Fangs, Blood, and Bat Wings

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  1. St Petersburg, Russia
    12 September 1916

    “Nastya, your mother would like to see you downstairs,” her lady-in-waiting informed her. The strawberry blonde stood and put her book away. “I’m coming,” she told Lili and placed her book back on its shelf before going downstairs. The young Grand Duchess had been submerged in her book for hours, so long that her vision was a little blurry at far distances. She made it down the stairs with no problems and turned to her right to walk a ways to her mother’s sitting room. A servant opened the door and announced her arrival.
    Entering, she took a few steps in before noticing that there was a guest in the house. She curtsied lightly, greeting him politely before turning her attention back to her mother. “Yes, Mama?”

    Aleksandra, as well as her other four children, were in the sitting room with a handsome young man with dark hair and the bluest eyes Anastasia had ever seen, even more so than her own. He certainly was handsome, and Anastasia could see her three sisters’ interest in him. Their eyes were bright with hope.

    “Anastasia, this is Dimitri. He is following in his father’s footsteps to be in the Imperial Court,” the youngest daughter heard her mother say.

    “It’s nice to meet you, Dimitri,” she smiled brightly, curtsying as the young man bowed to her.

    “Your grace,” he replied in a smooth, deep voice.

    “Oh, please don’t call me that,” Anastasia smiled. “I get so embarrassed by my title. Please, just call me Anastasia.”

    Dimitri looked at her curiously. Her siblings had said the same thing. He thought the royal children would adore the attention. “As you wish,” he said with a nod. “It has been a great pleasure meeting all of you,” he said with a bow. “But I’m afraid I must join my father.”

    “Thank you for coming to meet us, Dimitri,” Aleksandra smiled, resting a hand on her chest to show that she was sincere in the words she spoke. “We hope you join us for tea soon.”

    “I would love to,” the young court man smiled, his gaze drifting to Anastasia before he turned and left to join the men for their meeting over the war.

    Anastasia smiled back, taking selfish pleasure in the fact that he had looked at her and not her beautiful older sisters before he left. She looked back at Olga, Tatiana, and Maria, who were all looking at her with varying expressions of jealousy. She only offered a giggle before hugging her mother and returning up to her room.

    Over the course of the next few weeks, Dimitri would make time to see Anastasia for tea before or after the meetings with the Tsar. Anastasia loved these meetings. He was very smart, as would be expected from who his father is. She was pleased to find that he also loved to read, and shared some of the same favorite authors as herself; this lead to exciting discussions of some of their favorite books, what they liked and didn’t like about them, and some of their favorite characters.

    She was delighted when he asked to court her, and accepted with much enthusiasm. Her parents approved, though her sisters took the news with bitter happiness. They were happy for their sister, of course. But Dimitri was nearly perfect, and those types of men didn’t come often.

    Outside of their meetings, Dimitri would reluctantly spend more and more time with his father, as the war was beginning to progress rather quickly. Anastasia would use her new alone time to visit the hospital, where she and Maria would play games and chat with the wounded soldiers to try to keep their spirits up.

    One day, she was leaving to refill one of the soldiers’ glasses of water when she saw three men outside. They were all ghastly pale and were covered in blood. Startled and scared, she rushed to get the doctor, though the three men were nowhere to be found when the two returned. He suggested she went home early that day, and so she did.

    She told Dimitri about the strange encounter at their next meeting, though she soon felt embarrassed and silly. “I must be losing my mind, forget I mentioned it,” she said with a wave of her hand as she sipped on her drink.

    The young court man’s brows furrowed. “That is strange,” he agreed. “Did you see any footprints, where they could have gone?”

    “None,” she replied, her lips turned down. “The ground was soft – there should have been some kind of indication of them standing there.”

    The pair batted suggestions back and forth, but could come to no conclusion. Dimitri decided to look into it. After several weeks of investigating, Dimitri finally came across the answer.

    Horrified, he hurried to the St Petersburg palace. But he was too late; the Romanov family was already being shipped to a different palace. In their place were the three bloodied men that Anastasia had told him about. They grinned, and he blanched at the sight; their eyes turned blood red as their canines elongated to show fangs. He smelled their horrible breath and screamed into the night as they suddenly appeared before him, grabbed him, and bit into him.

    A member of the Imperial Court entered. “Aleksander,” Dimitri begged. “P-Please help me,” he gasped as his hands came up to his neck, trying to stop the bleeding.

    The court man laughed. “Dimitri, you put your father to shame,” he spat. The sound of his shoes clacking on the marble tiled floor became louder to the bleeding young man as the older stepped forward. He stopped when he was a few inches away from the young man and bent down to get a closer look.

    Dimitri stared wide-eyed at the man. “You monster,” he was finally able to say after a moment. “What have you done!”

    Aleksander laughed, his voice echoing through the empty room. “My boy, you should have kept your nose where it belonged,” he scolded him. His hand wrapped around Dimitri’s neck and he hoisted him up, so high that his feet dangled. The younger man clawed at the arm, struggling to be let free. “You are mine now,” Aleksander said after thinking for a moment. He brought the man to him and bit into him, ignoring Dimitri’s struggles as he drank. Soon enough, Dimitri went limp and Aleksander dropped him. He took a dagger out of its sheath and sliced his hand, letting the blood drop down into Dimitri’s open mouth.

