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* Please be respectful when using actual individuals (YouTubers...) in role plays.

* All potential partners must be at least eighteen or older.

* Mature content will be written, if anything makes you uncomfortable please let me know so that we can avoid those subjects.

* I will only roleplay through PM because I find Threads to be very disorganized.

* Please post at least two complete paragraphs per character.

* Doubling is allowed.

* I play female and male secondary characters but my main will always be a female.

* I'm perfectly content with all sexualities and orientations being used in role plays.

* I'm open to discussions and casual conversations, please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to.

Current Cravings

Dan Howell

Phil Lester

Wade Wilson

Peter Quill

Yondu Udonta
(Guardians of the Galaxy)

Hiccup Haddock
(How To Train Your Dragon)

(How To Train Your Dragon)

Spencer Reid
(Criminal Minds)
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