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  1. Luka Crosszeria is a royal vampire, preceding over the dark chained world of Gothic and black hues, where dark and different is life and where lords and ladies reign. He finds a wolf pup on his journeys through the castle's grounds one day, a snow white wolf puppy whom he names Indie.

    Strange things begin to happen with this pup as she starts to change, shifting into a humanoid form with her wolf tail and ears. Loyal to her master she falls in love with him and becomes jealousy as he deals with his chosen suitors, unable to deal with the face he sees her as a pet. Now she works towards making him fall for her, going through crazy antics to get noticed in the room full of beauties that have been summoned.

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  2. Luka was outside in the garden along a marble fountain that was now clocked in snow. It was winter an he was deep in though about all that was going on. His step mother had convinced his father to set up a marriage proposal. She left the castle in search of all kinds of beautiful women and comes back around winter with them. All will get their chance with him at one point but this was only the start of what would happen. Luka looked to the night sky and sighed. "Love. Such a stupid emotion. Its pointless and it doesn't exist. Love is something that's all in your head. The though of love makes you feel like your in love but in reality its nothing more then a painted imagination." He sighed.
  3. Kira and the suitors finally arrived at the castle. Lady Crosszeria was a nice woman and she made the suitors feel at home when she showed them their respective rooms. After settling down, she offered them to take a walk through the castle with her to know the place. Kira accepted without hesitating, she was really exciting and didn't want to stay at her room. Now, she was several hundreds of kilometers away from her family, and that made her happy. So happy that she couldn't erase her stupid smile off her face.

    They went through a lot of rooms to finally arrive at the gardens. Kira though that she will get lost a lot at that place, it was really big. The gardens were beautiful, specially covered in snow. She could spot, away from them, a man next to a marble fountain. He was really well dressed, so he couldn't be a servant. Maybe it was him. She expected Lady Crosszeria to say something about him. Kira was really exciting, and a little nervous, to meet Luka. He was her getaway and she couldn't waste that opportunity.
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  4. Indie, white
    Indie was currently in the garden with Luka though she wasn't in her more human form, enjoying being a wolf when she was outdoors like this. She had been laying off to the side until she heard her master speak at which point she got up and shook herself off removing any snow that had collected on her white fur.

    It seemed that the master of the house was unhappy and she wanted to fix that. Moving closer to him she nuzzled his hand with her cold black nose before licking his fingers gently. While she could be human now, she thought it would be best to remain as a wolf until they saw just who was arriving to play as his suitors. She knew that she wanted to be one of his suitors, but at the same time, she was worried he would see her as just a pet, the little pup he had found wandering his home all those years ago.

    As Luka talked about how love was something that didn't exist she felt a bit saddened. How could he say something like that when she loved him? That statement also made her wonder just what he actually felt for her. If he didn't love her even as a pet, then what was he feeling towards her? Pity? She didn't want to think about it but she couldn't stop herself knowing that sooner or later she would have to find out just what he really thought of her, of anyone he was in contact with.

    For now, she would remain his loyal and faithful friend staying by his side until he no longer had a use for her.
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  5. Mongrels; the lot of them.

    Ileana couldn't remember the last time she was surrounded by so many low-born woman, not even at court. They may have been beautiful, and they may have come from nobility, but they carried themselves like a common strumpet. They preened and they pushed past each other like a mob, and it left the Romanian princess with a secret smile. None of them would have lasted a day back home.

    She turned deep blue eyes back to the newest specimen in front of them; the prince himself. Handsome, most certainly, but, more importantly, he was powerful here. With the old country back on the map, under this man's arm, she'd be a hero; the world would be powerless.

    Ileana bowed her fiery-red hair, decorated in black feathers and onyx jewels. She gave a small curtsy, and flashed a sweet smile.

