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  1. So, what is Fandomstuck?

    Fandomstuck is about the personification of different Fandoms. Any TV show, movie, video game, etc with a significant following has a Fandom entity that represents it.

    What are these Fandom entities like? They’re essentially a personification of the series itself along with the fans that follow it. Appearance-wise, they’d look pretty close to this (these are not strict designs that you’d have to stick to, but you can use them if you’d like). Personality-wise, well, they could be a lot of things. Most will probably come off as very similar to their main character(s), but many will also just look like really big fans of their series, and a lot will be somewhere in-between. For example, Doctor Who would probably make a habit of saying “allons-y!”, wearing a long scarf and a fez and staring at angel statues — not so much because he’s the Doctor himself but because those are all things that stereotypical fans would do. Likewise Sherlock wouldn’t be Sherlock Holmes exactly, but a big fan attempting to channel his inner consulting detective by analyzing everything around him in an attempt to make deductions. Not that there’s any right or wrong way to create a Fandom’s personality, though, as there are a lot of options and I like seeing what people could come up with!

    Which brings me to: abilities. I was thinking it makes sense that a lot of the Fandoms have some of the powers that come with their characters and/or world. So for example Sonic can probably run pretty fast, Naruto probably knows ninjutsu and Avatar can probably bend the elements. The extent to which they can channel the abilities of their series is up to you, though. For example, does My Little Pony actually have unicorn magic, or is he just wearing a fake horn? That’s up to whoever plays him. Same goes for any gadgets, weapons or other things a Fandom might have. For example Doctor Who is getting a sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS. Does the Pokemon Fandom have Pokemon companions? If you like.

    Speaking of which, how “human” are these Fandoms? Well firstly, all of them, as Fandoms, differ from humans in quite a few ways. Firstly, age. Most of them look like teenagers or adults, but are really kind of ageless. I’m thinking that all of them are as old as their respective series (for example Doctor Who would’ve been “born” in November 1963, making him 51 years old), but only look as old as it would make sense for them to be. Similarly, a lot of Fandoms in this RP would probably be less than 10 years old, but they can still look like whatever age suits them best. Basically, they come into being along with the fans that follow their series, and pretty much stay the same age forever. I was also thinking of making them effectively immortal so long as fans still exist, but, depending on the direction this RP goes in, I’m not sure about that one. I mean, if they run into some kind of danger at some point, making them all immortal kind of makes it impossible to have any real stakes.

    So aside from the whole ageless thing, how human are they? Depends on the Fandom, and what you choose to do with them. For example My Little Pony is usually portrayed with wings and a horn, but are those real appendages, or just costume pieces? Whatever you wanna do with them. Likewise Homestuck would probably look like a troll, but its your choice whether he has real horns and gray skin or fake horns and body paint. I’ll probably give Doctor Who two hearts, but that’s about as Time Lord as he’s gonna get.

    So now that we’ve talked enough about the Fandoms themselves, let’s talk about world-building. Where the hell does this whole crazy RP take place? That’s… actually what I’m struggling to figure out. Everything from this point on is mostly going to be tossing out ideas.

    Traditionally, Fandomstuck is about these Fandom characters going through a Homestuck-based story, like a game of SBURB, which is where the name comes from. However that’s really something that I want to avoid, not only because SBURB doesn’t translate well to RP but also because I want this RP to be welcoming to non-Homestuck fans. So I’m going for a more original plot and setup.

    Firstly, the world. Where does this all take place? Well, I was thinking that at least part of this RP has to be connected to the real world. After all, that’s where each series is from, and each Fandom is still a fan who follows their series devoutly. So it’s possible that the RP could (at least partially) be set in the real world, where the Fandoms exist but sort of have to keep themselves hidden (because a fez-wearing man stepping out of a police box that loudly materialized out of nowhere would probably cause somewhat of a ruckus if any fans noticed).

    Additionally, though, I was thinking there could be some sort of… place, where all the Fandoms can meet up together in their own little world, like a pocket dimension or something, and they could go between this place and the real world at will. There were a lot of forms I was thinking it could take. Maybe they all live in one big apartment building or other complex together? Or maybe there’s a city or town like “Fandom Square” or something, where they all mingle together in one conglomerate-looking city where each one sort of has a slice of their own world?

