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  1. The Baxter Foundation of Technology

    As we as a society move further along into the 21 century, we here at The Baxter Foundation of Technology pride ourselves with providing valuable tools and resources for the next great minds of the future. Founded in 1952 by Charles Baxter, the foundation offers cutting edge teaching and a hands on environment that gives our students all the resources they need to succeed. With nearby off campus living provided, as well as a large community and events catering for fun and bonding. The Baxter Foundation of Technology will help bring the great minds of tomorrow to the door of opportunity.

    The story revolves the idea of the Fantastic Four, along with Spider-Man and She-Hulk. Only instead of any cosmic radiation or radiation in general, their powers come from suits made from the latest and the future of technology and medical advances. Essentially taking both the Fantastic Four, and Big Hero 6, and merging the two ideas into one. While also allowing for the ability to change the characters themselves from what gender they are to who or what they like.


    Mr./Ms. Fantastic - Drewvonawesome
    Invisible Woman/Man - Available
    Human Torch - Available/Possibly taken
    The Thing - Available
    Spider-Man/Woman - Available
    She Hulk/Hulk - Available
  2. I see someone is still up to the Superhero games. ;) Once again you have taken a world of already made superheroes and have modified it into something special. Intriguing.

    I mostly stopped by here because I was stalking you to help bump this thread and tell people if they want an interesting superhero story, then roleplaying with you is a good idea. Stamp of approval, people should show more interest, and it's a wonderful idea. (Come on, it has Big Hero 6 vibe)

    *skips away*
  3. Thanks Alice, don't go drinking or eating anything... no matter what it says!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.