Fandoms; Which are you part of?

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  1. So I was just going to create a thread about just how amazing ponies are. I love MLP and am proud to show it, but I figured all the other fandoms needed some love too. Or maybe that is just the sleep deprivation speaking, either way still thought that this would be a good idea. Then again I also thought scaring my boss who knows kick boxing was a good idea, one bloody nose later I knew that I have made a bad judgement.

    So what is your fandom and why? Of fandoms. You can also mention the fandoms you aren't into, just don't insult people who like that, dun want fandom wars unless it involves creative fan art appropriate for all ages like a hoarde of ponies attacking Pokemon as Spartans.

    Personally my favourite has got to be either Lord of the Rings or Star Trek; one because I adore science fiction and I pretended most of my childhood that I was a time travelling cadet of Starfleet who was on a secret mission. The other because I really love the analogies in it; Samwise by far I think was the best character in that entire series.
  2. Well looking at the Avatar I'm automatically covered under: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Pokemon and Doctor Who.

    Though to include those not represented by the Avatar: Fate, Star Wars, Clannad (Dango's Specifically), Game of Thrones, Marvel Movies (Not the comics), Sun Bros (Dark Souls).
    I would add Halo... But that would require me to include 343's stuff, which I'd rather pretend doesn't exist.
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  3. I'm really into the Sharp Cheddar Cheese fandom.
  4. idk, it depends. Is being a fan of something enough to say your'e part of the fandom even if you don't do the merch/fanforum/fanfic/fanart/fangirling bits? Cause if so I'm in a LOT of fandoms

    the only things I actively express my fandom for would be Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA:Brotherhood, Pokemon, and Lord of the Rings
  5. [​IMG]
    you get three guesses what 'mainstream fandom' i'm part of
    I'm also a fan of the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu, and am a Procrastinator
    The character art of my set is done by Cranky Construct, who's done animation and collaborative work with the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu as well. His stuff is great.

    And... that's really all the groups of content creators and creative works that I'm more than just a passing fan of.
  6. Furries?
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  7. ... well, that's one guess wasted.
  8. Shit.
    Uh... Star Trek?
  9. Only the original series. Give me my ham and my camp, please, you can take your lens flare and unnecessary gratuitous action scenes.
  10. So I guess correctly then? :P
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Fate franchise

    cuz i love me saber, rin, and sword spam
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  14. The only fandom I need to be a part of is Vocaloids.

    I'm also kind of in the furry fandom, but not really, I'm more of an outsider in the community. I mean, I do consider myself to be part cat, but I don't really have plans to ever outwardly express that fact; so don't expect me to go around wearing a fur suit to any conventions any time soon.
  15. In no particular order:

    Doctor Who
    Star Wars
    Mass Effect
    Attack on Titan
    Minecraft (is there even a Minecraft fandom?)
    The Elder Scrolls
    Lord of the Rings
    Steam Powered Giraffe (so underground omg)
    Dragon Riders of Pern
    Pacific Rim
    Monty Python

    And the list goes on...

    While I enjoy certain parts of the MLP:FiM fandom, I don't count myself as a part of the mainstream. Definitely not a bloody Brony. But, partially, yes, I'm in that fandom. Like a filthy casual.
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  16. Like Minibit, my potential fandom associations depend on what exactly you mean by 'fandom.' If you mean the kind that actively shows their enthusism, then just Game of Thrones, and even then I just use a character from it as my avatar and talk about it now and then with internet friends and get hyped about new info and such. If you mean just that I enjoy the thing a lot then there are too many things for me to bother typing out on my phone.
  17. Browncoat.

    Enough said.
  18. "I'm nice and friendly and fuwa fuwari, but if you mess with my Touhous, I'll rip your assholecheeks apart, sautee them, and force them down the throat of your firstborn loli."~

    Also Nasuverse, but not that much as I used to anymore.
  19. @Koschei , there's an entire Minecraft convention and a very obsessive player base. It certainly has a fandom.

    Anyways, I'm in the same boat as Mini and Jorick where I really kind of need to know how you define a fandom. If it's liking something a lot to the point of buying merchandise and making roleplays, then I have a couple that qualify, but if it's actually being a part of an online community with other fans and indulging in their creations and getting to the point where I pretty much live it day and night or obsess with shit like "shipping" or whatever, then no.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, there's games and books and settings that appeal to me and I certainly take a great interest in a bunch of stuff if the story and setting are appealing.

    I'd probably say my favorite two are Mass Effect and A Song of Ice and Fire, both of which I have quite a large collection of merchandise for both and have spent god knows how many hours talking to people about. I adore the settings and characters and feel very invested in both franchises.

    I have a lesser but still pretty solid interest in The Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, and Assassin's Creed. They're all games where I own all the major entries, and in a lot of cases I get books and merchandise related to it.

    Past that I like endless thingsnbut don't feel connected to a fandom of any sorts. Hell, usually fandoms of anything are fucking awful the deeper you go.
  20. I don't like being a part of fandoms. At all.

    Just for the sake it automatically lumps me in with the worst and most obnoxious of the group. It's something me and my spouse have come to detest and it's really killed our love of some settings and characters.

    That's not all to say I don't like things and enjoy talking about them on occasion. It's just more than once it gets brought up and the other person EXPLODES into a fit of inhuman adoration for something fictional (and often out of their age range).
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