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  1. hi. I'm looking for a romance rp with some fandoms. I do tend to play the female role but if its a yoai I will play a male.
    In response terms I would like it to be a paragraph if not at least 2 lines please. so here are the fandoms i rp....

    soul eater (soul x maka, kid x patty)
    attack on titan (eren x levi)
    star vs the forces of evil (star x marco)
    gravity falls (bill x mabel, mabel x dipper)
    ouran host club (hikaru x kaoru, honey x mori)
    vampire knight (zero x yuki)
    fullmetal alchemist (edward x alphonse, edward x roy, edward x winry)
    madoka magica (homura x madoka)
    life is strange (chloe x max)
    hetalia (prussia x romano) (I don't know much so please don't get mad at me)
    Black butler (alois x ciel, alois x claude)

    please pm me if any of these interest you please!!!! thank yooouuu :heart::bouncy:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.