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  1. Requirements:

    :writing:Frequent Posting! ||
    At least once a day, even more is happily welcomed and encouraged!

    :banghead:Adequate Grammar, Proper Spelling and Comprehensible Writing! ||
    The really simple mistakes are what annoy me: lack of capitalization, forgetting to separate paragraphs...etc.

    :grouphug:Communication is Key! ||
    I like getting to know my partners!
    Don't like the rp? Let me know!
    Wanna drop out? Fine, just say so!
    :bananaman:Willing to Double Characters! ||
    I don't mind if it's FxF or if I play the female role, but if you want me to play a male character ,OC or Canon, I'm going to ask that you do the same for me.
    Equality, y'know?

    :thumbsup2: ✔ Long Term Dedication ||
    I don't want a role play to only be a few pages in length.
    I'll role play the same thing for a year, if it keeps my interest.
    I enjoy role plays that span out to at least a few months or however long it takes for the story to reach completion.


    Currently Searching For Partners
    :heartbeat:- Craving
    :lightningbolt: - Plot

    Avengers ||
    :lightningbolt::heartbeat:OC x Bruce:heartbeat::lightningbolt:
    :heartbeat:Genderbent! Steve x Tony:heartbeat:

    X-Men ||
    :heartbeat:Rogue x Gambit:heartbeat:
    :heartbeat:Nightcrawler x OC:heartbeat:
    :lightningbolt::heartbeat:OC x Teen! Magneto:heartbeat::lightningbolt:

    Lost Girl ||
    :lightningbolt::heartbeat: Kenzi x Vex:heartbeat::lightningbolt:
    :heartbeat:OC x Vex:heartbeat:

    Harry Potter ||
    Harry x Draco
    :heartbeat:Lily x Severus:heartbeat:
    :lightningbolt::heartbeat: Salazar Slytherin x Helga Hufflepuff:heartbeat::lightningbolt:

    Air Gear ||
    :heartbeat:Spitfire x OC :heartbeat:
    Agito x OC
    Simca x OC

    Mythology ||
    Human x Nyx
    Human x Selene
    Eris x Human
    Isis x Osiris
    Siren x Human
    Valkyrie x Human

    Half Breeds ||
    (Creatures that can shift into human form)

    Modern ||
    :lightningbolt::heartbeat:Matthew Gray Gubler x OC:heartbeat::lightningbolt:

    :heartbeat:Robert Downey Jr x OC:heartbeat:

    Criminal Minds ||
    :heartbeat:Penelope Garcia x Derek Morgan:heartbeat:

    OC x Aaron Hotchner

    Current Role Plays:
    :pokepoke: - Partner Hiatus
    :dizzy:- Considering Dropping Out

    :pikachu: - Active


    - Harry Potter Fandom -
    :pokepoke: Tangled Hearts
    :pikachu: The Truth Can Break Your Heart
    :pikachu: Love is Blind
    :pikachu: Order of the Phoenix

    - Avengers & Marvel Fandom -
    :pikachu:Well, This Happened
    :pikachu:You're Not a Monster
    :pikachu:X Men: Origins

    - Originals -
    :pokepoke: Show Me Your Teeth, Baby
    :pokepoke: Love Knows No Gender
    :pikachu:Criminal Behavior

    - Criminal Minds -
    :pokepoke: The Two Doctors
    :pokepoke: This is Criminal Behavior
    :pikachu:The B.A.U
    :pikachu:The Behavioral Analysis Unit

    - Mythology -
    :pikachu:The Darkness of Night & Death
    :pikachu:Hades & Persephone
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