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  1. I have a couple of idea's for fandom rp's in mind and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in them and if not, perhaps another idea within those fandoms.

    I will write down my preferred idea's but i'm fine with pretty much everything within these fandoms.

    Fire emblem
    I just love the Fire emblem series and so far its been the series i roleplayed in the most.

    These are two rp's i want to play out the most.

    Fire emblem: of might and magic
    I'm one of those die hard fire emblem fans that have played them all and one of the more unique fire emblems is the fourth one, genealogy of the holy war. In this game the character of Azel always interested me so i really want a roleplay set around Azel the shy mage and bastard from the Duchy of Velthomer and his best friend, the confident and cocky axe fighter Lex from the neighboring region of Dozel. How the two nobles started their friendship, their lives before the game and perhaps even to the end of that game.

    fire emblem: the ruined future
    Kinda speaks for itself for anyone who has played fire emblem awakening but before i go on i'd say its best to put this under spoiler tags.

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    his roleplay would be set in the ruined future of fire emblem awakening. Grima gets revived, Chrom dies and the rest of the army will follow him to his grave. We can either play the remnants of the Shepherd try and get by in the early stages of the apocalypse or focus on Lucina and her group.

    Samurai warriors

    I really like the Samurai warriors series as well and would love a chance to rp in them. Sure the character are a bit one note but they are well characterized one notes at least. Once again i have two preferred scenarios but i'm open to anything in this series.

    Samurai warriors: extinguished youth's
    The Oda clan has two youth's of great ability in its ranks, both fated to die young. The lord's page Ranmaru would eventually follow his lord to the grave, the genius strategist Hanbei is withering away from illness. My idea would be to have both of them bond throughout an rp set in the earlier stages of the game were the Oda clan seek to take over Japan. Between the battle the cheerful Hanbei would befriend the introvert and awkward Ranmaru and try to break the boy out of his shell.

    Samurai warriors: Light and darkness
    After the Oda clan it would be the Toyotomi's turn to try and seek domination over Japan. This rp would focus on the cheerful conqueror and his adviser, the ruthless Kanbei. Both of these men want what is best for the land but have different approaches on how to reach their goal. Kanbei seeks his lord to take a darker path and take a harsh stance on his defeated enemies. Hideyoshi himself is conflicted in doing this and seeks to make friends out of his foes instead. Despite their difference's and falling out the two men would remain loyal to each other to the end.

    Naruto: Akatsuki chronicles
    Everyone agrees Akatsuki got the coolest characters from Naruto right? In this rp we would play out the rise of the nefarious organisation and its members. How each of them came to join Akatsuki and their missions in which they captured their tailed beasts.

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    pparently big bad Madara and big good Hashirama used to be friends in their childhood and for once i really liked this trope. It was cliche but i thought the interaction between the boys was amusing.

    I was thinking that some time after the two broke their friendship a common enemy appears that threatens both the Senju and the Uchiha clans and the boys would find themselves in the awkward situation that requires them to work closely as allies. Hashirama is ecstatic to have his friend back...Madara isn't...or is he?

    Full metal alchemist

    Full Metal Alchemist: The aggression of Drachma
    In this rp Edward Elric would find himself partnered up with Drachma's youngest state alchemist for a mission that would greatly benefit both countries. Of course Drachma would turn out to have ulterior motives and the countries would steer towards total war. The full metal Alchemist would find himself as the only one capable of stopping the incoming war.
  2. Finally! Someone who likes FEA! I would love to do a Fire Emblem: Awakening roleplay with you!
  3. Great! i'l send you a pm.
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