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  1. :duh:
    I get sick a lot and I have medical concerns that might make it impossible for me to reply on a regular schedule.
    Please be understanding to my situation.

    :cow: About Me:
    Firstly, thank you for taking a gander at this Interest Check. I appreciate the gesture.

    I prefer to role play within a fandom and this is because original themes tend to lose my interest. Since I'm struggling to write my own novels, five of them at the moment, I don't want to be influenced by other people's imagination. That just seems wrong to me. Also, fandoms are more entertaining for me. Always have been. I'll occasionally take on an original theme every now and again, if it catches my eye.

    :confetti: Requirements:
    Frequent Posting! || At least once a day, even more is happily welcomed and encouraged!

    Minimum Age Requirement of Eighteen! (Adult/Mature Warning) || I'm twenty-one and don't feel comfortable role playing with anyone below eighteen, sorry! Also, I do occasionally write mature scenes that can either be extremely descriptive or more emotionally-focused and less detailed. I prefer to have a partner that isn't uncomfortable with Adult/Mature Themes.

    Adequate Grammar, Proper Spelling and Comprehensible Writing! || To the best of your abilities, please! The really simple mistakes are what annoy me: lack of capitalization, forgetting to separate paragraphs...etc. I won't get angry if you accidentally make a mistake, but if it's a frequent occurrence I'll call you out on it.

    Communication is Key! || I like getting to know my partners! Don't like the rp? Let me know! Wanna drop out? Fine, just say so!

    Willing to Double Characters! || Self explanatory. I don't mind if it's FxF or if I play the female role, but if you want me to play a male character OC or Canon, I'm going to ask that you do the same for me. Equality, y'know?

    Long Term Dedication || I don't want a role play to only be a few pages in length. I enjoy role plays that span out to at least a few months or however long it takes for the story to reach completion. I have no limit. I'll role play the same thing for a year, if it keeps my interest.

    PM ONLY || I won't role play outside of the PM system and I have my reasons, but mainly it's because I dislike the set of forums and prefer to keep everything neatly organized through the private messaging system.

    :pokepoke: Currently Searching For Partners :pokepoke:

    Natasha X Bruce

    Kenzi x Hale
    (Lost Girl)

    Captain Jack Sparrow x OC
    (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    William Turner x OC
    (Pirates of the Carribean)

    Calypso x OC
    (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    OC x Barnabas Collins
    (Dark Shadows)

    Celebrity x OC
    (Actor, Musician, Athlete....)​
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  2. Hmm do you do video game fandoms too? if so can ya list them?
  3. Oh oh well.

    I'm thinking a pirate of the Carribean with you but its been years since i last watched the first movie but hey the wiki (and thepiratebay) exist.
  4. OC x OC or with the canon characters? :)
  5. I don't really play canon characters (i wont mind if you do though) so yea OC x OC i guess.
  6. Is the list above the only Fandom pairings you're interested in? (In other words, looking for.)
  7. Have you read the Hunger Games or watched the movies? (Noticed your 'I'm open to fandom suggestions' line.)
  8. I watched the first Hunger Games movie. It was awesome.
  9. The entire series is awesome, ha. Would you be interested in that fandom? (If not, I'm totes fine with Harry Potter.)
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  10. I'm afraid I would just butcher the characters because I'm not that familiar with it. I'm sorry. :( Always open to Harry Potter, though. :)
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