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  1. Night fell upon the Fandomverse, and the stars glimmered in the clear, violet skies over the tenement. The building is fairly large, but not nearly as huge as it needed to be to house the infinite number of Fandoms that resided in this small pocket dimension. This problem had been solved years and years ago, mainly by donated technologies that allow the building to be bigger on the inside. The lobby and halls are a hodgepodge of magical artifacts, strange creatures and devices, and hardly any of the decor seems to have anything to do with the rest of the various doodads and trinkets, but they're all keep organized and more or less neat all the same. All the recreational rooms on the ground floor are similarly riddled with peculiar possessions, though they are kept much more tidy and residents are encouraged to keep their jolly rogers, alien specimens, head crabs, grief seeds, keyblades and the like out, or at least not to leave them lying around areas like the kitchen and the pool.

    While the building might only look seven stories tall, the true number of floors is quite incredible and constantly increasing. Each floor holds 8 apartments, and each apartment has the essentials for living; a bathroom, a kitchen area, a bedroom, a living area and whatever installations and rearrangements the residing Fandom had added. There was also always an extra door, and this door, which could come in just about any shape and size, led to the Fandom's world. Each portal was unique, and led to worlds of magic, of future technologies and never ending chaos.

    In room 4-4, this door had just opened. Madoka stepped through the portal into her room, her entire being glowing brilliantly as she transformed out of her yellow magical girl outfit and returned to her more casual attire. She had no need to purify her soul gems, but nevertheless she'd wander through the galaxy colored door and knock out a few witches, just to be diligent. She couldn't meddle with the canon events, of course, but still, it was a good work out eradicating a witch or two. There were some dangerous and bloodthirsty fandoms lurking about, after all, and with her pink tutu and big, puffy bows, Madoka is often underestimated and mistaken for a docile and harmless Fandom.

    As she enters the front room of her suite, she can just barely hear the sound of voices. The tenement is beginning to get lively as Fandoms return from their portals, as this is typically about the time folks start wandering the halls, mingling and occasionally starting war. Madoka doesn't manage to take more than two steps before her stomach roars, reminding her that she hasn't eaten anything that wasn't pocky or some other kind of sweet since breakfast. Famished, but with little patience to allow her the time to pack a decent meal, Madoka is soon out the door, nibbling on the piece of toast hanging through her mouth. It doesn't take much time at all for her to bounce over to the elevator, and she quickly taps the down button, humming her opening theme as she waits.
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  2. While some might argue that there’s a such thing as it being “too early” in the evening for a crazy adventure, that most definitely was not the case for one particular Fandom. To him, there was hardly such a thing as a correct “time” for anything. "What even is time, anyway?", he would ask. "Time’s not the boss of me!", he would scoff.

    Anywho, such disregard for a decent schedule and tendency for shenanigans were both quite evident as, even in this hour of the night when most Fandoms were only just beginning to socialize and mingle, room 13-2 burst to life all at once as the eccentric time traveler came barreling through the room’s strangely large double-doors, a frantic expression on his face as he bolted into the room, miraculously not tripping over the comedically long scarf he wore, and sharply turned back to the doors in an attempt to slam them shut as quickly as possible, a screeching robotic voice calling after him.


    Doctor Who pushed the massive doors shut as hastily as he could, but the oversized pepper pot’s eyestalk got caught in-between, propping the doors open as it repeated its iconic battle cry over and over. Doctor Who yelped and dodged as the Dalek fired its death ray again, the beam then scorching a good portion of the wall. Struggling to shove the doors closed while he avoided getting himself fried, he hastily grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on — a colorful umbrella — and used it to shove the creature back, allowing him to finally slam and lock the doors.

