Fantastic Costumes

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    What types of Halloween costumes do you appreciate most? (Funny, sexy, scary, etc?)
    What types of Halloween costumes do you like wearing the most?
    What's your favorite costume that you've ever seen?
  2. I think that the best costumes are the ones that look real, but are not that scary. I mean, I can appreciate a good scare, but I would not like to get a heart attack if I look at a costume, or think "What IS that horrifying thing?". Funny costumes can also be good, but I think they require a certain amount of skill to pull off well, especially if they are custom. Oh that also reminds me that I think making your own costume instead of renting it deserves respect, because the amount of work and creativitiy involved in it. It is not easy to make something that is clever and looks good at the same time.
  3. I really appreciate Funny costumes! takes the relief out of all that scaryness

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing Sexy costumes... makes me feel like i got it going on! BD AW YEAH... thats right... i popped on the sunglasses.

    My favorite costume is actually from the show face off... a show about masks and costumes and stuff
    And it was of the Ice cream man from the episode of Burtonesque.