Fantastic Force - Big Hero 6 + Fantastic Four mash up RP concept...

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  1. So this idea came about after seeing Big Hero 6 in theaters and loving it, then coming home and seeing the concepts for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and hating it. So I figured, take the thing I enjoyed, and use it with the thing I normally enjoy but will probably not like in theaters next year, and combine them into something.

    So the concept is the Fantastic Four as a six person team with Spider-Man and She Hulk added due to their comic book canon history with the original Fantastic Four. All attending a prestigious Institute of Technology. Stuff bad happens, and the students use their brains to make superhero gear that lets them do their respective powers. Mr. Fantastic when his suit is on and active lets him be elastic, Human Torch can light on fire and fly, She Hulk goes big and green and smashes. So on and so forth. At the start the heroes have secret identities, and just give the whole thing a nice cool quasi-anime style that is simple and fun at the same time.

    The big thing I aim for out of this is a good connection with each of the characters. So skype or YIM would be nice, otherwise I can get means set up for everyone to get together and talk backstory and such.
  2. :D



    **Disclaimer: I can't actually plot or participate on account of not having reliable Internet right now, but if this doesn't get started until after the holidays I'm so down.
  3. ...YES

    Seriously though it might have to wait until post holidays and if that. I have this posted here and on the Guild and no one's biting. I even have another person who's interested in Torch.
Thread Status:
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