    Doctor Who slumped against the portal doors in relief, his back slowly sliding down to the ground as he breathed heavily, clutching his chest as his hearts still pounded furiously. “Yowza…”

    The pseudo-Timelord took a moment to catch his breath. And as his eyes wandered around the room, the Fandom realized that something seemed… off. Yet, he couldn’t quite figure out what. Looking around his cluttered suite, he couldn’t see anything in particular that seemed out-of-place. All the strange artifacts that littered the floor — the cricket bat, recorder, fob watch and disembodied Cyberman head all made perfect sense to have lying around. The hat/scarf rack was as crowded and disorganized as always. He took a closer look at the walls. All the strange decorations were exactly as he’d left them — well, save for the burn-like mark from the Dalek laser that now partially covered the words ‘BAD WOLF’ which had been sprawled onto the wall forever-and-a-half-ago. But, other than that, everything else on the walls seemed just fine — the 3D painting of Gallifrey, the British WWII propaganda poster with the Dalek on it, the sticky note that read “Note to self: add more round things”, and even that dent in the wall that had seemingly always been there. Everything seemed perfectly in-order, at least, by his definition of ‘order’.

    “Maybe I forgot something…” he mused aloud, padding his coat pockets. Yes, it definitely felt like he was in fact forgetting something. He then took inventory of all the belongings he had on his person. First, he tossed aside his psychic paper and the Mark VII sonic screwdriver, the latter of which wound up slightly damaged as a result of his last adventure. He made a mental note to fix it later. He then began pulling out a seemingly endless stream of mostly useless objects, including but not limited to: a yo-yo, some rocks, at least two fob watches, a bag of Jelly Babies, a piece of string, coins of unknown origin, a pair of handcuffs, a cat-shaped badge, and finally, the key to oh my giddy aunt the TARDIS is still in the other dimension isn’t it.

    Doctor Who facepalmed, completely stumped as to how he could’ve possibly forgotten something so important (well, running for his life from a Dalek might’ve had something to do with it). Regardless, he glanced hesitantly back at the large double-doors. There were probably still countless Daleks out there waiting to plunger him to death, but leaving the his precious space-time machine behind was absolutely out-of-the-question. Leaving his Mark VII screwdriver on a table next to the others, he picked up his Mark VI as a temporary replacement, and, shoving his TARDIS key back into one of his pockets, he returned the brolly he’d previously used as a weapon to its proper place, and glanced around for something a bit more suitable with which to defend himself during his mad dash to his safety box. He quickly settled on a black baseball bat which seemed to radiate some kind of unnatural energy.

    “Well…” he braced himself, one hand on the baseball bat and the other keeping hold on his fez. “Allons-y!” he proclaimed, bravely charging through the doors as they closed and locked behind him.

    Only a few minutes later, a soft buzzing sound could be heard as the doors unlocked again, swinging open slightly. Mere seconds later, the large blue police box rammed through the doors, slamming them violently against the wall as they swung fully open. Hovering awkwardly and rotating on its axis, the space-time machine then threw itself against the adjacent wall, the corner of it fitting nicely into that aforementioned dent in the wall momentarily before it set itself down on the floor, rocking slightly as it re-balanced itself.

    Moments later, the TARDIS door opened, and Doctor Who emerged, his clothing now slightly scorched as he tossed the baseball bat onto the floor. “I really hate manual flight mode…” he sighed. Dematerialization and rematerialization through the time vortex was always the preferred option; it was a shame it couldn’t travel across dimensions that way, though. At least not so easily.

    Brushing himself off, the Fandom then wondered if his neighbor, Homestuck, was home. Grabbing his bag of Jelly Babies again, he popped one in his mouth as he wandered out into the halls, his previous annoyance seeming to completely vanish as he looked forward to another opportunity to have some fun.
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  3. As the stars glimmered across the night sky, one lone fandom watched from her apartment window. That fandom was Sailor Moon. When she wasn't out protecting love and fighting for justice, she would often gaze out her window and admire the stars. It was as if she had felt a great connection to them, which was no surprise to anyone.

    Scattered across her room were many items she used. Among these items was the Luna-P, which she had used to communicate with other fandoms. The Luna-P also had useful powers in battle. Currently, Luna-P was laying against a corner in the room.

    Other than the items strewn around, Moon's room was, for lack of a better word, childish. The walls were a rosy pink color, and were nearly covered in posters of the Sailor Senshi. The room was also decorated with various star stickers, many of them looking like they were ready to peel off.

    Moon let out an admiring sigh as she revered the stars. "So beautiful..." She let out another sigh.

