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  1. Introduction:
    I'm a twenty-two year old college student with a few autoimmune diseases (mentioned in my signature) and therefore might be unable to reply immediately or following a strict schedule.

    However, I do enjoy role playing and will try my best to be frequent with my replies when I'm available.

    Before you contact me with a role play invitation, please make yourself aware of the following requirements:

    - I expect communication through OOC for discussions regarding our characters, the plot or anything else related to the role play.

    - I'm a firm believer in writing until the story has finished and sometimes the role play may reach completion within a month or longer, a year or more, so dedication is crucial!

    - While I don't mind suggesting my own ideas or concepts, please be willing to share your own.

    - If you haven't notified me of your upcoming absences, which I will kindly do in return for myself, then after a month of no responses the role play will be terminated.

    - In heterosexual pairings, I prefer to play the female character.

    - I have nothing against homosexual male pairings, but I don't enjoy writing as a male main character.

    - As for homosexual female pairings, I'll gladly partake.

    - If we're role playing a fandom, please be prepared to double in the role play.
    I will do the same, unless you're eager to only play the role I'm asking for.

    - I'm only comfortable role playing with individuals that are either eighteen or older and this is because I enjoy having mature themes either mentioned or written in my role plays.

    ★ - My Character

    Doctor Who
    ★Rose Tyler & 9th Doctor
    ★Rose Tyler & 10th Doctor
    ★Original Character (Human or Alien) & 9th Doctor
    ★Original Character (Human or Humans) & 10th Doctor

    ★Original Character & Tony Stark
    ★Original Character & Bruce Banner
    ★Original Character & Steve Rogers
    ★Natasha Romanoff & Bruce Banner
    ★Original Character & Scott Lang
    ★Thor Odinson & Original Character
    ★Thor Odinson & Jane Foster
    ★Rouge & Gambit
    ★Original Character & Wolverine

    Lost Girl
    ★Kenzi & Vex
    ★Original Character & Vex

    Criminal Minds
    ★Original Character & Spencer Reid
    ★Jennifer Jareau & Spencer Reid
    ★Penelope Garcia & Derek Morgan
    ★Derek Morgan & Original Character
    ★Aaron Hotchner & Original Character

    Harry Potter
    ★Original Character & George Weasley
    ★Original Character & Fred Weasley
    ★Original Character & Draco Malfoy
    ★Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy
    ★Luna Lovegood & George Weasley
    ★Luna Lovegood & Seamus Finnegan
    ★Nymphadora Tonks & Remus Lupin

    Jurassic World
    Original Character & Owen Grady

    If there's a fandom that I didn't list in which you're interested in, just ask me!
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  2. Would you be willing to do a join made original style female X female rp? I have a few ideas and willing to create a rp together. I tend to stay away from books, TV shows, comics/manga/amine, and cartoon driven ideas. Feel free to pm me.
  3. ★Original Character (Human or Alien) & 9th Doctor(I kinda have a plot for this)
    Also are you a DC fan?
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  4. I'd love to hear your plot idea.

    Also, yes, I am.
  5. I like:
    Rouge and Gambit
    OC and Fred/George
    Hermione and Draco
    Luna and George/Seamus
  6. Which would you prefer?
  7. I'm really interested in both Rouge x Gambit & Luna x George.
  8. Alright, Rogue x Gambi?
  9. Sure! :D

    Do you mind if I play Rouge? She's my favorite.
  10. Do you mind role playing through PM? I prefer it. Also, did you have any plots in mind?
  11. Still looking for some more role plays.
  12. Still searching for some more partners!
  13. Thor Odinson & Jane Foster & Rose Tyler & 10th Doctor are the two that I would love to do ^_^
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