    Speaking of “their own worlds”, there was also the passing thought that each Fandom has access to the canon of their own world as a full universe, but that seems like it would get confusing, especially if their world still exists as fiction elsewhere. Still, I think it would be cool if the creatures and villains from their respective worlds could become relevant from time to time and come into contact with the other Fandoms, and the idea that each Fandom has their own separate universe to run away to would at least explain where all these creatures are coming from (I can easily picture Doctor Who running around in a panic with tally marks all over his face and arms, screaming about how he accidentally let some aliens out and no one has any idea what he’s talking about). If they don’t have their own little universes, then the only other explanation I could have for such creatures and villains existing is simply that they sort of come into being the same way the Fandoms do, just because the Fandoms are around. It’s like these sorts of things follow them around, which makes sense if they represent the spirit of their respective shows/games/etc. (That was probably a really shitty explanation. Feel free to ask about the parts that didn’t make sense.)

    Which brings me to: plot. I’m really not sure what to do here. I kind of like the idea of the Fandoms having to fight back against each other’s villains and things, but I’m not sure. Maybe said villains could try to attack the real world, and the Fandoms have to defend the creators and fans that gave them life? It’s an interesting idea but I’m not totally sure how I feel about it.

    Additionally, this could just as easily be somewhat of a sandbox RP, where the Fandoms just get into all sorts of shenanigans with each other and we see where it goes from there.

    So um… yeah that’s what I have going for this idea so far. Feel free to comment with any questions, comments or suggestions you have.

    Note: In case it wasn’t clear, I’ve already reserved Doctor Who for myself. And, on that note, I also reserved Sherlock for a friend. Really any other Fandom you can think of is still up for grabs, though. Even a relatively obscure one.
  2. Interested...If I can I would like to Reserve Dragon Age Fandom...

    But this sounds super cool...
  3. I'm willing to try this out as I've been thinking about Fandomstuck for a while.

    I've finally caught up to all of Homestuck so I'd like to reserve that one.
  4. I may or may not join this. If nothing else, I'm going to stalk the thread :P
  5. Idea: What if the idea that all the evils of a particular series are also real is new to the Fandoms?

    Like... what if they start out as happy little Fandoms, goofing around and doing whatever with magic and bending and whatever else they have to play around with, and then their respective evils start to become a threat? I can easily imagine a lot of the Fandoms feeling like they won't be able to defeat whatever's coming after them on account of the fact that they aren't actually whatever characters they model themselves after, thus leading them to team up and use their combined talents to fight each others' evils...
  6. So we are going to have a plot for this one instead of a sandbox?

    Also, just to clarify, what will the posting expectations be?
  7. I like the idea of this. It's almost like deities (especially the ones from the discworld series), how they get their existence and power from believers/followers. If you're still thinking about possible villains, maybe a good one would be the usual threats to fandoms- losing followers (sometimes to other fandoms), bad fans (warped ideals corrupting them, really bad fanfic, etc), or "haters" of the fandoms trying to destroy them.

    I dunno what fandom I'd want to have yet, but this sounds like it could be a really fun rp!
  8. I don't know yet. Right now I'm just tossing ideas around to see what people think of them.

    Which would you rather have?

    (Edit: On that note, any response to/opinions on anything I've posted so far that I'm still unsure about would be great. From anyone.)

    Probably elementary.

    Hmm... that's an interesting idea, though I'm not totally sure how the Fandom characters would combat such problems.
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  9. No problem, just throwing some ideas around to brainstorm :)

    Could I reserve the Kpop fandom or are we limited to just books/tv/web type fandoms?
  10. I've always seen Fandomstuck to have a sort of "Fridge Horror" to it (if you didn't click the link: it's basically a normal scene where there's a terrifying quality to it when you think about it). I'm seeing these fandoms as personified by both the events of the show and the feels, headcanons, etc. of the fans. I see these fandoms as dealing with all of that in the only ways they know how (respective fandoms' main characters reaction) and interactions between them become strained (because of whatever enemy) and it's an introspective thing, I guess.

    Maybe there'll be something to trigger the fandoms because I'd love a nice plot. I agree with Indabayou (awesome grimbark Jade av!) on losing followers and the bad parts of the fandoms.