    Looking around her, she realized she had no one to share this beauty with. Maybe she could fix that. Straightening her back and stretching her arms toward the sky, she decided she would change that. Slipping on her boots that were next to her, she scrambled towards the door, nearly falling face-first from tripping on a Moon Rod. She gave a nervous laugh as she opened the door, hoping that her clumsiness wouldn't get the better of her if she were to interact with someone tonight.
  4. The pikachu nuzzled his trainers cheek affectionately as he sat down at the side of his bed playing his new Wii U. Who was this pikachu's trainer? None other than the Pokémon fandom himself. The fandom paused his game looking at the pikachu and pat his head. "Ah, you must've gotten lonely, sorry bud for paying attention to my game more than you," he told his pikachu apologetically as he saved whatever he was playing and shut off his console.

    The fandom looked around his room. It wasn't anything interesting without all the stuff. Just a normal looking room with white walls, but it had pictures of him and his Pokémon all over the place. He has bookcases full of Pokémon information and legends. He had maps of all the regions posted up on his walls too. He had trophy cases where he displayed his lovely badges he won from gym leaders and things that he won from Pokémon contests like ribbons and trophies. Over in his kitchen he had one of those poffin makers and a large bag of Pokémon food. He had a mini garden where he grew berries though he only did grow Oran berries and Pecha berries. He was happy to go around and search for berries around the regions.

    He looked around at his PC. It held the Pokémon that he couldn't fit onto his belt or let out into his room. He also sent e-mails and such but it wasn't often he used it for such things.

    He also had many game consoles to play all of the Pokémon games and a television. He preferred to go exploring in real life though, so he only used them sometimes.

    He then looked down onto his belt where he carried his pokéballs that had his Pokémon and that held his Pokégear, Trainer Card, and his Pokédex. He used his Pokégear a lot to contact his fellow fandoms, well not a lot, but he did use it...... Sometimes.

    "Say pikachu, wanna go out and meet some of out neighbors?" Poké asked his pikachu. The pikachu gave him a happy nod and chirped, "Pika!" Which obviously meant yes. "Alright then! Let's go on an adventure to make friends!" He cheered as he grabbed his bag, which he never left anywhere without because it held valuable items. And with that, he shut of his television and marched out of his room closing the door behind him and noticed the Sailor Moon Fandom since she was very close to his room since she was 4 and he was 5. His pikachu leaped off his shoulder excitedly and ran over to greet the girl.
  5. Upon hearing the door next to her open, Moon perked up and smiled at the Pikachu approaching her. As soon as the Pikachu stopped, Moon crouched down and stroked the soft yellow fur on top of his head.

    "Aw, aren't you cute!" She giggled as Pikachu appeared to be enjoying her scratching him behind the ears. Looking up, she recognized the Pokemon fandom. She didn't know much about him, but she figured that it would be nice to make a new friend.

    Moon slowly stood up, brushing off her skirt of any Pikachu fur that may have landed there. She then smiled at the fandom as she held out a hand for him to shake. She tried to soothe the excitement in her voice as she spoke. "I'm Sailor Moon. You must be the Pokemon fandom."
  6. He chuckled softy as the girl pet his pikachu. The small mouse nuzzled against her hand as he was pet and smiled as he was called cute. Pikachu's ears twitched as he saw the girl stand up and he ran back to his trainer crawling back onto his shoulder.

    PKMN took her hand and shook it properly. "Ah yes, I'm the Pokémon fandom. It's nice to formally meet you Sailor Moon," he told her politely with a smile. He didn't know much about the fandom in front of him too well, but she seemed very friendly by the way she pet his pikachu.

    "And this is my partner Pikachu," he told the female fandom, his face nudging the small yellow mouse affectionately. The pikachu smiled at the girl and let out a soft, "pika pii~" The fandom then eyed the electric mouse and chuckled. "And he seems to really like you," he told the other fandom with a soft chuckle
  7. Moon's excitement nearly bubbled over. "It's a great pleasure to meet you and your Pikachu!" Moon was ecstatic. She hadn't had the chance to meet many of the fandoms (other than Madoka), and was so glad she could start with someone as friendly as Pokemon.

