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  1. Hello there! I'm Otome and this is my one x one search thread for a few cravings I've been having. c: I'm 18+ years of age and my roleplay skills are a bit rusty from not roleplaying in a while, but I'm hoping to get back into it~ Do feel free to take a look at my resume and whatnot to see if I'm the right partner for you!


    - I have a strong preference for het or yaoi roleplays, but I'll still do yuri too. c:
    - I play both males and females... but I'll admit I sadly have a bit of trouble playing more 'dominant' characters. ; w;
    - Not picky at all about post length or grammar... I can adapt to pretty much anything~
    - I try to reply once a day at least, and my average post length is about a paragraph or two.
    - I could write more, but school gets in the way often, so longer replies may take me much longer... ^^;;
    - I'm perfectly fine with doubling or having multiple roleplays, so just ask!
    - My only definite no's are: pregnancy/furries/scat/watersports/futas.
    - I greatly prefer plot over porn, but... PWP roleplays are okay every once in a while?
    - I will never leave a person hanging without giving a heads up!
    - While I'd appreciate for you to do the same, I won't be angry if you don't.
    - I prefer to roleplay over threads but I'll consider PMs or anywhere else you have in mind~
    - I consider myself to be a very easygoing person. Don't be scared to chat with me about whatever!
    - If you have any questions, just ask! We're both here to have fun! x3

    FANDOMS (I'm fine with AUs, crossovers, and canon x oc trades!):

    Bold = My preferred character (if none are underlined then I can play either)
    Striked out = No longer searching
    No exclamations = Not too interested but will do it
    One exclamation(!) = I'm interested
    Two exclamations(!!) = I'm seriously craving it

    Rin x Haru !
    Makoto x Haru !!
    Sousuke x Rin !!
    Rin x Nitori
    Seijuro x Gou !
    Momo x Nitori !!
    Momo x Gou
    Momo x Rin
    Momo x Anyone
    Nagisa x Rei
    Nagisa x Nitori
    Rei x Rin
    Sousuke x Nitori
    x Sousuke !
    Kisumi x Makoto !
    Kisumi x Haru
    Kisumi x Rin !
    Kisumi x Anyone
    Seijuro x Momo (can be strictly platonic) !!
    Seijuro x Rin
    x Rin
    canon x oc trade
    Suggest any other pairing (I literally support them all)

    Persona 4:
    Adachi x Sho !
    Dojima x Adachi !!
    Yosuke x Teddie (I prefer this to be strictly platonic?) !
    Adachi x Yosuke
    Yosuke x Yukiko
    Yosuke x Yu/Souji !
    Sho x Minazuki !
    Kou x Daisuke !
    Naoki x Anyone
    Shadow Yosuke x Shadow Yukiko !
    Yukiko x Chie
    Kou x Chie !
    Kanji x Naoto !
    canon x oc trade !!

    Sengoku Basara (can be anime or gameverse):

    Kojuro x Masamune !
    Masamune x Yukimura
    Oichi x Masamune !!
    Oichi x Nagamasa !!
    Motochika x Mori
    Kasuga x Sasuke !
    Kotaro x Tsuruhime !!
    Tsuruhime x Oichi
    canon x oc trade !

    Dangan Ronpa:

    Togami x Fukawa/Genocider !!
    Ishimaru x Mondo !
    Hagakure x Asahina !
    Sakura x Asahina
    Mondo x Fujisaki
    x Togami
    oc x oc !!

    Super Dangan Ronpa 2:

    Sonia x Tanaka !!
    Kazuichi x Sonia !
    Fuyuhiko x Peko !!
    Tsumiki x Anyone !!
    Hinata x Komaeda
    oc x oc !!

    Corpse Party:

    Kurosaki x Kizami !!
    Morishige x Mayu !
    Yoshiki x Ayumi !!
    oc x oc !
    canon x oc trade !!

