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    Hello everyone. I have taken a small break from the site, but now I am back.
    Welcome to my request thread.
    Just a few things before you click through and see if you are interested.

    I would appreciate if people would PM me instead of posting here.
    It is easier for me to review and of course keeps the thread clean for me.
    All the characters in the story would be aged up, 18+. Though I prefer keeping my characters in the 20-30 range.
    Though, this is my request thread if you see an idea that is like yours or have something you're interested in and you think I may like it please feel free to reach out!

    I also would only feel comfortable writing with those who are 18+ due to the fact smut is always a possibility in my stories. Thank you!

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    I am 30 years old and I have been role playing for about 18 years. I am happy to try all different kinds of stories, but I do prefer there be some sort of romance thrown into the story. I am a special education teacher and work full time. Those hours are 8AM to 4PM EST. I do have time during my own breaks to reply, but most of my writing is done in the evening. I also have a toddler and sometimes my time is wrapped up in him and I cannot be completely active in the story everyday, but I am a sucker for OOC chatter with my partners.

    I primarily play the female characters, but I do enjoy doubling and will play a male counterpart for my partners if they would like. I prefer using real face claims over anime and do enjoy short character sheets, so that there is something for both of us to reference back to when we are creating this tale together. I write in PMs and in threads, you just tell me your preference and will go with that! Also, I have cannons characters for my fandoms listed, but if cannon isn't your thing we can also do two OC characters.

    My F-list
    This will be updated randomly and we can discuss things more if there is something on there you like, but don't see. I am a flexible person for the most part.

    I'll add this here, but what I am asking from my partners:
    I enjoy someone who can write 2-5 detailed paragraphs. For me, quality over quantity is always the best option. If we can both write more than beautiful, if not and it is detailed and easy to pull from also great. I write in third person and would like my partners to do as well. I also would just love good communication. If you are busy or need to be gone for extended period time all I ask is that you tell me so that I don't assume you have slipped away. I promise to do the same thing.

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    In fandoms, I am asking to play the OC against the cannon. Unless we are doubling and I play a cannon for you and of course if we decided we're both playing OCs.
    In the original I will just italize the part I would like to play.



    OC x Simon
    OC x Anthony


    OC x Markiplier
    OC x Mindseed TV (Colt or Casey)
    OC x Repzilla

    Queen of the Damned:

    OC x Lestat


    OC x Jughead
    OC x FP


    OC x Dean

    Sons of Anarchy:

    OC x Jax
    OC x Juice

    Vampire Diaries:

    OC x Damon
    OC x Mason or Tyler Lockwood
    OC x Klaus


    OC x Edward
    OC x Jasper
    OC x Emmett

    Harry Potter:

    OC x Draco Malfoy

    OC x Any Weasley Boys

    Ghost Adventures:

    OC x Zak Bagans

    Criminal Minds:

    OC x Spencer Reid

    Stranger Things:

    OC x Billy Hargrove
    OC x Eddie Munson

    OC x Steve Harrington

    Haunting Adeline:
    OC x Zade


    We can discuss different groups if anyone is interested


    Undercover Cop x Mob Boss's Daughter
    Ex-Girlfriend x
    Band Member (Plot)
    Love Triangle (Rough Idea)
    New Girl Theme (Plot)
    Cinderella Story Theme (Plot)
    The Wedding Date (Plot)
    Enemies to Lovers

    Roommates to Lovers
    Prisoner x Pen Pal (Plot)
    Haunting Adeline Theme

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    If doubling I can play: Benedict, Eloise or Colin.

    Sons of Anarchy:
    If doubling I can play: Juice, Opie or Chibs.

    Vampire Diaries
    If doubling I can play: Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Ana or Elijah.

    If doubling I can play: Jacob, Alice, Edward or Carlisle.

    Stranger Things
    If doubling I can play: Eddie, Steve, Jonathan, Nancy or Robin.


    New Girl Theme

    Cinderella Story

    Enemies to Lovers

    Haunting Adeline

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I would  love to do the cinderella story