    I don't think I'll be able to stick around for long if this is elementary though :/ Sorry.
  11. Love the fridge horror aspect! I'd hate to see you go, you seem to have a lot of good ideas going for this. I'll probably be posting at more of an intermediate level myself, but I get where you're coming from.
  12. It could still work if you explain it better. I wasn't trying to shoot the idea down completely - I'm just a little confused as to how we would make it work in a practical sense.

    Kpop sounds good to me.

    Sorry, I'm a little confused as to what exactly you're trying to say. I'm not sure how fridge horror fits into this. What exactly isn't scary until you think about it?

    I could bump it up to intermediate, if you like. Or... maybe bump it down, if that's what you wanted.

    Honestly I'm still kind of new here so I don't totally understand what each expectation level implies. On the site I came from, I usually didn't care much about posting length and I was fine with what everyone else wanted so long as there was at least decent grammar. I assumed that's what "elementary" meant; sorry if I was mistaken. If most of you here would rather have higher standards, I'm ok with that.
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  13. Up; I tend to post from an Intermediate-Adept range. Mostly because I write too much, but whatevs.

    I don't know how to explain Fridge Horror correctly XD let me paste it from the site: Fridge Horror is, simply put, when something becomes terrifying after the fact. Maybe youthought about this or that plot point a little too hard, and suddenly you realize that everyone was trapped in stasis forever, or that the lovable child will grow up in a world where everyone around her is dead. This can be either intentional or unintentional by the author.

    Fridge Horror comes in two flavors:

    Frozen-By-Time: As a young one, you are too young to comprehend the Nightmare Fuel right before your eyes, but as an older person, you immediately wonder how you got through it unscarred.

    Quickthaw: The Nightmare Fuel isn't there until you take a good, long, deep thought and think about it.

    The fandoms would have to deal with the events in both the show and the feels of the fans. Whereas the DW fandom must deal with the Time War and the Doctor being the last Time Lord and all his companions inevitably leaving him/forgetting him/dying and the Sherlock fandom would have to deal with the three years John and Sherlock were separated, and so on and so on. The fandoms (personified) themselves have to deal with that mentally and a lot more personally is what I'm saying.
  14. Oh, of course! For example, they exist and gain power/influence from their fandom followers. By losing fans or becoming old/forgotten, they risk losing their power or disappearing completely. On the flip side, Fandoms that get revived (like Star Trek, which was still alive but getting older, being rebooted by JJ Abrams gave them a HUGE influx of new fans and content).

    As for fridge horror, I think they mean in the sense that the idea of being controlled by your believers/fandom can turn dark very quickly, or at least have some scary implications when you think about it (ex, think of how many Daves there were when he was using his time powers. Then realize that all of them but one eventually died, probably quite gruesomely in order to get to that point.)

    And don't sweat it, you're doing fine. I'm new here myself- iwaku is very different from what I'm used to but the more I'm on here the more I start to understand it all.
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  15. I'll put it at intermediate, then, if no one's really opposed to it.

    Mmm, I see now, that's interesting. It definitely makes it easier to build a character when they have all that to think about.

    Ooh, yes, I like this idea a lot. I was already planning on giving Doctor Who similar insecurities in regards to his fanbase - particularly the fear that he'll be cancelled again and fade into obscurity. After all, he was already cancelled once before, despite the fact that his show was at the height of its popularity only a decade prior. (Which also goes along with some of the running themes of the show, like the inevitability of change and the fact that nothing lasts forever.)

    Add this to Cephalo's idea and we'll definitely have some interesting characters in the works.

    Oh, yeah, you're right. The idea that a Fandom is sort of controlled by the will of the fans is sort of terrifying when you think about it. o.o
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  16. I think that this RP will be fantastic.

    We all just need to scheme together and murder our darlings.
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  17. Yes, let's! And Kaga-Kun, that's a great idea for the doctor's motivations, I hadn't considered that!
  18. Thanks! But, of course, it might take a while to get past all of Doctor Who's layers and even see those insecurities in him. You know how the Doctor is - covering pain with smiles.
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  19. So how much more interest do you think we'll need?

    We've got DW covered, Sherlock covered, Homestuck covered, Kpop covered, and Dragon Age as well. I'm guess maybe someone to represent the HP fandom, maybe the SPN fandom, GoT too, Hunger Games, there's a lot never mind.
  20. We could possibly double-up if there's not enough takers after a while (As long as it's okay with Kaga)
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