    Looking for a chance to start a conversation, she stammered out a response. "S-So what have you been doing on this fine night?" She hoped that didn't come out too awkwardly or forced.
  8. Pokémon smiled happily at the girl. He felt like she would make a great friend since she was nice to his Pokémon and was overall very friendly. Other than a certain fandom that he knew *cough*Digimon*cough*.

    He listened to her question and chuckled softly at her stutter. Not in a mean way, he just found it sort of cute since she seemed shy like some of the Pokémon he has met in the past. "Ah, not much actually. We were just lazing around in my room, so Pikachu and I felt that we needed a change of scenery and that we should make new friends with the other fandoms here," he answered her very casually. "What have you been doing?" He asked her with a gentle smile.

    He felt like this casual conversation with her was very nice. He didn't talk too much with other fandoms... Since most of the time he talked with his Pokémon which didn't make him feel lonesome at all........ Okay maybe not, but it at least made him feel little less lonely.
  9. There was probably no good reason for stabbing several Toriningen in a row. And indeed, further lack of reason for leading them around on a ridiculous chase once they got riled up, making them angrier by the second. And yet, there Yume Nikki was, running like a motherfucker from the psychotic bird people. She ducked behind a wall and watched them zip past, quickly travelling down a narrow corridor toward the portal to her room in the Fandomverse. Once there, she finally allowed herself a little time to lie down and relax, groaning out while tending to various cuts and bruises here and there. Those Toriningen were such bitches.

    Once the pain subsided, Yume stood up and looked around the room, trying to figure out what to do with the night. Sleep was out, most certainly. Perhaps she could finally leave the room and look around a bit? Mm... nah. The room was safe. The room was comfortable.

    ... But there could be all sorts of neat Effects hanging around outside...

    Huffing out, Yume left room 4-6 and tottered off down the hall, tossing that signature kitchen knife of hers up and down.
  10. She thought of what she should say. She was watching the stars alone, and she was hoping that she could admire them with someone, but maybe she could just hang out with Pokemon for a while before going to bed.

    "I was just watching the stars," she replied, scratching the bridge of her nose. "It's always been a hobby of mine." Finding an opening for a conversation topic, she almost immediately followed, a little too fast, with, "Do you have any hobbies?"
  11. When Mega Man had moved in, he had a robot museum installed in his room. How he managed to get it in there was a mystery, but he insisted on putting the deactivated frames of all the Robot Masters in there as a memorial to his adventures over the years. Surely nothing could go wrong right? Surely the fact that the blue bomber was on the floor outside the second room on the second floor, surrounded by broken robot parts scattered throughout the hall meant nothing, right?

    As you may have figured out already, something went wrong.

    Every week, eight of these things would activate on their own and it was up to Rock to deal with the robot uprising in a timely fashion, which usually ended up with a large mess. Granted most of the holes in the wall were made by Rock, but still, he wasn't cleaning this mess up.

    Getting up, the robot looked around to make sure he'd scrapped all the 'bots of the week, and to his worry, only counted seven heads amidst the scrap. "Damn it..." the blue bomber said to himself as he made his way toward the elevator. He hated when one of them got away, because that meant he had to search every single floor.

    Suffice to say, the robot museum was a terrible idea.
  12. "Watching the stars? That seems really nice. The sky always has a nice scenery whether it's day or night....." He murmured with a sentimental look in his eyes. He used to look up at the night sky whenever he got in a fight with Digimon.

    He remembered that he would lay his head on the back of his Arcanine and stare at the night sky in the Kanto region whenever he was feeling down about what Digimon had said to him that day.

    He soon pushed the thought away not wanting to think about his "Rival" and he smiled softly at the fandom in front of him. "Hobbies? Well I guess exploring with my pokémon is a hobby of mine. I've never really been one to stay indoors for too long," he told the girl with a smile. "Do you have any other intrests or hobbies?" He asked her in a friendly tone.
  13. Wake up / Leave your hesitation / Wake up / Time for us to realize...

