Fantasia Academy (interest Check)

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  1. PLOT

    Welcome to Fantasia Academy, you have been invited to come to this academy by the academies head Chrystaline Kalypso, meaning that you are a first year here. The school has appeared from nowhere and you will be arriving to an academy with other people in the age range (16-18). Being the only ones in the academy, you will all grow close and learn to learn from one another and will create close friendships and maybe something even more special. The year is currently 20XX and there have been certain technological advancements in certain parts of the world. But where the academy is, you would be in luck to get reception. Work well with your fellow friends and try to make the most out of every opportunity you get… You are a rare being… unique to this world and for that. We will protect you with our lives.


    Now for this RP I will be making a group. It will be moderated so that people who have put up their interest with me can only join.


    There will be romance in this RP, furthermore... there will be an 18+ thread. DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT! Go into that thread if you are a teen. There at times when people feel like going further with their characters and I don't mind. okay, another thing to add. I am fine with Yuri, Yaoi and all that jazz. Also... teacher and student relationships are allowed. Just remember that you have to be careful about not being caught~ *winks*

    That should be it... I will be posting what sort of magical abilities that everyone has access to later. It will be posted on the group that I will be creating in a very close date. Post here to show your interest~ I would love to get started as soon as possible so just say hello ^^
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  2. This seems like a very interesting RP. I am very much interested in joining if you'll have me ^ ^
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  3. YAY~! A new person!!! I would love to have you >///<

    *coughs* welcome to the academy~

    Also.. I came up with an idea but I just realised it probably won't work with people who will have more than one character...

    I was planning on making that gave everyone nicknames so that they would know who they were talking to ^^;;
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  4. Interesting idea, but if I'm not mistaken, this sub-forum of modern fantasy is only meant for sign-ups and discussion, not interest checks, which can be held in the roleplay talk forum.
  5. Thank you for having me ^ ^ I'm more than happy to make one character if it supports your idea and a nickname would be a first...but it would be interesting ^ ^
  6. Really? I saw others that had posted here for interest cheeks... Whoops... Sorry~ Well then I guess we can use this as the OoC until the RP group starts ^^;;
  7. Haha thanks~ But I actually tend to make more than one character cause it makes it easier to go around and chat to other people~

    Bu thanks~ I will see how it goes~ ^^
  8. I also tend to make two or more characters in an RP ;) Mostly to be able to play both genders ^ ^

    Out of curiosity, what had been your idea? Feel free to not tell me though if its some form of a spoiler ;p
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  9. Haha~ SPOILER SPOILER~ I would rather not~ It is more fun when you guys get shocked or jump with joy~
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  10. No worries. The others just weren't paying attention as to the exact type of threads allowed here. You could make this the character sheet and ooc/plot discussion thread (which is the majority of threads here).
  11. *hugs* thanks for telling me~ I am really sorry... =///= Gosh that's embarrassing... Well... the group will be up soon so this thread will probably will be deleted later~
  12. Whatever floats your boat. (:
  13. Hehe~ But did I read correctly before that you were interested?
  14. It looks interesting but I'm not sure. If there was to be more detail and information on the roleplay itself, species allowed, set plotline (if there is one), etcetera, then I'd join without a doubt, but for now, it's leaning downwards.
  15. haha~ That will all be more in the Group. I am actually just putting up the magical abilities right now. Also... With the plot line there is one... But I am keeping it a secret. I will steering the characters in one direction and then the next. I won't be giving you the plot line though due to the fact that I want it to be more of a surprise~ ^^;
  16. ((i am intrested to join, if that's alright with you?
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  17. Of course! I am accepting anyone who tells me before hand~ I am just finishing up the group details and such so I should have it up soon~ ^^
  18. okay thanks, should we make a description of us or something?
  19. Nope don't worry~ I will be adding a character sheet thread on there~ This is just talk to others who seem to maybe interested on the idea~
  20. okay cool