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  1. Hello! Recently I took a small break from roleplaying, and now that I'm getting back into it, I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing a fandom roleplay, preferably long-term. I'm pretty much open for any type of plot, so if you have an idea please let me know! Also, due to past experiences I don't roleplay with males.. sorry.


    - I try to post multiple times a day, though if something comes up I usually tell my partner so I don't just leave them waiting.
    - If you get bored with the roleplay, or uninterested, let me know! Telling me you're leaving is much better than just leaving without a word.
    - I would love it if you gave me more than two paragraphs, two being the minimum. I get into my writing, and can sometimes write more than a few paragraphs.
    - Mistakes are fine when writing, I even have them; but I am asking you have a decent grasp on how to write.
    - Don't mind playing a male or doubling. I usually like playing a female OC, and I do like pairing them up with canon males. I'll do the same if we end up doubling.
    - No one liners.


    Note: Any roleplays I'm craving will have one of these* next to it. Also, if it's bold it means I have a plot for it.

    American Horror Story: Murder house or Asylum*****
    Breaking Bad
    Once upon a time

    Supernatural (Tv show)
    The Hunger Games
    Marvel/DC. (Cinematic)
    Law and Order: SVU
    X-files: I don't have a plot for this yet, but I would loooove to roleplay this.
    The walking dead.
    Doctor Who.
    Grey's Anatomy.
    Percy Jackson. *
    Skyrim. (This would be OC x OC)*
    Youtubers. (I'm specifically looking for Michael from achievement hunter, and I'll play anyone for you!)
    How to get away with murder. ***

    Remember, I will be playing an OC in all of these, and asking you play a canon male. I will double.

    I do like to roleplay over PM or email (if you want that, just pm me and ask. :) ) if you're interested, feel free to PM me!
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  2. Would you be interested in playing Canon x Canon? I'd love to play Daryl if you'd play Beth, but it's up to you. :)
  3. That's not really what I'm looking for right now, I'm sorry!
  4. No problem!!
  5. Still seeking!
  6. Still looking!
  7. Still looking!
  8. Yes!
  9. alright I be down
  10. Okay, PM me!
  11. Looking still
  12. Still looking
  13. Still looking!
  14. Still searching!
  15. Still watching! :)
  16. Still looking!
  17. Still looking!
  18. I'm down for Twilight, if not that I could try Psych (love the series, haven't finished it though!) I'd prefer to double, if that's alright.
  19. Twilight or psych works for me, though I'm thinking twilight since I haven't finished psych yet either. Want to pm me? I also work over email.
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