    With music blasting through the purple headphones almost always covering his ears, Twewy stepped through the portal to his universe and tossed his now-lifeless plushie, named Miss Mew after a very similar one owned by one of the characters of his game, onto his bed. What a day. He'd just finished up the sixth day of the deadly (but irresistibly fun) Reapers' Game. It had been a long one: the mission he had to complete was quite challenging, and the Game Master had shown up and summoned an especially tough Noise for Twewy and his partner in the Game to fight immediately afterwards. Twewy wouldn't have it any other way, though. The challenge of fighting powerful Noise tends to keep his mind off of less pleasant things, like how his life is going absolutely nowhere.

    Twewy checked his phone -- an elaborate dual-screen affair with its own specialized interface -- in hopes that he'd see a text from Kingdom Hearts, but no such luck. The more idealistic of the two Fandoms hadn't been keeping in touch nearly as much these days. It was kind of depressing, actually. Twewy sighed and looked around the graffiti-covered walls of his room. Some of the designs had been collaborative efforts, but maybe it was time to freshen the imprints locked within and paint over them.

    Deciding that a walk would help clear his head, Twewy pulled the headphones down from his ears, letting them rest around his neck, and walked out into the hallway outside his apartment.
  14. Moon smiled. "Exploring, huh? That's pretty cool. As for me..." She placed a finger on her chin in thought. "I really like to sing karaoke. I always do it with Madoka when she's not fighting witches."

    Moon's mind wandered to Madoka. How had Madoka been recently? She hadn't kept in touch with her today. She had hoped nothing awful had happened to her, which was a possibility given her show's nature.

    Moon managed to stop worrying for the moment and returned her attention to Pokemon. Her eyes went to Pikachu. "That's a really cute Pikachu," she said, giving it a scratch behind the ear. "How long have you had it?"
  15. "Kareoke? I've never tried it before, but it sounds fun," PKMN told the fandom with a soft smile. He didn't know the Madoka fandom.... He actually never met her. He was sure he was going to meet her one day though.

    "Why thank you. I've actually had him ever since I could remember....... He was given to me when I was just a little fandom. He's my very best friend...." He murmured. The pikachu smiled happily as he was scratched behind the ear.

    "Though there are many other pikachu out there. None will ever be the same as the one I have now..... Sure they all may look the same except the female pikachu, but he was a very distinct personality, likes, and dislikes....." He informed her.

    He figured he was boring her with his little sentimental ramblings and quickly apologized, "ah sorry, I must've bored you a little with my rambling about Pokémon....."
  16. Voca just finished a MMD of Miku dancing to her singing of the famous song called "Love and Joy" on her laptop she always kept on the desk in the corner of her bedroom. She got up satisfied with herself. She walked past the huge white shelf of vocaloid figurines, from generation one to generation three, and past the bed, that is barley useable due to all the plushies, out of her room and into the bathroom.

    In the bathroom, she changed from her IA tank top and musical notes pants that made up her pajamas and changed into her everyday wear. Vocaloid's everyday wear is usually a more casual form of one of the vocaloid. Today's inspiration is Tone Rion. This caused her outfit today to be a frilly short pink dress with spaghetti straps and a light green t-shirt to go underneath. For her shoes it was white sandals. She looked in the mirror after changing and thought about Tone Rion since today is dedication to her. Voca skipped out of the bathroom with humming Tone's song, Akiba Disco.

    Voca grabbed her keys, her bag full of scissors, the MP3 that had Rin and Len on the back of it and put on her beloved black headphones. Her apartment 3-2 was being left empty and locked up as soon as she exited. Voca turned on her MP3 and it automatically played Daughter of Evil sung by Rin Kagamine. It was pre-set to play vocaloid song series and anime songs. Voca walked down the hallway and into the elevator and it continued to play as she descended towards the lobby.

    By the time she was out of the elevator the song had changed to Blindfold Code sung by IA. This song basically put her life into words. Not being noticed and having the power to make yourself disappear. Not that it was a problem for her. Voca likes to people watch in the lobby because their troubles makes great vocaloid lyrics.