    "I am honored to be in the presence of the prince," she said, submissively. "May I have the honor of passing along my name?"
  6. Luka smiled at Indie. "But love for a pet or even a friend is different from a suitor." He says stroking her long white fur. He had to admit indie was an adorable wolf. With the sudden crunching of snow behind him he pulled up his cloak. "Go away. You are not to meet with me until a week from tonight. Now go." He says to the Romanian Princess. "The Queen did tell them they are not to speak to me or anything until a week from arriving didn't she?" He thought. "Come Indie. I can already tell these girls have no sense of right or wrong." He said to Indie. Luka turned to her with his face still hidden under his cloak. "Enter this garden again and I will personally sever that pretty head of your from your body. Tell the others that as well. " He told her before walking off deeper into the garden.
  7. Indie, white
    Indie looked at the sound coming up behind them and lowered her ears slightly. Seeing that Luka wasn't pleased with this female she wasn't happy either. Still, this female was a suitor and she couldn't actually do anything more then lower her ears to the woman. As Luka told her to come she followed behind him, her furry padded paws making her movements silent.

    The wolf followed behind her master keeping silent before she wondered if she should shift. She would be cold in the snow without her fur of course. Still she was a bit happier that Luka thought of her a bit differently then the suitors. Still, he called her a pet and she whined softly a wolf's sigh almost. At least she was allowed to be near Luka still. She wasn't sure what she would do if she was restricted from being with him. He practically raised her and he was her everything.
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  8. It was an insult, and yet Ileana took it with stride. Her face became the picture of penitence, and she bowed her head with implied apology. The brat could have his way, for now. Too much depended on this for anything to be done.

    Enjoy your power as it lasts, my King.

    As they were all quickly ushered out of the garden, the red-head took the time to ponder the wolf by the man's side. Her smell had indicated a werewolf, a pet perhaps, but the look on the creature's eyes had spoken to something else...something problematic. As she was ushered back to her room, Ileana made a mental note to keep an eye on her.

    Alone now, Ileana removed the silver tiara from her head, and several pins, letting the bright red tendrils fall to her shoulders. Moments like this made her miss home...made her miss Adrian.

    I'll find you, soon... she promised, closing her eyes, and heading to find a place to wash up.
  9. Hearing the slight whimper of Indie he pulled off his cloak. He kneeled down to her and put it over her awaiting her shift. "Don't think because your a wolf that makes you my pet." He says holding her cheek in one hand "You are my best friend. You will always be my side. I know you will protect me just I would you. Indie. Stay on guard, I don't know what kind of women they are and for all we know they could have an ulterior motive. For now don't let any of them see you as a human and if you do feel the need to be human act as a maid okay." He smiles kindly at her.
  10. Queen Aria walks through the halls to check on each girl. She told them they would meet her son at dinner but wouldn't be able to talk to him for another week.
  11. Indie, white
    Indie looked up at Luka as he put the cloak on her back and she shifted holding it close to her body. She knew that they had to be careful around the suitors and she didn't trust the one with the fiery red hair.

    "I will do as you wish Luka. It might be easier to learn of these suitors if they think I am a wolf and your pet." She said softly though hearing he thought of her as his best friend made her smile her tail wagging slightly. "You are my best and closest friend as well, and as you said, I will always protect you. Even from these suitors." She said the last bit softly not sure if it would be wise for her to say it if the women could hear her.
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  12. "Remember Indie they can't sense your a human. No matter what they say or think. In fact your not a werewolf but a wolf spirit who has a embodiment." He whispers. Moving his hand from her cheek to mid back he brought her close to him in an embrace. "Your so warm. I like that I can cuddle with you." He chuckles at himself. "Let's get back before this snow storm gets worst." He says letting her go and walking away slightly.
  13. Indie, white
    Indie nodded at Luka's words knowing that most couldn't sense what she was and it seemed only Luka himself knew for sure what she actually was. "I know, though I don't know how it happened that way." She said before she was pulled into an embrace. She blushed growing warmer though she returned his affections without trying to be too obvious about her affections.

    "I enjoy these moments with you as well." She said though he was a bit cold to her, she didn't mind when she was so close to him it was moments like this that she felt closest to him. As he spoke of heading back she nodded giving him back his cloak. "I should shift back then if we are returning to the castle." She spoke before she was a wolf once more. She didn't actually mind the snow in this form, and had played in it numerous times when she was still a pup. She followed behind him keeping her ears forward to hear if anyone else was around them. She would accompany him to dinner as she did every night, though tonight would be different as he would be dining with the suitors his step mother brought back.
  14. Luka took his cloak and made his way to the dining hall. All the other women had made their was to their seats. Luka took his seat at the head of the table with Indie next to him. Yes she sat at the table with everyone else. Normally I wouldn't be aloud but the king and queen and maids knew she wasn't messy.
  15. Indie, white
    Indie went into the dining room and hopped up to sit next to Luka looking at the suitors that had joined them for dinner. She was actually a rather neat eater which allowed her to be able to join her master at meals. Her black nose twitched slightly as she smelled what was being brought out. Any normal animal would be antsy before dinner but she sat still facing forward much like the women that sat at the table with them.

