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  1. Lets be honest.

    Most fanfiction is shit.

    A rare few are awesome.

    While we can always go on TVTropes to find Fanfic Recs (both good and bad), I ask the people of Iwaku to tell us a little about their explorations into the Eighth Cardinal Sin of writing/reading fanfics!

    Takamachi Nanoha of 2814, by shadowcrystalmage (Takamachi Nanoha of 2814 Chapter 1: A 9 Year–Old Is Now Suddenly A…!, a magical girl lyrical nanoha fanfic | FanFiction)
    -Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is a Mecha Anime and a Shounen Fighting Anime hidden under the veneer of a Magical Girl Anime. And it shows. The titular heroine wields program-based magic that looks and feels like an imagination-based weapon.
    -Green Lantern is multitude of DC superheroes who all wield imagination-based weapons known as Green Lantern Rings.
    -shadowcrystalmage took these two concepts and mashed them together! Instead of Hal Jordan gaining Abin Sur's Ring, 9-year-old Takamachi Nanoha of Japan becomes the GREEN LANTERN OF EARTH! With Superman himself as her "big brother mentor" and a plethora of friends from the DC Animated Universe, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fate/Stay Night, Negima, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and other franchises, this is a multi-platform mega-crossover that runs entirely on the Rule of Cool!

    Light of the Snow Red Village, by Akai Kitsune (Light of the Snow Red Village Chapter 1: Prologue Black Candles Burning: When Change Begins, a rurouni kenshin fanfic | FanFiction)
    -Rurouni Kenshin is an anime and manga from the late 1990s about a wandering swordsman traveling Japan and trying to atone for sins he committed during a war. Unlike many other shounen heroes, he isn't young, brash, reckless, or about gaining more power through training. He is, in fact, the exact opposite: a war veteran who has gained hard-won wisdom through his experiences and now just wants to lay low, live peacefully, and resolve dispute without violence, though his impressive combat skill makes him one of the deadliest warriors in-universe bar none.
    -Akai Kitsune takes this concept and makes an Alternate Universe where the main character has a daughter during his war days and must now raise her while he travels around Japan. Given that the main character is largely regarded as ideal father material by fans, him having a daughter works very well.

    The Hill of Swords, by gabriel blessing (The Hill of Swords Chapter 1: To Be Drawn: The First night, a Fate/stay night + Familiar of Zero Crossover fanfic | FanFiction)
    -Fate Stay Night is part of the massive Natsuverse, focusing on would-be hero Shirou Emiya and his actions and character development during a magical battle royale.
    -The Familiar of Zero is a light novel/anime franchise about a spitfire tsundere wizard from a Harry Potter-esque school and the wacky hijinks that ensue due to her inability to control her magic. One of the quirks about this wizard is that she summons a hapless Japanese boy as her familiar.
    -gabriel blessing slams these two concepts together. Instead of a hapless boy, the wizard instead summons Shirou Emiya, who has gained all the Badass Levels he will ever needs, has years of combat experience, and already survived the events of Fate Stay Night. Rather than the slapstick rom/com that Familiar of Zero started out as, Hill of Swords swings in a completely different direction as Shirou becomes a "big brother mentor" to his spitfire wizard friend, altering her character development down a different track.
    -For hardcore Natsuverse fans, the author's use of 'verse facts can sometimes be grating because not all of them are accurate (but the fic was written before he had fully researched everything anyway)
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  2. I've seen some pretty good fanfics in my time, although you really have to filter through the shit to find it XD
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  3. A couple days ago I found one of my favorite fanfiction has disappeared. It was something like 95 chapters long. Asdfghj!
  4. The forbidden fruit of going through fanfiction like thrift shopping. I should go back to and browse the crossover section. (crossovers are the best for entertainment value)

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  5. I take too much offense from people making shitty crossovers and pissing all over the source material.

    Otherwise they're pretty funny when they aren't taking themselves too seriously.
  6. Star Wars Episode 7... :3

    Seriously though, my prime pick of Full Life consequences was picked already.
    And I usually avoid reading fan fiction because... Well, it's usually just horny people with no writing skill making themselves a Mary Sue.

    The closest to fan fiction I'd say I read is the Fandom genre RP's I'm in.
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  7. Blind Pigs:

    Fanfic: Blind Pigs Ch 1, Final Fantasy XII | FanFiction

    It's a Final Fantasy XII Fanfic that changes the time and setting to The Great Depression, and fighting corporations. It flows together so well.

    It's dead now, but it doesn't end on a cliffhanger like most, so that's cool.
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  8. At this point. Arrow Season 4 should count as a BAD fanfic.

  9. (Warning: Some links may lead to technically NSFW content. You've been warned.)

    Please make it stop please make it stop please make it stop... There are no dreams only nightmares. Why won't it end? Someone skullfuck me to sleep please, there is no God, it literally never fucking ends.

    Pretty sure the only way out is suicide.




    Alright, take a breath.

    Some of them are self-aware, and play with it to make it something fun.

