moral person, but her culture skews her morality in such a way that she does not mind partaking in illegal activities, as long as she doesn't find them particularly evil. She is perfectly willing to steal a rich man's watch so a poor worker can tell time for his next shift. She is also willing to steal a rich man's watch just because she can, though she doesn't always do so. The only theft she is against is theft against the poor. The middle and upper class should watch their loots.

    Occupation: Organ/Cybernetics Smuggler, Performance Artist

    As a child, Ghriin lived a quiet life. Her father was an ex-Battallion trooper, turned occasional smuggler, while her mother stayed on the home planet and worked for a living between her father's excursions. They were a middle-upper class family until Gmor and Vedsik were born. their mother died after Vedsik left the womb due to complications, and for the first few years of Vedsik's life, Ghriin hated her for it. Due to this, Vedsik became mentally and emotionally unstable. After Ghriin stopped blaming her, she tried her best to fix what she had done, but Vedsik was already in. Because their mother died, they became poor while their father was off, and Ghriin turned to Kefla when he was gone. She helped to raise Gmor and Vedsik, and came to love them for what they were - especially since she had caused Vedsik's madness, as a mother figure.

    When Ghriin came of age, her father bought her a pair of Hhaft'Drednus and a small ship, as Ghriin had admitted she wanted to become a smuggler. Her father had retired and had picked up where her mother left off, working on the home planet to provide for the now smaller family. They made it well, and got back up to a spot of economic privilege. Ghriin began smuggling organs and cadavers for the XS, and eventually cybernetics as well. When she wasn't doing that, she was taking contracts for pay, a true Thief of Paradise. When Gmor and Vedsik came of age, Ghriin attended the ceremony, wherein Gmor welcomed her with open arms, and Vedsik sat in the corner, staring at her in disdain. Ghriin realized she could not make up for the heartache she made Vedsik go through as an infant, or at least, not today, so she respectfully gave them her best wishes and left. She didn't let her feelings affect her.

    Eventually, Ghriin became the greatest smuggler in XS space, glorified by the Blackguard, and praised as a hero by her people. She accepted her position humbly and assured the people her devotion would drive her to do many great things for her people. At the congratulatory ceremony, Ghriin saw Gmor and Vedsik. Vedsik was in casts and a wheelchair, her body crippled by a catatonic fit. Gmor begged Ghriin to help them, Vedsik unable to speak. Ghriin was happy to help, her fame only relaxing her. She paid for Vedsik to receive various cybernetics, as well as neural capacitors to control her catatonia. Vedsik turned out grateful for this, and had finally forgiven Ghriin.

    Now, Ghriin wishes only to help her people however she can, and is unsure of how she can further her people in the galactic community.

    Extremely Nimble - As a XS, her hollow bones and athletic lifestyle have made her extremely capable. Her hands are callused from climbing and grasping. She's easily able to catch a grip on anything and throw herself higher without much exertion on her part
    Swordsmaiden - Her traditional approach to combat made her a master of her blades, able to underhand or overhand them in an instant and still keep a steady grip. She's also accustomed to attacking gunmen with her swords, her avian skeleton allowing her to make a low, swooping, balanced run with a swerve to dodge bullets. During this dashing motion, she also twirls several smaller swords she keeps pocketed in order to deflect oncoming solid ammunition. The materials in the blades also absorb energy ammunition. When she gets closed in, she pockets the blades and redraws her swords for close combat.
    Financial Genius - Smugglers can't get through life without financial knowledge. Ghriin just happens to be able to get all the best deals. She makes donations to her people, but expects high payment for her services from private and external interests. She's also very well connected in the criminal underworld and the mercantile overworld, easily able to get a good deal on products from former clients, and the occasional freebie from fellow XS merchants.
    Medical Knowledge - She makes a fair field doctor, but at best, she's a medical last resort. Most of her knowledge comes from her occupation as an organ smuggler. She's helped doctors with amputations and cybernetic refittings when there were no nurses available, so she has some experience.