    Some of these women are rather beautiful, it will be hard to keep Luka's attention with these women trying to win his affections. she thought to herself even as she turned to look at her master. Would he come to love her as more if she told him her feelings?
  16. Luka, white

    Luka patted Indie on the head as dinner was served. All kinds off sides came out placed in the center. A nice rare stake was placed in front of everyone including Indie. "Please do enjoy." Said the chief as cue to begin eating. Luka picked up his fork and knife and begun to cut his meat to taste it before grabbing a few other things such as a bake potato. He watched his surroundings and looked at Indie to make sure she behaved.
  17. Indie, white
    Indie wagged her tail as Luka patted her head and again as food was set before her. She sniffed it for a moment before taking a dainty little bite of the rare meat and swallowing it. It was always good and she enjoyed being able to eat like this with Luka. Of course, she would rather eat as a human, but for now it was better to stay in this form.

    Indie only ever ate the meat so she didn't pay attention to the sides that were served. When she became thirsty she was able to drink out of a bowl that was by her plate instead of a cup. She wondered what the guests would think of having a wolf eat with them, but she didn't really care.

    Nicole, purple
    Nicole had arrived to the castle and entered being told to head down to dinner with the rest of the suitors. She did so and sat at the far end looking at the prince and noting that he was handsome, but she didn't really see anything else in him, she didn't even know the man.

    As she ate, she noticed the white wolf at the table and thought it was a bit odd, but perhaps there was a reason for the beast to be at the table? It certainly ate neatly so it wasn't that bad to be dining with an animal.
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  18. Well, this was certainly interesting.

    Adrian kept his head low, surprisingly easy, he found, when no one wanted to entertain the idea of a distraction. Platinum hair tucked under his cap, the illusionist quickly ducked inside the kitchen. The maids seemed to be in a tizzy as one of their male servers had fallen ill. Grinning, he slipped off his stable-hand jacket and poked his head in.

    "Oye, Maria?" he offered, English accent flawless. "Problem?"

    Maria looked up. "Ducant, this is hardly the stables."

    " 'Sorry, just thought I 'eard some retching," he said. "Micheal get a little tipsy again?"

    "Unfortunately," the dark-haired servant sighed. "I hate to bother you, but would you bring his majesty his glass? He's about out."

    'Ducant' smiled. "No worries," he grinned, and plucked up the red-liquid wine glass. He set it on a silver tray and pushed open the kitchen doors. Approaching the elegant table, he allowed his eyes to do one scan of the room to confirm what he wanted, and placed the glass down.

    "Forgive, your majesty," he said. "One of the servants caught the bug again; I'll be filling in for him for the meal."

    Ileana could hardly believe her eyes...and yet, she wasn't surprised. Always the magic man, his ability to appear and disappear seemed to be the one constant thing in her life. She kept her posture clean and casual, and mentally begged him to stay down.

    Go home... she pleaded. This place will break you.
  19. Luka, white
    One of the girls next to Luka was feeling up his thigh from under the table. He moved uncomfortably on his seat trying to get her to stop without yelling at her. Honestly he didn't like to be touched. When a wine glass of red liquid appeared and a server spoke to him. "Oh its no problem at all. I hope they feel better soon. I guess I should check up on them after dinner. Let's hope it doesn't spread anymore. And Thank you." Luka says giving a genuinely kind smile. I guess you say he was a guy who cared for the workers and wanted them to enjoy working here.
  20. Indie, white
    Indie looked at Luka when she had finished her meal and could tell he was uncomfortable. Looking at the female sitting next to him she gave the woman a low growl hinting that she didn't like that the woman was touching Luka. If it kept up she would do more then growl already debating putting herself between her master and the feely female.

    She didn't want to make things difficult for Luka, but she would interfere if things became problematic with the suitors.
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