    Voca plopped herself onto one of the plush chairs in the lobby and sung the song quietly to herself as she watched the different fandoms go in and out the lobby.
  17. "What to do..." There in Apartment #13-4, lying down on his bed in the dark room was Homestuck, staring at his drawings of his quadrants on his wall. He could see the earlier drawings still stuck there as well, though it's covered by some of his recent drawings. For example, one of his earlier drawings was of him and Hetalia. There was a black spade in between the two of them, which refers to their Kismesissitude relationship back then. A few years later, he drew the two of them formed, what he liked to call a 'Moirallegiance'. He knew not a lot of the fandoms around here understood his kind of relationships. Since he lived in the Apartment building, he felt like the fandoms disliked him for some reason.

    His red laptop sat on his desk, not knowing who to pester on Pesturchum. It has been awhile since he left his room. He hasn't been doing much since the Gigapause started, which will come to almost a year soon. Despite that, the people of his fandom have been keeping the whole thing alive. Speaking of quadrants, it's been a few days since he spoke to his Moirail.

    Homestuck sat on the edge of his bed, ruffling his fluffy black hair, trying to avoid touching his horns. He got up and stared out the window, looking at the stars in the sky. He looked back at his dark, messy room. He could see bottles of Faygo thrown all over his room, a handful of crushed paper balls surrounded his desk and a replica of Lil Cal sat in the corner of his room, nearby his desk. The puppet itself still creeps Homestuck to this day. Despite it's creepiness, Homestuck still loves it.

    "I should probably go and find something real to eat," Homestuck stared at the bottle of Faygos littering his room floor, "this is not healthy."

    He shook his head slightly, making his way to the door and exiting his room. Before exiting his room, he placed the Warhammer of Zillyhoo into his Captchalogue Deck. After closing the door of his room, in the corner of his eyes, he saw Doctor Who walking down the hallway. Being a good neighbor, Homestuck greeted with a smile, waving his hand, "Sup, Doctor!"
  18. “Ah, hello there Homestuck!” Doctor Who chirped, his thick British accent clearly audible as he smiled and waved at his gray-skinned friend. “Here’s hoping I didn’t bother you will all the madness next-door, what with the Dalek and all. Those silly plunger-arm things just can’t help but become overwhelmed with the urge to kill me on sight every time we meet, you know? And then there’s the TARDIS… well, she’s not the easiest thing to fly, especially in manual mode!” he laughed. “But if I know you, then you’ve probably gotten into a fair amount of shenanigans yourself so far today. Any interesting stories to share? Did you build a town of cans again? Get into any good rap battles lately? Perhaps some timey-wimey fun? Or are you still in a slump from that hiatus? If so, I know how that feels. Season 8 only just started over here, after a good nine-month wait…” Distracting himself from his rambling, Doctor Who glanced down at the bag of sweets in his hands. “Oh, would you like a Jelly Baby?” he offered friendlily.
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  19. He smiled as he listened intently to what the Doctor was up to, Homestuck has always found what other fandoms were up to interesting ever since he lived here. "It seems you've got a handful there." he commented, chuckling lightly.

    "Thank you~" Homestuck said as he took one of the sweets and ate it. Homestuck chuckled slightly though it somehow came off as sad, "Well, it's just that I'm not sure of what to do during the Gigapause, ya know? But, I'm pretty excited for it to end! Hopefully, it'll be soon. As for the rap battles, I'm trying to think up some sick new rhymes."

    "It's been a while since I've last talked to Hetalia," Homestuck blurted out. He didn't like not giving his end of his moirallagence to Hetalia. He disliked not being there for him. He wasn't sure what Hetalia has been up to since it's been a few days since Homestuck left his room. He was afraid that Hetalia might abandon their moirallengence because of him not giving his end of their relationship. He've seen it happen before, he didn't want to be the one to experience it as well. He asked Doctor Who, "have you seen him around?"
  20. Moon shook her head. "No, not at all! I love learning about people." She flashed a smile at the other fandom, thinking about how cool it would be if she had Pokemon.

    "Anyway, Karaoke is really fun! I might not be the best singer, but that doesn't matter as long as you're having fun. We should do it sometime. I mean, we're friends now, right?" Moon was hoping that she wasn't boring him either.
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