    Kuroko no Basket:

    Tatsuya x Kagami !
    Murasakibara x Tatsuya
    Wakamatsu x Sakurai !!
    Aomine x Sakurai !
    Imayoshi x Sakurai !!
    Hyuga x Teppei
    Kagami x Kuroko !
    Takao x Midorima
    Aomine x Momoi !
    Kise x Kuroko
    x Aomine
    Kasamatsu x Kise
    canon x oc trade

    Mikage x Teito !!
    Teito x Hakuren
    Hakuren x Mikage
    Kuroyuri x Haruse
    Kuroyuri x Anyone
    Ayanami x Hyuga

    Sousuke x Shino
    Sousuke x Ao !
    Keno x Kobungo !!
    Kobungo x Genpachi !!
    Dousetsu x Yukihime !
    Rio x Kaname !!
    Kaname x Ayane !
    Rio x Shino
    canon x oc trade !


    Tohru x Natsuno !
    oc x oc

    Yogi x Gareki !!
    Hirato x Yogi
    Akari x Yogi !
    Karoku x Nai
    Hirato x Akari
    Yogi x Nai
    Gareki x Nai
    Tsukitachi x Hirato
    Tsukitachi x Akari

    Natsume Yuujinchou:
    Tanuma x Natsume !
    Matoba x Natori !!
    Natori x Hiiragi
    canon x oc trade

    Hijikata x Mitsuba !!
    Sougo x Hijikata
    Sougo x Kagura
    Yamazaki x Hijikata !
    Yamazaki x Tama !
    Kondo x Ayame
    canon x oc trade !

    Rabbit Doubt:

    Haruka x Eiji !!
    Eiji x Hajime !
    Rei x Haruka
    Haruka x Hajime !
    Eiji x Yu !
    Hajime x Yu !
    Yu x Haruka !
    Yu x Rei !
    Eiji x Rei
    Hajime x Rei
    oc x oc !
    canon x oc trade !!

    Togainu no Chi:

    Keisuke x Akira !!
    Akira x Rin
    Shiki x Rin !
    Keisuke x Rin
    Keisuke x Anyone !
    Keisuke x oc
    oc x oc !

    Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (1, 2, 3):

    Ruka x Kou !!
    canon x oc trade !!
    Suggest any other pairing (I literally support them all) !

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:

    Mukuro x Chrome !
    Bel x Fran !
    Gokudera x Yamamoto
    x Tsuna
    Gokudera x Haru !!
    Chrome x Anyone
    Ken x Chikusa
    Haru x Tsuna
    Haru x Hibari !
    canon x oc trade !!
    oc x oc

    Durarara!! (anime-verse only):
    Kida x Saki !
    Kasuka x Shizuo (can be strictly platonic?) !!
    oc x oc
    canon x oc trade !

    Other Fandoms:

    Sweet Fuse (ocs accepted, canon x oc trade accepted)
    Death Note
    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Angel Beats! (ocs accepted)
    Persona 3 Portable
    Kingdom Hearts
    Fate/Stay Night (and Fate/Zero) (ocs accepted)
    Higurashi/When They Cry (ocs accepted)
    Another (ocs accepted)
    Deadman Wonderland
    Ask about anything else!

    ORIGINAL PAIRINGS (Feel free to mix and match ideas!):

    *Note* As of right now, I'm only accepting original het roleplays IF they're from the plots listed below~

    Bully x Victim
    Assassin x Target/Mistaken target
    Older sibling x Younger sibling (could also be adopted/half/step siblings)
    Master x Slave
    Lover died (afraid to love another) x Replacement/New interest (possibly resembles the former love interest in some way?)
    Scientist x Experiment
    Best friend x Sexually abused friend

    Delinquent x Good kid
    Kidnapper x Captive
    x Disciplinary student
    Therapist x Mentally unstable person
    Stalker x Stalked
    Mafia boss x Victim
    Rising star
    x Manager
    Enemy x Enemy
    Doctor x Patient
    Teacher x Student
    Hired detective x Runaway
    Cop x Criminal
    Criminal x Sociopath
    Best friend x Best friend
    Royalty x Royalty
    Royalty x Knight
    Royalty x Criminal
    Demon x Human
    Military commander x Rival military commander
    Military commander x Military solder