    There's a light in the darkness if you look hard enough.

    I've reviewed plentiful fanfiction in my time. Most of it is complete and utter trash by typical literary standards: Often having zero sense of pacing or natural character development. (Some, arguably, lacking functional characters altogether.) Once in a while, though, you get someone who is self-aware. People who write satire thrive in an environment of fan fiction. Most parody also counts as a form of fan fiction, keep that in mind.

    Seriously though, fan fiction rarely aims for quality. It's mostly written just by people who want to express themselves--no harm in that. Just know what you're getting into when you approach such communities: They rarely seek improvement, they mostly seek to express without judgement, even if their methods are unquestionably broken. They're just as egotistical as the typical role player certain other people that have no relation to us.

    After all, we would never write such things ourselves. We would never write such droll, uncultured, trite crap... Would we?

    Maybe it's all in the eye of the beholder, and maybe reading through this whole post, you've had a little adventure with me through the magical realm of novice writing. An endless gauntlet that takes thousands and makes only a select few rise above them all. There's a sea of trash, but it's really the people who decide what thrives and what sinks. Their choices don't always... Reflect, any sort of discernible quality. So is it really surprising the majority of people write stuff that makes our eyes roll? After all, 90% of everything is crap.

    All in all, fun soapbox rambling aside: I don't hate fan fiction. I don't hate even the worst of it. I don't consider myself "above" those who write even the worst of fan fiction. Because I remember when I wrote stuff just as horribly cliché and utterly awful. People told me I sucked then, and rightfully, I did. Pretty bad. Then I refined, and I worked my heart out, and I kept working my heart out. Now? Now I know my shit.

    Fan fiction writers are generally just novices starting out, getting their ears wet. They're exploring the vast and magical world of literature, and naturally, their first forays in it are terrible. Some will learn quickly, some will learn slowly, some will learn nothing at all. Some will acknowledge their faults, some will live in delusions of grandeur. It'd be easy to pick on the ones that live in grandeur, but they just want to express and be heard, just like the rest of us do.

    Fan fiction is the stuff of the stars. The unbridled, untouched optimism of absolute, creative chaos that is, as an overall community, a completely unintelligible mess from the outside. That's the way it should be. :ferret:
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  10. Trust me, there was a Naruto fanfic where the author and her anime emo friends in real life adopt the akatsuki as kittens, then they turn into real ladies and gents and they all fall in love :p

    There's some strange stuff, but the lemons are even stranger >.>
  11. Last time I told you guys about my favourites you all teased / kinkshamed me for it >////<
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    I've been looking for one great one that disappeared sometime between last summer and now T_T

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  13. Yo

    Way back machine dattebayo
  14. First thing I tried. Not working :(
  15. That link is broken. :P

    Good points, something I'm surprised I didn't remember back from those Roasts cause I'm positive you mentioned this there too several times. XD

    Actually, thinking about it more I remember a time at ConBrovo there was a Panel by Bob Chipman where he basically said Fan-Fiction (in this case specifically, the kind where you play as specific characters*, and not OC's in a Fandom universe) served as a good way for writers to be able to divert more effort and practice into skills like world creation, writing styles, making good plots etc. Because less attention needs to be diverted towards creating brand new characters.

    *Should also note that being in the Murder Games, a number of the RP's I'm in end up being existent characters. To the point only half of the RP's I'm in today consist of OCs... So I probably shouldn't be as quick to jump of the stuff people are linking to above. Even if said links are the NSFW libertine stuff and MG is clean.
  16. ...
    We're Still Here Chapter 1, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic | FanFiction

    Shameless self promotion here; I have been and am a FanFiction writer myself. I promise, this one is not bad. I'm working on making a very fleshed out, humanized FNAF story that is still grounded in realism despite some of the more supernatural elements that link it to the original series. Of course, you can decide whether or not you want to check it out; I just thought I'd put this here in case of any possible interest. ;u;

    (In regards to my past material... I have one extremely bad original Creepypasta oneshot from when I was younger because I don't know what the hell I was doing, and an unfinished Naruto fanfic which was pretty unfaithful to the source material, so please for the love of God don't look at those. However, my two "Heaven's Lost Property" fics are generally okay. Not well-written because, again, I was younger back then, but they're okay. Anyways, I should probably stop saying anymore than I already have.)
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  17. my immortal
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  18. I spent a lot of time on the Persona 4 kinkmeme back in the day. I have quite a few favourites from that, most of which are pretty fucked up. I wish I knew who the author was outside of anonymity on Livejournal, but alas, I do not.

    Anyway, since most people don't give a shit about Persona 4 (me and my dying fandoms QQ), I will only post one from there. One that started from a troll prompt, and ended up being incredible. Also one of the most fucked up things I've ever read and I love it

    'adachi eats dojima'

    AKA Adachi keeps Dojima drugged in his apartment for who knows how long and slowly cuts off parts of his body and eats them. I mean... okay.
  19. "My Immortal" has to be a joke... Right? RIGHT?!
  20. Why would it be a joke...???
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