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  1. What's your favourite fandom to play? Why? Do you play canons or OCs in this setting?
  2. I like playing OCs in all Fandom RPs simply because I rarely see people playing canon characters accurately. I don't hold it against people though, it can be a hard thing to do which is why I tend not to do it myself.

    As for my favorite fandom to play, I'd have to say Naruto. Aside from the fact that I don't watch good anime, it's the setting I'm most familiar with and one I find myself adapting to well even if some things about the world is changed. It's either Naruto or Avatar [The Last Airbender]/Korra, two (Three?) fandom RPs I have the most experience with.
  3. My favorite is probably Game of Thrones, but with some particular caveats because I'm very picky about fandom roleplays. It absolutely must be an alternate universe thing without any of the important characters of the show/books being present, and it cannot be set in the future from the time of the show/books. Same time period alternate universe is okay, but I prefer going with an alternate universe in the past because then there are fewer canonical history things to worry about altering. This fandom setting is my favorite because it hits most of the high points of things I like in roleplaying in general (fantasy, gritty realism, large setting), plus I'm a huge nerd and love the books/show a lot so playing around in that world is fun.

    I refuse to play canon characters in any fandom roleplay, and if canon characters are at all present in one then I'm probably not going to bother joining. The only exception I've ever allowed has been in Game of Thrones historical alternate universe settings where a few of the named characters from history were used; this was alright by me because they were so vaguely described (just a few adjectives and tales of their deeds really) in the canon that they were able to be worked into relatively original characters despite having the name and position of a canon character. Also, those were only characters used by the GM and co-GMs to act as plot pushing NPCs. I suppose I could be okay with that sort of setup in other settings, but almost every time I see canon characters in play in a fandom RP it's done in the ways I don't care for.
  4. I actually tend to join crossovers more often than any single-fandom RP. And, crossovers, by nature, usually involve canon characters -- which I've never had too much of a problem with, especially since, in long-running RP's of this nature, the canon characters sort of develop over time into someone they never were in the show due to being shaped by a completely new world and set of experiences to deal with.

    One thing I've recently found to be particularly fascinating, though, is the idea of characters that are partially canon and partially OC from the start, which is sort of what happened in my Fandomstuck RP by virtue of its premise. Basically, the RP is about the personified versions of fandoms -- characters that represent an entire TV show/video game series/etc in its entirety. The majority of these fandom entities are clearly based on their main character(s) and resemble those characters in a number of ways, but they aren't really the same as canon characters because their existence as a fandom allows them to be quite different from that character, and gives the person playing them a lot of room for creativity in regards to how they would represent that fandom. I hadn't thought about it much when first I started the RP, but I've realized now that it allows there to be characters that are sort of canon but also are much like OC's. And what's interesting about this is that these pseudo-copies of said characters don't need to be represented wholly accurately to the source material, which eliminates one of the biggest gripes people usually have about canon characters -- and, even I've found it to be a lot more enjoyable than playing strictly canon characters, while still keeping what I like about playing canon characters. And, because of that, I actually haven't started or joined another RP with strictly canon characters since starting this RP, because it just seems hard to go back to playing strictly canon characters after finding something that provides a similar experience while being so much easier to play and allowing so much more room for creativity. o.o

    I don't know how one would go about replicating that sort of thing in a different setting. I suppose it could be an AU version of a series, thus allowing the players to make AU versions of each canon character and leave themselves room for creativity (then again, I suppose that depends on just how far-off the AU is from the source material). I don't really know; I discovered this interesting little phenomenon sort of by accident, and I just thought it was worth sharing. XD
  5. I don't play much fandom RPs (though I might steal a few elements from them), the only fandom I try to regularly get up as an rp is rise of the guardians (or a crossover between rotg and frozen). I love playing Jack Frost for some reason o_o His personality is usually a little bit tweaked though, cause portraying a character just as they are in the movie isn't really my thing. That's why I usually play OCs if I do a fandom for any other movie/series. I do try to keep as much of his original personality as possible of course, but there are quite a few changes, especially when we're going for a plot in which Jack takes a different route and doesn't join the guardians.
  6. I hardly ever do fandoms anymore, primarily because I don't play enough games or watch enough TV to really get invested in any fan universes xD

    Historically my favorites were always Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda based, but back then I was much younger and much more into that stuff. I could probably still do a fandom in them but lately just haven't had much interest.

    The only fandom I REALLY want is of the (now-dead) TV series Revolution.

    As for the OC/canon character, it never really made a difference to me as long as I felt like the canon character was at least somewhat true to form. Personally I prefer playing OCs in a canon universe, though.
  7. I nearly do only fandoms usually doing a mix of playing OCs and canon characters. From my experience playing original ideas have not been fun for me at all so I avoid them now. The fandoms I rp differ though based on what I'm into and if I feel comfortable playing them. Usually I have an oc and the person I rp with has one and we both play our own oc along with some canon characters depending on who our character is interacting with. Just the formula for rps that I'm used to. Don't think I'll ever try original rps again though just had some awful experience with them.
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