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    Hiya everyone I'm Whisper! (or Wisp). I've been browsing through this 1x1 section for awhile now and have finally decided to make my own thread. So without further ado!

    1. A paragraph (6 sentences) per post minimum please.
    2. As long as your grammar is legible I'm cool but please refrain from txt talk in IC.
    2. Posting twice or more a week would be great but i can work with once.
    3. Please let me know if you lose interest or have to leave for some reason.
    4. I'm looking for romance so you must be okay with libertine with a 50-50 to 60-40 plot to smut ratio. But this doesn't mean its going to be all smut-related!
    5. I'm looking for Adept-Intermediate level roleplayers. I just find it easier since thats what I'm at (sorry!).
    6. I can do MxM or FxF but with MxF i prefer to play the female.
    7. I like to play the sub or switch but you might be able to convince me to do dom (worth a try lol).
    8. Dont be afraid to chat with me and throw me your ideas! I really dislike it when my partner makes me do all the work. Its a 50/50 deal!

    Alrighty now thats over with~ Heres what I'm currently craving!
    If theres a ♪ next to it that means i have a plot.
    The amount of *'s is how much I'm craving it.
    All of these will be AU (Alternate universe) from the original storyline.

    My preferred character will be in bold.

    Fandom (open)

    * World Break
    *** Is it wrong to pick up girl's in a Dungeon? ♪
    ** Akame ga Kill
    **** Uraboku
    ***** Problem Children are coming from another world, aren't they? ♪
    **** Yona of the Dawn ♪
    *** Inuyasha
    OC x Inuyasha
    ***** Hunter x Hunter ♪
    OC x Adult Killua
    ** Naruto
    ** Magi ♪
    * Chivalry of a failed Knight
    *** Fairy Tail ♪
    Erza x Jellal
    OC x Jellal
    Levy x Gajeel
    OC x Sting


    By Sherrilyn Kenyon:
    ***** Dark-Hunter ♪
    ***** Were-hunter ♪
    ***** The League

    Original (open)

    Neko x Human ♪
    Neko x Vampire ♪
    Vampire x Human ♪
    Demon x Vampire ♪
    Demon x Human
    Banished/Cursed God x Human or Neko ♪

    Pirate x Stowaway or Shipwreck survivor ♪
    Space Pirate x Space Pirate ♪
    Space Pirate x Assassin ♪
    Bodyguard/Notorious Vigilante x Charge ♪
    Shapeshifter x Hunter ♪
    Shapeshifter x Mage ♪

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    To the Stitchmobile!
  2. I'm willing to try and do Fairytail oc x oc
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  3. I'd be up for a Fairy Tail GaLe pairing!
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