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  1. Hello lovlies, and welcome to my now open schedule. Now that I have some free time on my hands, I'm posting here the rp ideas I've just been dying to try at least once. Below you will find the different plot elements I've been itching to try, an asterisk located by one most eager to do. These will be adult, hence why they're here, and I hope you'll find me expert enough to try.

    I ask for a good understanding of grammar, though you don't have to be perfect(meaning you don't have to have great finesse, but understand when to capitalize, how to use punctuation, and subject-verb agreement). Be above 18, kind and courteous, and all will be well :)

    • Lost Boys-The Clan
      • This follows the movie, presuming Micheal and Sam haven't shown up, and the clan is still David, Marco, Dwayne and Paul (and their mystery 'head', of course).
      • This is a simple one where a clan of all female Vampires show up to Santa Monica and intend to take the territory from David and his boys. Both sides agree to hang out, believing the other is being manipulated, and it becomes a game of wits between David and the new clan head, Selena. What's worse, one of David's vamps and the new vamps have fallen head-over heels. Whatever will they do?
      • This one will have gore, violence, and sexual themes.
      • Can double, or play single, I care not, but I must play a female.
    • Skyrim-Deadra Down.
      • What does one do with a trapped Deadra? Either the New Harbinger or the Listener will be the first to find out, having accidentally trapped none other than Sanguine in the body of a mortal. Due to an ancient curse, Sanguine cannot leave their side...unhelpful that his new visage is not unattractive. What will our dragonborn do with the god of debauchery hanging by her side?
      • Sexual themes, gore and violence
      • Single only, me as female dragonborn.
    I'm open to other ideas as well. So feel free to message me. Otherwise, let me know here or in a PM if there's interest.

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  2. The Skyrim story actually sounds fantastically hilarious. Sign me up.
  3. i can do the Lost boys in PM
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