Fantastic Families

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    If you could choose to be a member of one fantasy family, whose family would you be part of?
  2. Oooooh that's tough!

    There's so many! ><

    Kaiba family from YuGiOh would be fun..... XD
  3. I want to be in that adorable family from My Neighbor Totoro. They make me smile so much!

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  4. I'd be Shou Tucker's son.
  5. It'd be neat to be part of the Targaryen family, get a dragon from my sister or something and kick some ass.
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  6. I'd love it if I were Anakin Skywalker's daughter. I'd be Darth Vader's apprentice, then eventually kill him and become Sith Lady in his place.
  7. I'd be apart of the Rocher Family from Chocolate, the best-seller by Joanne Harris. Or else, I'd be one of Maxwell's brothers from Scribblenauts.
  8. The SunSoars from Sara Douglass' Wayfarer Redemption series. O.O Even with the bad habit of incest, coolest family ever. Wings + few hundred years of youth + great sex lives = fun.
  9. I'd be either Hellboy's son or I would be part of Maes Hughes family
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