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  1. Ello all. I'm looking for a semi literate person who can write one decent paragraph. Multiple paragraphs are bonus points.

    Now, I have three fandoms that I'm really interested in. Avengers, Warriors, and Pokemon. I know, you people hate me for my last two. But hear me out, alright?

    For the Avengers plot, I was hoping to do a Captain America X My Male OC. There could be some romance, but more importantly, tension. They should not get along very well in the beginning! Sure, they share a common enemy, but they don't see eye to eye about how to fix the problem.

    The Warriors plot is pretty simple. A clan recently moved from their old territory due to twolegs destroying it. They found a decent enough place to set up their new territory, but are faced with a problem. Most of their common prey items aren't in abundance here, so they need to figure out how to survive in this new swampy area. My charrie is the local loner who was out hunting one day and got attacked by the leader, who'll hopefully be your character.

    And now for Pokemon. I have two different ideas for this fandom.

    1.) A wild luxray, my character, has been sparking up trouble near a small town. A Pokemon ranger, your character, is called in to try and settle down the luxray. After the first failed encounter, a rough storm was kicked up. A tree is blown down and the luxray is trapped under its tangled branches. The ranger comes across the trapped luxray, and in the process of freeing him, discovers that he has telepathy.

    2.) In the realm of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I was thinking about a Gijinka Mystery Dungeon type thing, where all the pokemon are gijinkas. My character, a haunter gijinka, wants to make an exploration team after a group of rouge gijinkas burned down his Haunted House. Your character and mine make a team, albeit a bit hesitantly because a certain someone isn't a huge fan of ghosts, and the adventure begins.
  2. I'd love to role play Steve Rodgers for you. Do you allow doubling? Would you be open to also playing Peter Quill "Star Lord"?
  3. I would absolutely love to do a variation of this with you! Warriors is one of my all-time favorite series to role-play! Would it be possible for us to double up, perhaps? Perhaps we each play a loner and split the Clan cats? If not, I'm perfectly fine playing all of the Clan cats. I'm fairly flexible and love to create and play multiple characters. I also love to write, and multiple paragraphs are the norm for me. :)

    Please get back to me if you're interested!
  4. Hey I think I'd be interested in the Mystery Dungeon rp
  5. Still looking!!!
  6. Still craving fandoms!
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