    Please, please, please. PM me for your comments/questions. I would really appreciate feedback on this.
  2. Tsarskoye Selo, Russia
    February 1917

    The royal family arrived in the early hours of the morning and was quickly ushered into the Alexander Palace. Their belongings were taken away upon their entrance and were taken to the rooms they would stay in. The Tzar and Tzarina in one room – the “Big Pair” in another, the “Little Pair” in another, and the Tzarevich in his own. All of these rooms were heavily guarded by the Bolshevik secret police.

    Anastasia and Maria held each other as they sat on the edge on one of the beds. Fear shook them and caused tears to fall, small whimpers escaping their lips as they tried to stay silent. Eventually, they would fall asleep and wake early. They were fed bland food, and not very much of it. The children knew better than to complain. Their parents did their best to make it seem like everything was normal.

    Anastasia appreciated their efforts to make it a calmer atmosphere. She couldn’t help worrying about Dimitri. When they selected their few people to be allowed to live with them, no one could find him. Not that the Bolsheviks would have allowed it. But the fact that she didn’t know where he was, scared her, and she couldn’t get it off her mind.

    St Petersburg, Russia
    February 1917

    Dimitri woke three days later. He was in an enclosed space. Just big enough to wiggle around in, he found. He tried pushing upwards and found the container opened. Sitting up, the young man found he’d been laid in a coffin. And not two meters from him, was Aleksander.

    The councilman smiled. “You wake, Dimitri,” he practically purred. “You must be hungry. Come. I have dinner waiting for you,” he grinned and presented a peasant. The man was filthy, covered in dirt from head to toe and dressed in little more than rags.

    Dimitri heard a hiss and found it had come from his own mouth. The sound stopped abruptly, and he glared at Aleks. “What did you do to me,” he demanded, his brows furrowing at the sound of his voice. It sounded much smoother now, less gravely, almost like silk.

    “You are my child now,” Aleksander smiled proudly. “Now come, Dimitri. Eat,” he purred.

    The younger man wanted to stop. He wanted to run. But his body moved without his permission. He moved towards the human and the sound of blood pumping began to sound more like a river. The filthiness of the mortal was overlooked as the smell of blood came to him. It didn’t smell like rust, but almost like a sweet wine. Dimitri’s mouth slowly seemed to fill as his eyes turned red with hunger. In less than a second, he was drinking savagely from the man.

    Aleksander smiled as he looked down at the letter in his hand. This was going perfectly according to plan. “That’s enough, Dimitri,” he told him as the man’s heart had stopped. “You will get terribly sick if you drink from a dead heart.”

    Dimitri dropped the man immediately and wiped his mouth. He was horrified at what he’d done, but he didn’t feel so sluggish anymore. He felt almost alive. Or would have, if everything wasn’t so fucking bright and loud. “What did you do to me,” he demanded through clenched teeth.

    “I can’t have you running around on your own. You could jeopardize my game,”
    the older vampire said with a smile. The grin widening as he saw Dimitri tense and turn with a look of pure hatred.

    “Your game,” he spat. “You think this is a game!?”

    “But of course,”
    Aleks smiled. “Through the centuries, humans have pitted war against each other. We are already in one. Why not have a little fun, hm? See what happens to the people when they don’t have the Tzar to answer to. They will all die eventually, right? Why not have fun on our part,” he purred.

    Dimitri hissed once more. He was appalled to be sharing the same country with this monstrosity, let alone the same air.

    “Now, now, Dimitri. I have a mission for you,” he said with a sly smile. “You cannot disobey your maker.”

    Dimitri’s body tensed. He wanted to run, to tell anyone about this. Have the monster killed and save the Romanovs.

    “Go to the Alexander Palace. Find your precious Anastasia. Bring her back and bite her,”
    Aleksander said slowly, watching in pleasure as he watched Dimitri’s expression worsen.

    Dimitri hissed, but his body was willing to follow its master’s orders. He left, his feet running through the snow with no trouble at all. Inside, he was trying everything he could to stop his body. No, this can’t be happening. Come on, stop! He’s going to make you kill her, stop running!!! ANASTASIA!!
  3. I like where you're going with this.

    From a critic point, if you're trying to make this into a real story, than you should edit these posts. The flow seems a bit off or perhaps to quick without actually getting to know the characters. Things like their ambitions, dreams, likes, dislikes, faith or lack of, etc is important and would make this more story like. Make people want to like these characters with less jumping around. Go through their courting, give us details about how they've come to truly admire each other. Maybe she fell off a horse while alone, sprained her ankle and he showed a gentle side of himself that made her take interest. Maybe her mother mentioned the reason why she wanted her to come downstairs was because she wanted them to marry and Nasta did not agree with this, for the time being. Add some more to it and this will be a brilliant story.

    I do like where you're going and will read the next post. :)
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