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  1. Hey there! So I really wanted to do something like this.

    I don't normally play cannon characters, I feel like I can't get their personalities down unless i've played the character before. But if we double up I could probably play a male character.

    Okay now onto the fandoms!

    Anything in italics is something I really wanna do.

    Attack on Titan

    Levi Ackerman x OC

    Jean Kirschtein x OC

    Eren Yeager x OC

    Erwin Smith x OC

    OC x OC

    Armin Arlert x OC

    Wolf's Rain

    Tsume x OC

    Kiba x OC

    Toboe x OC

    Hige x OC

    Kaichou wa-maid Sama

    Usui Takumi x OC

    OC X OC

    (I'll add more here later >.<)


    Dean Winchester x OC

    Sam Winchester x OC

    Castiel x OC (I can probably play Cas)

    Dean Winchester x Castiel

    Gravity Falls

    Dipper Pines x OC

    Mabel Pines x OC

    Bill Cipher x OC

    Eighty-Six (Youtube Animation go watch it)

    OC x OC

    Welcome to Hell (Youtube Animation)

    Sock X OC

    Jonathan x OC

    Jonathan x Sock

    OC x OC
  2. Well hello there in there. ^_^ Such a rare treat to see ideas like these floating around. I'm down with Welcome To Hell, Kaichou wa-maid Sama or Attack On Titan all OC X OC though. If ya wana chat a lil' more message me.
  3. I'm down with Kaichoi Wa-Maid Sama or Attack on Titan as well! I think it'd be better to do OC x OC on AOT but the Usui x OC one sounds rather interesting. Anyway, just PM me and we can talk about it some more.
  4. *pushes this up*

    Kinda still looking for partners...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.