    Show Spoiler

    Why won't you love me?
    C1 has always admired C2 and always tries to be around C2... but C2 always had their eyes on C3, a person who's so much more outgoing and perfect than C1 could ever be. That's when C1 meets C4 and secretly attempts to use them in order to make C2 jealous... but will everything go as planned or will things end up a whole different way?
    (Het preferred, I prefer to play C1 and C3~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Rude Awakening
    C1 and C2 had known each other since they were little. C1 always had a huge crush on C2 and did whatever they could to please them, but C2 never reciprocated the feelings, leaving C1 heartbroken. The two ended up losing touch with one another (maybe one of them could have moved) and now years later, C2 ends up running into C1 again. At first they don't recognize the other but C2 takes an instant liking to C1 whether it's for their looks or personality, to the fall of being in love. What will happen once they find out about each other's identity?
    (Het preferred, I prefer to play C2~)

    - - - - - - - -

    A New Life
    C1 and C2 have known each other as little kids and they would never get along. C1 and C2 would constantly get into fights and hated each other, but they both had their own problems to deal with. Now that they are older and in high school, they both have new conflicts and their own lives to live. Had they changed at all since they were younger? Will they be able to work out their differences and forgive one another or will they continue to hate each other?
    (Yaoi preferred~)

    - - - - - - - -

    All About Us
    C1 had always been a bit of a spoiled brat who was extremely popular. C1 was constantly the center of attention and always thought they were too good for anybody else. When C1 fell in love with someone, they were shocked when that person turned them down. Feeling heartbroken and not used to rejection, C1 fell into a spiral of depression. Suddenly feeling that the world had turned against them, things only become worse and worse each day, up until one night C1 tried taking their own life. Their plan was foiled, however, when C2 saw them and stopped them. It turns out that the two go to the same school together and since that day, C2 refuses to leave C1 alone. What will happen? Will C1 be annoyed or is C2 the only one who can save C1 from the sadness they feel?
    (Het or yuri preferred, I can play either character~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Revenge is Sweet
    C1 is a selfish person who thinks only of himself. He lies, cheats, and hurts others in order to get what he wants. C2 wasn't an exception to that rule either. When they were younger, C2 had always looked up to C1 and saw C1 as their best friend. But one day, C1 betrayed them (the details of how can be worked out in a PM) which ends up ruining C2's life. After some years had passed, C1 and C2 bump into one another again. C1 either (depending on your preference) ended up becoming a more decent person, or stayed the same. Nevertheless, C2 is hardly pleased and wants to exact some type of revenge.
    (Yaoi and dark themes such as rape/violence/abuse preferred, I prefer to play C1~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Save Me From Myself
    C1 and C2 had always been best friends, but complete opposites. C1 was always a strong child with lots of friends while C2 was always weak with no friends. C2 always looked up to C1 and C1 always helped C2 whenever C2 needed it. However, over the years, C2 began to feel both jealous and inferior and begins pushing C1 away while acting much more selfish. C2's lifestyle starts falling apart (whether it's because they get themselves in shady things or they deliberately harm themselves). What will become of their friendship? Will it remain strong or will it start to crumble?

    (Yuri preferred, I prefer to play C2~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Deadly Love
    C1 is yakuza leader who is nearly killed by his family when they deemed him to be too weak. He is rescued from the brink of death by C2, but by doing so, that just put them in more danger. C3 is a rival yakuza leader and their partner, C4, witnessed everything and decides to kidnap C2 while forcing them to make a choice -- either join them or be killed. However, C4 isn't pleased to have another member join, especially if it will take C3's attention from him, and he becomes rather possessive of C3. What type of chaos will await them all?
    (Yaoi preferred, I prefer to play C2 and C4~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover
    C1 is a seemingly perfect person on the surface while C2 is the complete opposite. C1 is popular and well-liked by everyone, while C2 is shunned and scorned. What most people don't know is that C1 is hiding a secret. Deep down, they are far from perfect and one day, C2 witnesses C1 doing something horrible (i.e. abusing a child/animal or something - it can change depending on the RP)... to which C2 decides to record. He then uses that to blackmail C1... but just what does he want from C1 and would he be able to get it?
    (Yaoi and dark themes preferred, I prefer to play C1~)