    Equipment: Hhaft'Drednus blades (aff-faht dren-dus), multiple lockpicks (both electronic and mechanical), Recoil-compensated semi-automatic gauss pistol, light smuggler craft (small living space with fair amount of cargo space, rest of the frame is taken by main systems like engine, life support, comms), small fortune in galactic credits.

    Aspirations: Peace for her people through her trade, to help species with biology compatible to her own.

    Philosophy: Ghriin follows the traditional XS religion which worships the Mad God Kefla (kef-ah-la). Outsiders to her people would call her a Blackguard. Her religion is accepting of other religions but insists that believers not allow themselves to be converted. Warrior Monks of the religion are sworn to a vow of spiritual purity and solitude. Only one monastery was approved by the High Council to be accessible by non-worshipers, primarily as an effort of conversion and cultural diffusion. Whenever she's on her home planet, Ghriin makes regular pilgrimages to the nearest monastery to pray. Her religion is what led her to her occupation, as her people are somewhat fragile due to their biology, so she abducts cadavers and steals organs so her people have replacements for their failed bodies.

    Random Tidbits: As a performance artist, Ghriin primarily does graffiti using biological themes with cameras in view in public, hard to reach areas, such as high points on walls and civic structures. These stunts primarily occur in territories which are hostile to the XS. She also makes a habit of toying with hostile automatic ships she comes across.

    (also, I'm open to involving Ghriin in any romantic subplots~)
  18. @VerbalAbuse Ah, a Smuggler. Every Space Journey needs at least one smuggler!

    Oh, and just a question (or maybe a few) about Ghriin. As she is from a higher gravity world (lighter structure is useful for that), does she breath Hydrogen instead of Oxygen, as such higher gravity planets are able to keep lighter gasses, due to the increased power of their gravitational pull. Also, I'd presume that Ghriin is about the size of an average humanoid? Oooh, also as they are descended from avian creatures, do the Andha'Sisha have any other traits (besides the hollow bones, and lighter frame, etc.) And hm, I'd imagine that these fellows have a High Metabolism rate, and typically go quick with the respiration system. (Based that upon the life-style, as one who does not go through all the "maintenance" are going to die quickly!)

    Aha, just curious on this Xeno-Sapien, interesting character, just want to know these tid-bits I am asking. Felt like I should just ask these questions.

    Additional Note: Lucky Shot's is a fine place for engaging in "under the table" business practices, just remember to tip your local White Nova Syndicate Representative for using the floor. Yes, Ghriin chose a fine place to do some smuggling business.
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  19. Ghriin breathes Oxygen, but there would be a higher concentration of Hydrogen on her planet. Humans tend to get light-headed and their legs may give out from under them if they're not fit enough when they arrive. Most military personnel can handle themselves, unless their armor isn't exactly light.

    Yes, Ghriin is about 5' 8" by human standards. Xeno Sapiens tend to be a bit taller than humans.

    Xeno Sapiens have feathery hair, if that counts. They also have sharp features and most adults have an ectomorphic body. There's the odd mesomorph, but they tend to be stronger rather than agile. Endomorphism only really occurs in childhood and they tend to die young or shift into mesomorphism. Xeno Sapiens also have advanced adrenal glands which activate whenever an organ fails, giving a steady flow of adrenal to pump up the body without tiring it out too badly.

    Metabolism is variable, as expected, but with their bolstered immune systems, it tends to more often than not be rather accelerated by human standards. Also, they move very quickly on smaller gravity worlds, and still show impressive agility on their own world. They also have a large lung capacity, with a tidal volume of around 25% of their total lung capacity, a human's being around 15%, and a marine mammal's being around 75%, enabling them to stay underwater for almost twice as long as a human's. Some can even stay underwater for a fair 30 minutes (the human record as of right now in real life being 20 minutes 21 seconds with pure oxygen).
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