    - - - - - - - -

    A Romeo and Juliet Story
    C1 was born into an extremely strict family, while C2 was born into a very neglectful family. One day, C1 saves C2 from drowning, and ever since then, C2 had been in love with C1 and constantly tries to get their attention. The only problem is... C1's family absolutely prohibits same-sex relationships, so C1 constantly tries to not get too close or friendly with C2. But when C1 starts to fall for C2... what will happen then?
    (Yuri or yaoi preferred, I prefer to play C2~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Eternal Affections
    It had been six years since C1 had lost their beloved cat. Then, one day, C1 meets a person who claims to be that same cat! C1 doesn't believe it at first, but apparently C1's cat, C2, was given a second chance at life due to their devotion for their owner... but this time as a human! C2 has retained all of their memories, so what will happen when C1 and C2 are reunited, and will C1 even believe C2?
    (Het or yuri preferred, I prefer to play C1~)

    - - - - - - - -

    Please Notice Me
    C1 is in a relationship. They have been dating the person of their dreams and they are perfectly happy. C2 is someone that had loved C1 for a long time and was too afraid to make a move. Now C2 secretly wishes that C1 could fall in love with them instead, and even though they feel it's too late, C2 constantly tries to support C1 and constantly tries getting their attention regardless. They always remain by C1's side, acting as the best friend and listening to everything C1 has to say. Will C1 finally notice them and their feelings, or will they only want to remain as friends?
    (Het preferred, I prefer to play C2~)

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  2. Sengoku Basara <3 Masamune x Yukimura. I am certainly interested! ^_^ also do you like Devil May Cry???
  3. Hey I'd like to do a Bleach rp if you're up for it.
  4. Hello! I can most certainly do that pairing with you~ ^^ Would you like to PM me so we can work out the details?

    As for DMC, I do like it, but I've only watched the anime and haven't played any of the games, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to RP it accurately. ; w; I'm sorry!
    #4 OtomeLove, Jun 23, 2015
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  5. Hello! Oh, I wouldn't mind at all~ But as a fair warning, I haven't watched/read it in a while. I got up to the part just before Ichigo's final fight with Ulquiorra... so pre-timeskip. ^^;;

    If that's not a problem and you're still interested though, then please feel free to PM me!
  6. I would love to do "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover" or Older sibling x Younger sibling.

    I prefer Yaoi by the way~

  7. Hello, I'd be more than happy to do either one (or even both) of those with you, so whatever you prefer! PM me and we can work things out? ^^
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  8. Kuroko no Basket:
    canon x oc trade

    canon x oc trade

    Kingdom hearts

    any of those? :D

  9. Hello there! Oohh, those are such difficult choices...! I'm fine with all of them honestly, but if I were to choose one, I may be most interested in Free!~ Unless you prefer something else?

    But either way, would you like to PM me and we can talk more about it there? ^^
  10. Aah, I just realized the 'porn without plot' option is checked when it wasn't supposed to be! ; w;
  11. [​IMG]

    I see Persona 4!!!

    It's so nice to meet you

    There are so many pairings I would want! But I would really love Sho x Adachi, or Adachi x Yosuke. ;o;

  12. (Aww, such a cute gif...! Haha)
    Hello there! It's so nice to meet you as well, fellow P4 fan~ > w<
    Oh yay, I'd love to do Sho x Aachi with you! But I wouldn't mind Adachi x Yosuke either. ^^

    Would you like to PM me to work out the details? <3
  13. Do you have any interest in Pokemon or gijinka?
  14. Hello, interested innnn

    Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Knight

    or the plot "Please Notice Me"

  15. Hello there! Oh, I'm sadly not... I'm sorry. ; w; My knowledge on Pokemon and gijinkas is very limited... but I wish you the best of luck! <3
  16. Oh, then Delinquent x Disciplinary Student. ^ ^

  17. Hi there! Aha, for Bleach, I'm sadly not caught up... (I'm actually pre-time skip), and for the Fate series, I'd prefer to do something oc based as opposed to actual canon characters? ^^;; Since I'm not too confident in my abilities to play a lot of the canon characters, haha. Other than that though, I'd love to do the "Please Notice Me" plot with you!

    Would you like to PM me so we can further discuss whichever you'd prefer to do? <3

  18. Oh, I'd be happy to do that pairing with you then! Would you like to PM me to work out the details? ^^
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  19. Hello there,
    I am very interested in many of the Original ones.
    Then anime and fandom I am not too keen on working on as I have not seen many of the series in question.
    However, it would still be a honor to work with you. If you are interested in a Roleplay, please drop me a Pm.
    Don't be shy, I hope to hear from you soon.


  20. Message sent~ <3
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